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Holder: Obama Can’t Kill Non-Combatant Americans

Responding to the 13-hour filibuster by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ken.), Attorney General Eric Holder today sent a letter to Paul clarifying that the United States can’t use drones to kill Americans who are not engaged in combat.

The letter in its entirety states:

It has come to my attention that you have now asked an additional question, “Does the president have the authority to use a weaponized drone to kill an American not engaged in combat on American soil?” The answer is no.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney read it today from the podium.

Paul’s filibuster was provoked by a previous letter from Holder which was less clear about the terms under which the administration could use lethal force against Americans in the United States.

Paul received backing from many conservative Republicans, but he was belittled by some moderates in the Party, particularly Sens. John McCain of Arizona and his sidekick, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

70 Responses to Holder: Obama Can’t Kill Non-Combatant Americans

  1. So, John Distain earns his title, yet again. With “friends” like John Distain & liberal Lindsay Graham, who needs freaking enemies? All this for dinner? These guys are as cheap as they are pathetic.

  2. I don’t trust these people. Define engaged combat, MrHolder.
    A lot of progressive loudmouths have called tea party supporters “terrorists” and that was the first definition offered for killing Americans.

    I don’t trust anything they say. I don’t believe that anyone in DC will look out for me, my family, and our nation’s future.

    • Spot on srdem65. . .with this corrupt bunch, it all comes down to semantics and we all know how they twist words to suit their needs (especially hoping that the low info voters aren’t paying attention/understand what they are saying or not saying).

      IMO, when anyone associated with this administration is flapping their gums, they are lying–period–never believe a word they say, they twist everything around to deflect and confuse. . .

    • and they can cite studies by that bastion of objectivity — the Southern Poverty Law Center — to prove that America’s real enemies are those evil conservatives who might promote independence, own legal weapons, and disdain excessive central government power.

      It’s a nice racket. Fund a partisan “authority”, then quote that source to support your position, and have the media repeat it. Not exactly like shampoo; with this, it’s spin, repeat, spin…….. not enough rinse.

      • . . .and they can cite studies by that bastion of objectivity — the Southern Poverty Law Center — to prove that America’s real enemies are those evil conservatives who might promote independence, own legal weapons, and disdain excessive central government power.

        That would be me. . .better duck and cover!!!

        • and Janet Napolitano has been warning about such people for years now. Be very frightened of that person you see in the mirror. (Especially if you’re looking in the rear view at Big Brother — or Big Sis).

        • …I can see Dear Leader Obama issuing a ‘secret Executive Order’ claiming (thanks to Dems in Congress, SPLC & the biased ‘main stream media’) that the “tea party” is a “terrorist group”

    • Someone asked Chris Matthews what defined “the kill list” [ ostensably for Americans ] earlier this week and Matthews surmised that it is “the list put out by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)”. Mark Potok, the leader of the SPLC’s “hate group advisory council” was on Matthews’ show, making his rounds after the SPLC published their latest hate group guide, listing Christian and Jewish family organizations among hundreds of militias and ‘hatriot’ groups around the country.

      Odd, that.

      The thousand odd disperate Marxist/neo-Marxist student organizations, Leftist hate groups (like Van Jones STORMFRONT), La Raza, OWS, the Brown Berets, NOI, and various Muslim student groups associated with Hezbollah, HAmas and FATAH are, strangely, absent from Potok’s “guidebook of hate.”

      The Family Research Council is listed on the SPLC list; I wish Sen. Cruz would have asked Holder about that and if the WH currently has a copy of Dee’s/Potok’s list on the WH mainframe.

        • I haven’t seen him, but when Dear Leader lets his hair go grey (to look as if he has the whole world on his shoulders, you know), HE looks like a turd rolled in vacuum lint.

          • That is Mark Potok.

            Oddly, he’s a Jewish but virulently anti-Semitic. Conservative Jewish (and Christian) organizations have been the targets of SPLC hateful emails, vindictive mailings not to mention Potok’s live, on-air hate-speech on MSNBC and CNN directed toward anyone who takes an open stand against President Obama. He’s the left’s Julius Streicher, a fascist purity-checker who declares ANY organization that is conservative, “full of hateful rhetoric” and then adds that group (like the ADL and Family Research Council) to the SPLC “hate group list.”

            If you have the chance, go to David Horowitz’s website DISCOVER THE NETWORKS and you’ll find more about Potok, Morris Dee’s and the left’s Ku Klux Klan: The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

      • Denise, thats the key point.

        When Mr. Obama compiles his enemies list (no doubt taken from SPLC’s) what will comprise an “enemy combattant” in a Starbucks sipping coffee with another?

  3. Apparently someone finally woke up Holder enough to tell him what Sen. Paul had been asking. It was plain enough that even I understood the question, and knew that it needed a one word answer ~ either “yes” or “no”.

    Lindsay Graham is trying to appeal to both RINO’s and the more conservative in SC, so he’s flipping in the wind, depending on who he thinks is listening to him. He’s up for reelection in 2014, and if he’s not careful, he will face a challenger and lose in the primary, hopefully.

  4. I still don’t like his answer. It depends upon what the meaning of combatant is. That word can be stretched into more definitions than one.

    The Constitutional law expert President has violated the first, second, fourth and fifth amendments of the Bill of Rights. Those are the ones we at least know of.

