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Congressman Offers Amendment Defunding Obama’s Golf

Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-Texas) introduced an amendment to the fast-moving continuing resolution spending bill that would bar funding for President Obama’s golf outings until the White House reopens for public tours.

Gohmert, who announced his amendment from the floor of the House, said Americans, whether Republicans or Democrats, will be greatly disappointed to come to Washington and not be able to get their tours of the White House. Many tours are planned well in advance.

The amendment states:

None of the funds made available by a division of this act may be used to transport the president to or from a golf course until public tours of the White House resume.

Gohmert cited an estimate by Sen. Jeff Sessions, the ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, that 341 federal employees could have avoided being furloughed had Obama not traveled to Florida for a three-day golf extravaganza.

“Perhaps, quitting furloughing all these federal employees, we’ll be able to get the Democrats and Republicans across America (and) people that don’t even have a Party because they’re just Americans – they’ll be able to get their tour of the White House and all it will cost is one or two golf trips less,” Gohmert said.

The amendment is unlikely to become law anytime soon, though because Republicans are moving the continuing resolution – which will fund the government at current levels through the rest of the fiscal year – without amendments. The “CR” is likely to come to a vote in the House today.

H/T to Pete Kasperowicz at The Hill’s Floor Action Blog.

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310 thoughts on “Congressman Offers Amendment Defunding Obama’s Golf”

  1. So when will Congress “Man UP” and cut their posh, extravagant, publicly funded health care system? When will Congress propose a bill to eliminate their way-too-large, extravagant, retirement system? The President’s golf is small pickles compared to the absolutely excessive waste that the separate health care and retirement systems generate.

  2. Full disclosure: I make no money on it nor do I want, so:
    Please, go sign the petition and embarrass the hell out of him:
    PUSH BACK people.
    If the petition gets traction the media will cover and Obama will be forced to re-open the tours or look like an even bigger child than he already is.

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  5. All your comments are entertaing, I was depressed, but now, feel rejuvenated. My question–so who really conducts the WH tours?

  6. The people own the White House,Mr. Obama, not you. Let’s just find out all the ways Washington is wasting taxpayer dollars and it should start with defunding your golf outings paid for by us. You’re wealthy, pay for your own golf outings.

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  9. Defund Michelle’s vacations also.
    For that matter, defund all of Obama’s travel and activities until he complies with the laws of the land:
    Budget, Reporting quarterly on TARP progress, …

  10. Lets close Camp David, ground air force 1 and all the presidential helicopters and maybe POTUS will stay in the WH and work!

  11. Why is any calligrapher necessary in the White House? Can’t the President write his own name? We don’t need fancy calligraphy on anything connected to the White House. Fire these three people, save $276,000 a year plus benefits, and teach Obama how to sign his name. Michelle could easily write out necessary invitations.

    1. The calligrapher does invitations and other things like award certificates of various sorts. The calligrapher doesn’t sign things, the auto-pen does that.

  12. How about adding Moochelle’s lavaish vacations with her mooching friends to that amendment as well. One of her vacations would probable pay for the WH tours for the rest of Odumbo’s term. By the way, those tours are given mostly by volunteers, ie. not paid workers.

    Regan was an actor that became President.
    Obama is a president that became a actor.

    NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

  13. Wonder when NBC is going to drag some family on camera crying about how there vacation and tour of the WH was ruined by those mean Republicans and the sequester.

    Regan was an actor that became President.
    Obama is a president that became a actor.

    NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

  14. NO! NO! NO!

    The One (TM) should be encouraged to hit the road, and as often as possible. Keep Him away from polite society, put Him on a stage somewhere, get Him to do mall openings, endorse products on late-night television, whatever. Anything to keep Him away from the White House.

    This narcissist is best kept engaged and away from the levers of power. I say the federal government should fund every trip He wishes to take and even suggest some He may not want to make. Keep him AWAY!

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  16. Since the tours are provided by volunteers anyway, there is no additional cost to the Regime…they are simply being punitive.
    The Impostor in Chief and the Mooch could stay in DC and stop attending TV show taping, award shows and diminish the cost of their exorbitant spending.
    Fewer vacations (like none for the remainder of the “anointed one’s” tenure)
    would be in order. If he (Barry) can’t get his work done (pass a budget) he shouldn’t be golfing or vacationing.

