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Congressman Offers Amendment Defunding Obama’s Golf

Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-Texas) introduced an amendment to the fast-moving continuing resolution spending bill that would bar funding for President Obama’s golf outings until the White House reopens for public tours.

Gohmert, who announced his amendment from the floor of the House, said Americans, whether Republicans or Democrats, will be greatly disappointed to come to Washington and not be able to get their tours of the White House. Many tours are planned well in advance.

The amendment states:

None of the funds made available by a division of this act may be used to transport the president to or from a golf course until public tours of the White House resume.

Gohmert cited an estimate by Sen. Jeff Sessions, the ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, that 341 federal employees could have avoided being furloughed had Obama not traveled to Florida for a three-day golf extravaganza.

“Perhaps, quitting furloughing all these federal employees, we’ll be able to get the Democrats and Republicans across America (and) people that don’t even have a Party because they’re just Americans – they’ll be able to get their tour of the White House and all it will cost is one or two golf trips less,” Gohmert said.

The amendment is unlikely to become law anytime soon, though because Republicans are moving the continuing resolution – which will fund the government at current levels through the rest of the fiscal year – without amendments. The “CR” is likely to come to a vote in the House today.

H/T to Pete Kasperowicz at The Hill’s Floor Action Blog.

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310 thoughts on “Congressman Offers Amendment Defunding Obama’s Golf”

  1. Cut golf trips, President’s, Vice President’s, Congress and Senate’s pay! No more vacations for the first family until budget is completed!

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  3. I’m damn tired of funding golf outings and 4 million dollar vacations. our budget is in the toilet and our prez can’t be bothered to do anything about i or the other problems we have, just impeach the ass and be done with it

  4. There are multiple reasons why he should be such as unauthorized military involvement in Libya, conspiracy to commit murder followed by murder in Fast and Furious, negligent homicide in Behngazi, murder of citizens by drones in violation of Article III, Section 3 of the constitution, issuance of various presidential orders which create law when only authorized to enforce law, allowing illegal release of imprisoned immigrants, and the list goes on. Unfortunately, however, I have serious doubt that the co-conspirators in the Senate would convict him if the House would stiffen their backs and impeach.

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  8. We all need a vacation from bo’s constant vacation spending.

    Sequester bo.

    Now that would really help.

    I’ll bet you he’s never pumped his own gas. I wonder if he can drive.
    He’s never worked, unless you consider pushing communism, work.

    Sequester dc and bo.

  9. Follow the Comstitution of the USA, “THE TEN COMMANDMENTS”, the original “Golden Rule” , not the latest “Those that Own the Gold Make the Rules and start “TELLING THE TRUTH” with “Positive Actions”, ie. Reduce the Federal government by turning the Republic back to One Nation under God with Liberty and Justice for all legal productive individuals with jobs and production for the benefit of all! The Isle of USA should be run like a “Free Enterprise Business with respect for all including the environment (constant Clean-up/maintenance required), all respecting/respectful people, animals, nature, etc. Accentuate the Positive, and Eliminate the Negative!

  10. Obama, wife, mother-in-law, family and friends are the BIGGEST WELFARE RECIPIENTS in America, living free high on the hog, in America’s house, free vacations every other week, golfing with celebrities on our taxpayer money, parties paid for by the American people, etc., etc., etc., HIM AND HOLDER ARE TWO CRAZY AND STUPID FAKES RUNNING OUR COUNTRY. And that includes Pelosi, disgusting HARRY REID and the criminal Chicago crowd who fixed the election. These people are not what America is about, they are only interested in their own agenda. They only want to destroy the Republican party, farmers, coalminers, and anyone else who disagrees with them.This Administration are the true racists, they hate white people and don’t even try to hide it.

  11. Elected officials need to stand for the values of those they SERVE, voters need to get a backbone and vote them out when they do not!

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