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Obama Pays Dinner Tab for a Dozen Republicans

Hoping to begin rebuilding bridges frayed by years of neglect and abuse, President Obama last night bought dinner for a dozen Republican Senators as the two sides broke bread to try to begin reaching an accommodation on the budget and other issues.

Senators are not used to skimping on meals, and the dinner must have set the president – who paid out of his own pocket – back a pretty penny. Or more like some Susan Anthony dollars.

An earlier attempt at peace, this one involving only apples.
An earlier attempt at peace, this one involving only apples.

The outing at Washington’s posh Jefferson Hotel could easily have cost a grand or two, especially if it was held at the Jefferson’s exquisite Plume restaurant, which has a prix fixe menu costing $85, before you start including booze, which senators like to include.

Lawmakers emerged from the powwow describing it as a positive meeting and a friendly gathering that focused on the possibility of eventually reaching a deal on the budget and deficit reduction. But the meeting does not appear to have been any kind of a negotiating session – rather more of a way to build trust and relationships that have been absent for much of Obama’s term.

The meeting is part of Obama’s sudden new outreach to Republicans. He invited the senators to the dinner, and he has also asked House Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) to have lunch with him at the White House today. The committee’s ranking member, Democratic Rep. Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, will also join them.

Emerging from the gathering, Sen. John McCain of Arizona gave reporters the thumbs up, as did Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, who was close to Obama when the two served together in the Senate. No word on whether they were referencing the food or the meeting.

I’m assuming the latter.

Also dining Wednesday evening, according to the White House, were Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, Saxby Chambliss of Georgia, Bob Corker of Tennessee, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, John Hoeven of North Dakota, Richard Burr of North Carolina, Mike Johanns of Nebraska, and Dan Coats of Indiana.

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374 thoughts on “Obama Pays Dinner Tab for a Dozen Republicans”

  1. The GOP should be aware of Obama’s alleged authority to summarily assassinate “enemies” not just with drones but poisoned food. The “Chicago Way” has been expanded.

  2. Don’t be fooled………….you and I paid for it. The KING doesn’t pay for anything. God bless the hard working Americans, we can get through this. He will end up being impeach, he is pushing the envelope everyday.

      1. At least the transcripts would be entertaining. I haven’t had this much fun listening to a veep since Dan Quayle. Seriously though, SNL should grab up Jeff Dunham and invite Biden for a guest spot to be the real-live Walter.

  3. Despicable people starting with Obama – the Republicans leadership in the House is working as hard as it can to be a minority party. Boehner is Obama’s lap dog.

  4. Many seductions begin with a meal and end up with someone getting a good screwing.
    A lot of the senators on the list deserve it, but they will turn around and pass it on to undeserving Americans.

  5. You article says it well…while Rand Paul spends 13 long hours defending our freedoms and laws… “The OLD GUARD” is enjoying lunch with Obama at the White House. The GOP wonders why they lost… the “Old Guard” lost it for us. They are a part of the “gravy train” sucking up the power, greed and lust. I hope these young newly elect conservatives thrive and take over what use to be the ‘Grand Old Party”. American may become great again.

    1. You misunderstood. Obama uses our tax dollars as his own personal piggy bank so in their thought proccess Obama did pay out of “his own pocket” he just used our tax dollars!

  6. The term old guard is incorrect, I would prefer to call them what they actually are sellouts,traitors to the American people rinos, creeps; in general a group more into their own vested self interest, wealth and comfort, then the nations!

    1. Ha! Ha! He probably wrote it off as a campaign deduction and then did stiff them, just like the Dems stiffed Charlotte. They must have run out of our money.

  7. Oh please we are starving the kiddies no longer able to see the big WH and
    we’re to believe old Barry picked up the tab? We paid. If the GOP had any
    cojones they’d have told him to stuff dinner and joined Rand Paul!

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  10. Mr. O is appealing to the regular republicans the same way he bought the democratic party–appeal to their greed via waivers, pork and such for their supporters/special constituency at the expense of what is good for the country as a whole. In this way he is able to pass his ideologic agenda and changing out the very basics of our country outmanuevering guys thinking this is playing the “old” politic game

  11. They should not be dining with President Obama last night they should have been supporting Rand Paul.
    Here what I understand, if this stands then no matter who is the president in the future we trust our government with our childrens life’s. The government does not make mistakes and we all accept this. I do not trust them with my money (only money) there is no way I trust them with my child’s life or your child’s life.

  12. My vote for a free phone, my values for a free dinner.
    Now I understand Mark Twain’s comment more clearly, ” politics is the last refuge of a scoundrel “.

