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Snow Chases Away Carney

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney this morning scotched the daily White House briefing because it is snowing in Washington.

At about 8:00 am, the White House sent out the following update to the schedule:

Due to inclement weather, today’s press briefing has been canceled.

Forecasters this morning were calling for about 5-10 inches to fall today in Washington. However, it is unlikely, according to most weather models, to be snowing in the White House briefing room, which has roof.

Five to ten inches is a pittance in many parts of the country, and by noon in Washington – the time Carney was to give his briefing – probably no more than half that amount would have been on the ground.

39 thoughts on “Snow Chases Away Carney”

  1. Due to the Sequester, the White House no longer has snow removal equipment. Dear Leader warned us of such consequences and we failed to heed his advice.

    1. Yes, you are right. Because of heartless Republicans, we can no longer afford good weather!

      Just like our grandparents in the Great Depression, we’ll be trudging up hills both ways to school and work in blinding snowfalls with pots and pans on our legs because no one can afford feet… and it’s all because of the Boner guy! Grr, let’s hate HIM for keeping us from Socialist, Non-Denominational, Statist Paradise!


    2. The snow shovels have been put to use shoveling stinkier things since the sequester reared its ugly head. Dear Leader found out being up to his neck in “stuff” is not a pleasant place to be and is finding work for the FBI, CIA, Secret Service & Military who are on duty at the WH. Anything they shovel will get used for Mooch’s “organic” veggie garden in the back yard.

  2. “Due to inclement weather, today’s press briefing has been canceled.” – Jay Carney

    I wonder if Obama had scheduled some power grab concerning Global Warming for this conference…

  3. It’s time that we all confess that Pres. Obama was right. The sequester has caused all kinds of havoc, including this snow.

    1. The White House tells IRAN that it means business, it never bluffs, and is resolute in its mission.

      Wait…a couple of inches of snow? Run away, run away.

      No wonder why Hugo Chavez died of laughter.

  4. Sure, inclement weather. It wouldn’t be that even Carney the Magician could wave away impertient questions from the group formerly known as the Truthseekers on the release of criminals onto our streets, or explaining why TSA was buying new uniforms for laid-off employees, or even how sequestration has affected volunteers at the WhiteHouse, would it?

    I’m going to take the high road; MrCarney refuses to stand before the press with the spinned out facts and outright lies spewing from higher ups in the WhiteHouse. With the realization that he has no credibility with the press or the public, he is taking the day off to look for a new job.
    How’s that?

  5. Perhaps Mr. Carney would like to come out to our Dairy Farm . We have a bunch of Cow SHXX that needs to be shoveled .I am QUITE sure he would be QUALIFIED for the JOB .Willing to pay UNION WAGES and Benefits , He just needs to bring his own shovel

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  8. So DC shuts down because of a little snow? Wish Washington would adopt the Texas legislature schedule. Texas legislature is in session for 140 days every other year, so elected officials must have careers outside of their public service. The ruling class might understand how hard it is to live under their oppressive laws if they had to live by the same rules – outside the womb of the federal government.

  9. If some evil doers wanted to act against the US they would be well advised to check the weather forecast for snow in WDC. I spent many years in WDC and they still act like a puppy who will not go out to pee if it’s snowing.

    Not a suggestion for evil doers and no derision of reluctant puppies intended.

  10. We just got eight inches of snow from that storm. Life went on as usual. Those wimps would never make it here in the heartland.

  11. He is scared today, the drone issue is exploding alongside all the chicken little behavior over the sequester,compounded by his temper tantrum shutting down White House tours

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