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Furloughs to Hit the White House

Like the rest of the federal government, the White House will be subject to furloughs and pay cuts – including employees in the West Wing, White House Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest said today.

Earnest, who gave the daily briefing in place of White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, said the White House would also be forced to curtail unnamed programs and reduce purchases of supplies.

Responding to a tongue in cheek question, Earnest noted that Carney’s failure to appear was not the result of being furloughed, saying the press secretary was in fact “hard at work” behind the scenes.

47 thoughts on “Furloughs to Hit the White House”

  1. So the 64-thousand-dollar sequester question is, where will Michelle and the girls go on spring break? I haven’t heard any leaks about that. I am sure they could care less if a federal employee gets furloughed, as long as they can get away from the whole mess for two weeks.

    1. I thought the first thing that should be “furloughed” in the WH is Let’s Move and Support The Troops. They are both redundant (think USDA, Navy Relief, USO, etc) and mostly creations to give MO something to do, not to mention give her “official” status to travel, campaign and fundraise on our dime.

    2. They could furlough a few pilots and keep the FFA (for those not in the know, that’s First Fat A$$) grounded. That would save taxpayers a planeload of cash.

  2. Alert! people on the government payroll getting furloughed, suffering pay cuts, oh the humanity. The White House reduced to single-ply bathroom tissue, stealing pens from the bank, and the morning coffee extended with chicory to make it go further. Pilfered sugar and creamer packets from fast food chains, it’s so sad.

    Welcome to the new normal WhiteHouse employees; no more fancy restaurants, no more ritzy vacations, learn to live with less, overdue bills, checking daytime listing for TV programs, ah, it’s a good life.

    1. Those would definitely be more scenes we would like to see. Unfortunately, the only ‘sacrifice’ this White House knows about is the one they keep urging us to make.

      In ten days, you will see that everything continues to be normal in this White House as the President returns his focus to more important matters such as filling out his NCAA bracket for his ESPN audience.



    Aren’t they the same people who said that someone recently was fired for releasing illegal immigrants but he really ‘retired’ (with a full pension) instead???

  4. Can we furlough the President? Let me think that through. Oh, wait, that would mean Hagel would make national security decisions. But then, the President was AWOL that time in Octoer a decision needed to be made over Libya. So Hagel will be making the decisions anyway. Ok, can we furlough the President and Hagel?

    1. my thoughts exactly – I think we’d all be better off if we let the government run itself. That’s hardly an appealing thought but it seems better than the alternative – that Obama and the appointed clowns, er, cabinet actually get involved in government operations. At this point, I’d take inertia to involvement.

  5. The White House is ours so,we should band together and take it back. After all it belongs to us and I know we would treat it with more respect and reverence than the current occupants. Also as we are a very knowledgeable
    bunch we’d give some really great tours! We could do the pledge we could sing the National Anthem even The Battle Hymn. OT. They are going to bury
    two Civil War sailors that went down with the Monitor at Arlington at 3pm.

    1. I’m with you Lizzy. We should start an organized group of volunteer citizens who can prove government employees aren’t necessary for a lot of the work they are over compensated to do.

      In fact, this is a perfect opportunity for us to prove it. I volunteered to clean up the garbage on my city’s streets to prove we don’t need city workers to do it. Yes, that is a small thing but every small thing we do to help our own communities without paying government employees to do is one step to regain our liberty and away from government tyranny and total control of our lives.

    1. And you can bet ValJar will be there with her full Secret Service retinue – more protection than the brave souls in Benghazi had.

      1. It’s absolutely disgraceful ValJar has more protection than those in Benghazi. And yes, you’re right, she’ll be there on Martha’s Vineyard too. No way is she going to let the first grifters have a vacation without including her.

        1. My head exploded again look to the Brits for more information. We here are in a media blackout are not meant to know anything. Like the surviving Benghazi victims at Walter Reed. Who knew? Not Americans.

          1. It amazes me that we have not heard anything from the survivors. Not a peep. Makes you wonder what/who they have threatened to keep the survivors quiet.

          2. To threaten wounded Americans crosses so many lines I have a hard time wrapping my head around the thought.
            As we’ve no media who will check this out? What else are
            they hiding, lying and doing behind our back? I shutter to imagine.