  13. I foresee this as Obama putting a hand out to R’s so he can appear to be crossing the partisian bridge and then when deals fail he will use that same hand to put the hurt on R’s as if the are the sole reason negotiations failed, because after all Obama is the one who “tried” to bridge the gap but “obstuctionist” House Republicans refuse to deal…

  14. i just watched mccain chastise rand over the filibuster on drone strikes and now it is clear those vietnamese really did kick his brains out in my ass!

    1. McCain is jealous of Rand Paul. He’s having a tough time accepting his new position as an irrelevant RINO, so he strikes out at Senator Paul, who represent Tea Party principles. Don’t forget McCain calling Tea Party reps “hobbits” on the floor of the Senate during one of the many budget crises we’ve experienced under the petulant potentate.

  15. The thought of dinner with Obama makes me gag. He hasn’t done wap other than bilk the public out of trillions of dollars. The thought of having dinner with McCain and Graham also makes me gag. Those two have done more damage to the conservative cause than ten Obamas could ever do. I’m sure Christie was also begging to attend but they would have run out of food. He’s a joke. Obama’s the One, Christie’s the Big One!

  16. Those republicans who dined with Obama during Rand Paul’s filibuster showed their true colors. I would expect such foolish behavior from the likes of John McCain and Lindsey Graham, since neither has a lick of sense. But would have hoped that the rest of them would go to the filibuster.

    Those senators need to be retired.

    The real heros are Rand Paul and the very helpful comments of Ted Cruz.

  17. This is bs… ALL of the attendees (repub. representatives) should be voted out at the next chance. Why were they not supporting the filibuster? Any rep. that folds because of a free dinner is nothing other than a mooch and a squirrel. The REAL representatives are working with the filibuster not bs’ing with O!!!

  18. McLame is a disgusting RINO and should be thrown out of the Senate for badmouthing Rand Paul. Somebody has to do the real work McLame, not everyone can suck up to the left and fold like a cheap lawn chair on cue.

  19. The old guard is so dam worried about the young republicans coming into power and looking at 2016, that they’ve decided to cuddle up to O to save them in 2014. They are terrified of what the sequester may do and that people down the road will get angry and vent in 2014 that they are scrambling to undo the sequestor before too much pain is endured.

    The repubs have zero backbone starting with that whimp Bonehead Boehner and McConnel.

  20. The whole thing was to patch up the media calling O a non leader and someone without a plan. He fully knows the repubs are spineless whimps who are shaking in their boots about what the sequestor may actually do to them down the road. Score another big victory for O and his party for again out maneuvering the spinless republicans. and they wonder why they lost??????

  21. This IS the problem with American politicians. They pretend to represent the people, but they are a class unto themselves and have obviously forgotten why they are there in DC. It’s time Americans woke up to the fact that our Government doesn’t work anymore. Throw all the elitist bums out on their ears and start over again. Anyone that has served two terms need to go. We don’t need life time employment, paid for by taxpayers, for bums who do nothing, but take care of themselves.

  22. Once again the Charlie Brown’s of the Republican Party are going to try to kick the football. And Obama, once again, says “you can trust me this time….”

    McConnell, Boehner, McCain, et al…. you *really* need to look at your track record. The only success you can to point to is that you’re still in office. That, of course, can be corrected.

  23. They just print money so what difference does that gesture make? These glolbalists and good ole boys were just eating fancy while the real statemen and patriots were working overtime for your real job: upholding the constitution and my liberties.


  25. The timing of this dinner was perfect for Obama; considering that Rand was attracting the attention of the whole country….
    Well for those wondering who the Rinos are, thank you Obama for this opportunity to discover the traitors on the right. All of these Republicans attending the dinner should have been protesting with Rand in support, instead they decided to stuff their faces.

  26. These guys are all traitors and complicit in each other’s crimes. Especially McCain. He is a piece of trash and should still be in a VC jail or wherever they had him. He’d certainly have done less damage to this country. And the same goes for the rest of them.

    Somebody should be busy filibustering this baloney that ‘king’ obama (or the next jerk) can use drones to kill Americans on our soil without a trial. You’d think maybe that would bother McCain the great war hero? Nah, he’s got his nest feathered. Piece of garbage.

  27. While these big government boosters enjoyed their feast, Sen. Paul was leading a filibuster to draw attention to the continual shredding of the US constitution. McCain and Graham then proceed to blast the filibuster as “harmful”.

    Too disgusted for words. RINOs go away!

  28. Obama/GOP dinner reminds me of King Henry VIII who kept visiting members of Parliament asking them as to when are they going to give him control of the Catholic Church. Eventually Parliament caved and removed Pope as head of the Catholic Church in England. Obama is fattening up Congress for the kill and getting them not to criticize him.

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