    And isn’t it baffling that Obama claims to have done away with Al Qaeda yet still needs to bolster the Department of Homeland Security with millions of bullets and thousands of tanks? Then again, on the other hand, he’s willing to let millions of aliens including those with criminal records run free across the borders and within. He considers us, his political opponents, the enemy: after all, it’s ‘unpatriotic’ not to want to pay taxes.

    • Exactly correct Julie, they consistently mis-use (intentionally IMO) the english language to manipulate the narrative, hoping that the low info voters don’t catch on to what they are really saying/up too!

      • There were so many gaping holes in that answer you could drive a truck
        full of Michelle’s wardrobe thru it with room for wigs. That wasn’t what I a plain old ‘folk’ would call a legal and concise answer. They’d still do it
        at will if they wanted. Think Fast & Furious and Benghazi.

    • Excactly Julie. To paraphrase President Obama’s good friend Bill who felt sex and is needed definitions, “it all depends on what engaged in combat means.”

  5. I’m with srdem and Julie. I don’t trust them either. One good thing to come out of yesterday’s inspirational and historic filibuster, is that the line has been drawn in the sand. Yesterday was the 177th anniversary of the Battle of the Alamo. Before the battle, LTC William Barret Travis drew a line in the sand and gave every man the choice to cross the line and join him in what they knew would be a battle to the death. There was only one man who didn’t cross Travis’ line to join them. We saw the same symbolism last night with the Republican party. Now we know there are at least two cowards – McCain and Graham – who wouldn’t cross the line.

    • To be expected. For me, not expected, Rubio votes yes to confirm. I was an early Rubio supporter, but now my neck is beginning to hurt watching him show up here and there and say this and that. Ouch.

      And he seems to follow McCain like a puppy dog. Not good.

      Consider those in charge of keew ping our nation safe– Obama, Holder, Napolitano, ,Hegel, Kerry, Brennan.

      Who will protect us from them?

      Holder, in particular, has no credibility.

  6. I understand John McCain told Rand Paul to “calm down.” The problem with McCain is that he has forgotten who the boss is and it’s not him. Rand Paul needs to serve the citizens of this country, especially those who put him in office not McCain. McCain is stereotypical of what’s wrong with Washington thinking.

  7. They have developed a conservative contributor specific warhead. The drones will be carrying this device in surveillance of pockets of resistance to the dark side of the force:Beneath Human Objectivity, known as the acronym BHO.

  8. Last night, the Republican Party officially died.

    i just got off the phone with the staff’s of McCain, Graham and Chambliss. I savaged each (making sure to let these staffers know my anger is directed toward the liberal-RINOs, not them) as the RINOs chose to dine with the Emperor last night rather than support the Paul filibuster. They chose to suckle at the Obama teet, begging for scraps from the table, fearing what the mainstream media will say about them if they didnt go.

    Only a handful of conservatives lent Paul support and this morning, two liberal shills – Graham and McCain – did the dirty work of the Obama White House by condemning Paul’s spectacle. McCain is a fool, and like Graham, have weakened the country, just that bit more as Obama’s power grab continues.

    We the Romans, just sit and watch and there isn’t a damn thing we can do.


    • A couple of weeks ago I got a donation call from the RNC, nice guy and all, but I told him I *only* donate to candidates that I support rather than let them give *my* money to candidates *they* support. Even sending $$ to out of state candidates like Mia Love and Scott Brown, probably a few others, but with a note that “somebody in Virginia loves you, good luck”. Now, that’s grassroots !

      • Heavens!

        The RNC will soon find itself on lean times. As more conservatives depart and the bank account begins to wane, they will rue the day they tried to sell us Gov. Romney. Were 0-3 with RINO’s.

        I take all Republican literatue and burn it in my fireplace.

      • Hooray! I got a long questionnaire in the snail mail, and although I am an independent, I filled it out and appended some more of my thoughts and opinions. At the end there was a request for money, of course, and I wrote almost the same reply as you gave.

        It must be doing some good because I noticed Reince Priebus tweeted in response to Rand Paul and urged all Republican legislators to go to the Senate well and support Paul. We all have to keep doing this.

        • I don’t often have a chance to say this, but kudos to McConnell. He showed up at the filibuster (and could have stopped it from what I understand) is on record for not voting for Halligan and voted against Brennan. So, I thanked him for this.

        • Good point here Julie.

          Most likely Preibus is reading emails, tweets and correspondence. Are we the last humans on earth that actually fill out forms in long hand and use something called a pen? ;-)

  9. What little respect I had for John McCain is now gone. I never had any in the first place for Lindsay Graham.

    My new hero: Rand Paul, a man who stands up for his convictions, and stands up to the enemies of the Republic.

  10. The handful of decent people in the gop best hie themselves to a third party.
    Because the gutter offal party is DEAD.
    I know a lot of people looking for an alternative, because the gop is DEAD. And they committed suicide.

    mctraitor and mcamnesty should be beaten with a bat for what they just did.

    • I still think the Tea Party needs to take over the Republican Party. Things are looking up with the Young Turks like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan. The reports of the Tea Paty’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.

      But take over the brand instead of forming a third party.

  11. Eric “Rat Snake” Holder is a piece of excrement that needs to be flushed to the waste treatment plant… That ‘s my opinion and I’m dead serious.

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