As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Monday, March 11, 2013

10:15 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:00 am || Meets with senior advisers
12:30 pm || Lunch with Biden

All times Eastern
Live stream of Carney briefing at noon

31 Responses to Obama Schedule || Monday, March 11, 2013

  1. There’s always room for cake, with Mr. Biden.

    Why would anyone with ‘any intelligence’ want to spend to time with Biden?
    what ‘insight’ could he add to any discussion for someone with even average intelligence?

    Add any dark comments to the above.

  2. I commented on MOTUS ( that I had picked up one of the rags in the grocery checkout line that had a story that Mooch was very unhappy that Barry was spending so much time and working so hard that he did not have enough time for family. All I could think of was Keith’s daily schedule posting.

      • Yes his ‘family time’ especially on one of their many vacations is very
        nearly legendary. Must be measured in hours or hour. As for Frau
        Michelle well words escape me to describe their special time together.

    • MOTUS ( has a bad rating on Web of Trust (WOT). Would love to look it up, but not without a thumbs up. The Internet is dangerous enough as it is.

  3. No, Mr. President, the College of Cardinals cannot entertain your self nomination for the Chair of St. Peter. They say not only must a candidate be a Roman Catholic, but he must also believe in God, not think of himself as god. No sir, there is no executive privilege or congressional authority that applies. Yes sir, you might be able to get a tax on American Catholics, but most of them as CiNOs and wouldn’t have to pay.

    • But if O can get appointed as Pope, it will eliminate the Middle Man for Catholics. They can pray straight to God himself in the flesh.

  4. Keith, concerning your previous post below: were you there at the dinner or have you seen a complete transcript? I read something earlier in which Obama stroked the lap dogs for their service to the country and to democracy, or some such words. Then he made a disparaging remark about Twitter which obviously must have been a reference to Paul’s filibuster and the Twitter response to it. I wonder if you have access to his remarks to repeat here. Or if you don’t, maybe someone else has a link. It was almost as if he had cast himself and the accepted press as white hats in contrast to the opposition as black hats.

    • Go to the site, and the entire transcript is there, complete with (applause) and (laughter) so you can tell just what a hit the big O was with the crowd.

      Another question for Keith: How do we know if Obama actually attends his daily daily briefings? Seems he missed about 70% of them until Romney started getting them.

      • If I remember right BO gets his briefings via a secure IPad, along with maybe some face time with some of the senior staffers / intel bosses. I would even bet they also do it webmtg style. But still – 10:30AM or later??

  5. I read that Americans are training Syrian rebels in Jordan ( Drudge Report, Yahoo News ). Why is this White House so eager to support Islamists all over the world ? They will now be equipped with all kinds of smart weapons and sooner or later this arsenal will be used against the West. The Christians are leaving these areas. I don´t know where they go but I am certain that Europeans prefer them as our guests to all the Muslims who move over here in big numbers.

    • I think if we really look at things the answer is right there… who is are pres. for?!?!? let’s see…. Muslims for sure. why can’t people see what he really is?

  6. Hope he doesn’t strain himself. Has to be in the best of health for Michelle’s Million Dollar Birthday Party. Pity we don’t have a President anymore. Just some Black Dude taking up residence in the country’s most expensive Public Housing.

  7. 2:30pm II Hoops with agents? Nah…
    3:45pm II Chase dog around West Wing. Sigh.
    3:50pm II Talk to Lincoln painting. Why couldn’t I free the slaves?
    7:30pm II Damn, FLOTUS is home from shopping. Quick, look busy!
    7:45pm II Knitting with FLOTUS. Wow. Look at the stuff: Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrell, Lewis Shanks, William Sonoma. What do we need this for? Sigh. I’m bored.
    9:45pm II Shoot hoops with agents and WH staffers. I always win!

  8. As a child I used to ask “why is the sky blue, Daddy?”
    Now as a grown up I ask you Keith; how the heck can the President of the United States produce this identical schedule week after week and year after year and get away with it? Lunch with Biden almost every day? And,
    what is the schedule after lunch? Or, does he just take a nap? Finally, why is this apparent lack of doing the people’s business not get reported?

    Thanks and await your reply

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