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White House: No Budget for Weeks

The White House today said it will not release a budget for weeks, delaying well beyond the legal due date the publication of the president’s annual tax and spending blueprint.

White House Press Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest, who led the daily briefing today, said the release date was “weeks ahead.” The Hill is reporting that the White House has informed Congress to expect it April 8.

White House officials had previously indicated the budget would be out in mid-March. By law, it is supposed to be released the first Monday in February, which this year was February 4.

Obama aides have grumbled that having to deal with the sequester has backed them up on their budget work. House Republican staffers apparently have not been similarly hampered and plan to release their budget on Tuesday.

43 thoughts on “White House: No Budget for Weeks”

  1. Budget, smudget. Why bother?

    Politico reports that the President is going on yet another campaign trip to Illinois next week. Again, why bother? No one is paying attention to what he’s doing, no one cares other than he’s wasting money for his own enjoyment.

    1. I am waiting for one of the talking heads to show up in a white suit, replete with Steve Martin head props, waving arms and gyrating body gestures bellowing out …”Well…excuse meeeee.”

  2. The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Obama is traveling to Argonne, Illinois next week to promote his energy savings b.s. If you read the article make sure you read the comments that follow it. Even people in Illinois are sick of his b.s.

          1. You’re so very welcome. I had to see for myself, just couldn’t believe that people from his own stomping grounds are turning against him. It gives me a ray of hope.

  3. What? Noooooo….. They said responsible budgeting was their goal and it would be irresponsible to not put it out on time for discussion and debate. This administration has been spot on with doing everything on time and to the letter of the law since it replaced BusHitler. This is unthinkable!

  4. There wasn’t a chance in hell they were going to release anything in writing before the ‘fiscal cliff’ extension deadline at end of month. Obama needs fear and demagoguery. He’d look worse than he has on the sequester if he had to play the blame game against a budget even his own Dems won’t vote for.

  5. McCain on with his BFF Shep. Drone chat McCain said no one believes even
    had we had the tech to do it no President would have droned Hanoi Jane Fonda no matter how egregious. Want to bet? My husband was there.

      1. Nixon was my first vote and I would have had no qualms. Treason has
        consequences and she knew it but didn’t care. Susan thanks for your
        husbands service they had a very tough time while there and coming home. God Bless them all.

        1. Amen, Lizzy. We must be around the same age. Nixon was my first vote too. I remember standing in line for hours to proudly cast that vote. I will always admire Richard Nixon for his love of country. He could have tried to hang on to his office and torn this country apart, like the current resident is trying to do, but he did the honorable thing and resigned.

      1. So sorry Elaine there are far too many victims of that war to this day.
        That includes the men and their families. Sadly I doubt many will ever
        recover. As far as Jane and Kerry if there’s a God in Heaven justice
        for them will come swiftly.

    1. No President would have droned Jane Fonda on US soil, but if they had a chance to nail her when she was posing on the NV gun she would be history, a minor footnote. They would have called it “collateral damage” and left it at that. She would have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, so sorry!

  6. “Obama aides have grumbled that having to deal with the sequester has backed them up on their budget work.”

    Sure enough, they expend more energy coming up with outlandish lies about their latest manufactured crisis than they do working on an actual budget. Even if they do release a budget, it is sure to be as laughable as the previous versions.

  7. What is this law about the budget? Is it a “real” law? Does it have penalties? Or is it some weird thing that can be overridden and ignored by issuing CRs? But CRs for going on 5 years now?

  8. About this “law” — what law — and is the President breaking the law by not submitting the budget. And if it is a law, what is the penalty for not enforcing it? Or is is a law with no standing that can be ignored with continued CRs?

  9. “NCAA Tournament bracketing is a higher priority than some silly old budget.”

    – Barack Obama

    A note from my attorney: This is not a real quote

  10. Hasn’t been a budget for 4 years now. Guess America has been unaware that the sequestration has been ongoing that long — oh, wait — it hasn’t.

    1. Thank you , ThomasSays : “Guess America”
      That is probably a good slogan for someone to use as which direction the Idiot in Charge will go next.

  11. No real budget for years.. this one will be DOA once received by the Senate. However they could take a page out of Pelosi’s book .. we need to pass it to see what’s in it.

  12. A day late and $16 trillion short.

    Why is the Obama administration above the law, gets away with disregarding laws, and announces it will not enforce laws Obama doesn’t like?

    But Obama isn’t a dictator. No, he is simply the president who asks just like one.

  13. Obama breaks the law by not having the budget ready. Today Brennan swore his oath of office on the original Constitution sans The Bill of Rights. Technically I doubt if he’s breaking the law, but it’s all very interesting in light of Cruz’s questioning of Holder and Paul’s filibuster. (Nor was a Bible used.)

    1. They took the Constitution out of its protective case so this person could put his grubby hand on it to swear an oath?? Don’t think so.

    2. Sometimes I think Preezy Revenge and his cohorts sit around all day, like eggheads in the faculty lounge, cooking up ways to agitate and torment Americans who still believe in the Constitution and rule of law. No doubt Brennan’s swearing in on a draft copy of the Constitution in front of a portrait of the first progressive president, Teddy Roosevelt, was meant to get a rise out of thinking people. The ignominious behavior of this administration knows no bounds.

  14. These imposters don’t care anything about custom or the rule of law in our country…their goal is to deride and tear it down!!

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