  6. This is a joke. Maybe the janitors’ time has come. After all, Obama was corrected on that so time for President Revenge to do what he does best. My personal suggestion would be to furlough Valerie Jarrett. And since that will never happen reassign her Secret Service.

    When federal employees are furloughed — do they recoup their pay?

    And a number of private citizens — Eric Bolling, Newt Gingrich, Chris Wallace, Sean Hannity — have all offered donations to keep the people’s house open to the people — school children especially during Spring Break (maybe Malia could volunteer as a tour guide over her Spring Break) — WH response crickets.

    And since I seem to be on a mini rant let me just say — Obama’s son in law comes — gets full rights — and it takes a 13 hour filibuster to get Holder to say that No you can’t kill Americans on American soil — and you certainly can’t do so without their 5thAmendment Rights. What’s that all about?

    Thanks for your indulgence guys — it’s either this or chew my pop tart into a gun shaped treat that I thought was going to be a mountain.

    1. Yikes. This was truly a slip of some kind I really really really did mean Osama Bin Laden’s son in law. Oh dear — Keith, we really need an edit capability or some of us might be getting unexpected knocks on our doors. Ok me, not you guys.

        1. Thanks. :) You all have been spared because there is sooooo much more. But my NO.1 sequester outrage is the release of illegal alien criminals in to American society by some unknown bureaucrat with undefined authority to do so. Again — crickets.

      1. Yeppers. The cupcakes per MO are bad enough but with toy soldier on top. The horror! The horror!

        Speaking of food and horror — there is a video out there on a few sites ( I am too lazy now to link) with Michelle shrieking about how she would create a world where children were “begging and pleading” for fruits and vegetables. Throwing temper tantrums etc. per Mooch. The longer she talks the more she really gets into it. It truly reminded me of Howard Dean’s finally losing it minute! Bizarre.

        Out of pop tarts — going for the military cupcake — full sugar!

      1. Too funny. I am solidly pro 2nd amendment but gun illiterate. I am also artistically challenged – I sympathize with the little boy’s attempt to make a mountain and have some loon teacher stifle his creativity by judging his mountain to be a gun. That said I excell at eating treats.

  7. Millions of Americans have had their pay cut, been “furloughed” – pfft laid off – and been unemployed since 2008 while the federal government has grown monstrously. These WH staff have been given new titles and side promoted in order to gain huge raises. It is past time for the cut to begin at the white house. 3 calligraphers alone would net over $ 200,000.00 a year. 4 lowpaying czars would be over half a million and counting, not to mention their swollen staff. Weekend excursions by the Obamas would save millions. Obama and his campaign flights would save millions.

    MO has a staff that is outrageous in these economic times. She can afford a $9000.00 gown and a new (unbecoming btw) custom wig to appear like a celebrity at the Oscars but they have the nerve to close the doors on the people’s house?!
    Fire all the help and let MO do her own cooking and cleaning. Let her be her own secretary and hair dressser and make up person. They have a movie theater, a bowling alley, a basketball court and Camp David if they want to run the woods. Enough already.

  8. Do we actually have a count and job description of MOOch’s :”staff”? I mean, the wig person, the hair person, the makeup person?

    1. I googled “michelle obama staff” and lots of articles came up, but I don’t know how to bring them over here. Couldn’t read any since I am not far enough into tea trolley time.

  9. I used to work for the corrupt outfit known as the federal government. Furloughs for federal government employees are simply vacations paid for at some time in the future.

  10. Good, very good. Get rid of all of the leeches. Penny saved is a penny earned, or in the Most Arrogance Obama case : a million saved is a million earned. Maybe I should have used b’s or t’s instead of m’s.

  11. Perhaps they should furlough the individual who manages and schedules White House Tours (whose salary is approximately $100,000) since tours have been cancelled!

  12. Shutting down the White House tours is sad — and typical of this President. I believe that our President doesn’t like the people who elected him. It’s not just the conservatives he has disdain for, but for any American. He shuts out the press. He shuts out our elected representatives. And now he shuts down access to the White House, an important symbol of our nation.

    We must face the fact that our President doesn’t like the country he governs. He doesn’t like the American dream, nor the freedoms our country provides.

    And on top of all that, he’s not a very nice person. Does the man have a soul? I seriously doubt it.

    1. He doesn’t like the people who didn’t vote for him, but he takes it out on everybody, including the children who don’t even vote. Whoever named him Preezy Revenge here was spot on.

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