As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Carney Briefing – March 7, 2013

The briefing has concluded.

8 Responses to Live Stream || Carney Briefing – March 7, 2013

  1. Oh, look. It’s the image of the WhiteHouse on the the screen!
    I think it’s the only tax-payer owned building in America where lowly tax-payers are forbidden to enter. It’s now known as the “Imperial Palace”.

  2. SEVENTEEN MINUTES after announced start time, and all we have is music.

    Can this guy ever get to his own events on time? This one is audio only, so it’s nothing to do with optics.

    NINETEEN minutes late, and we get a Native American woman to introduce Biden (first, Obama’s likely still on the golf course), after describing her injuries because of conflicts with tribal law and domestic law.

    Maybe Obama should sign the “Violence against the time rights of the American Public waiting for the late President to show up on time” act.

  3. Use your soft voice to tell those lies Joe. The real violence against women is perpetrated by the abortion proponents and we know who they are.