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  19. Here is a story I heard …from wife of a secret service agent…to some one I know..
    Agents work 50 hours a week. The agents hours are cut back to 42.
    However the agent must work 50 so the remaining 8 hours are payed as overtime at x3 the normal rate. Agents make more money now…(laffing).
    I wonder if this is true?

  20. Could you also ban Michelle from doing tv spots for brainwashing the American public for the next election? She is so in the spotlight I.E. the academy awards….its almost as if she is trying to take Hillary out for the next election so she can run!

  21. Why would we expext Rino Republicans, and Democrats for that matter too, to actually support this type of action by Rep. Gohmert?
    Mr Obama is the Most Unconscionable, unscrupplulous person to ever sit behind the desk of the Presidency. Mr Obama truly believes he and his family DESERVE to Live, dine and party on the American Dime! Taking long, lavish vacations…freuently at that. Frequently traveling on seperate flights, because..who cares if it cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to do so? Even their Dog, gets his own flight with staff and crew, to enjoy the family vacations. While most Americans are having trouble keeping food on the table, the lights and heat on, keeping up with ever increasing (self imposed) automotive fuel cost, etc.
    this Man DOES NOT CARE! ANd the people that voted for him, and his ilk, will one day stand before Our Lord and answer for their choices.

  22. Anyone with half a brain can see what Obozo and his fellow clowns are doing. The problem is how many Americans have less than half and believe the snake oil saleman?!!!

  23. The Omaba’s should have to pay the citizens of America back for all of
    their vacations, golf trips, supposedly “much needed rests”, etc. Typical isn’t it? Get everything you can for free for doing nothing. And, God help us if we have to look at u**y Michelle’s face any longer than necessary! Get rid of the bunch!!!!!!! Save America!

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  25. I don’t believe the taxpayer should buy his golf clubs, golf shoes nor pay his greens fees. I also think there should be limits placed on the amount of times he can use Air Force One. I don’t think he is a citizen of this country and is ineligible to be President in the first place. If it were left up to me I would stick his black ass in a canoe for Kenya where he and his broad assed old lady says is his home country.

  26. I wonder it the tours were in reality stopped out of fear of the Americans being fed up with the bull and lies told by the idiot and chief and his appointees. No one is paid to give the tours. THis idiot wants to inflict as much pain as he can think up. Get it folks he wants to hurt Americans in an effort to get his own way. You voted this thing into office and now look what we have. He thinks he is in charge when in reality Congress is. We elected them to stick up for us. Am I pleased with everything the Republicans are doing. No way but my goodness do you realize what he will do to us if he were to get what he is going for. His only agenda is to get Dems in for 2014 so he can completely destroy our constitution and take away all our rights. He wants complete and utter control and yet he is a total idiot at handling anything. Wake Up America!

  27. A men and while they are add it nothing for his wife either until there is a balanced budget, something he failed to even try in his first term. how about treat him like a child and ground him until he actually does some work.

  28. I was wondering if the Firts Family will have to cut ack on the vacations and perhaps have to slog through at Camp David.

  29. Immediately cut Obama’s golf, vacations and elaborate food at WH including all the lobster and champagne. The Obama family should be eating beans and rice like everyone else without decent productive work.

  30. i heard they are making a grape cool-aid slushy machine and a churches chicken in the left wing. that is why the tours are shut down

  31. This would be a really great addition to other significant spending cuts…like eliminating he three White House Calligraphers, costing us almost $300,000/yr.

  32. Last term, we as taxpayers paid 1.4 BILLION, yes, that’s with a B on Obama’s vacations. 1.4 BILLION.

    Enough already as they take separate planes, go their own way, and we sit here trying to figure out how were going to make it from month to month. I’ve been here since DDE, and I tell you, I’ve never, ever been as disgusted with a president as I am with this clown. Liar first, golfer second, liar third.

    Most of all, a liar. He won’t come clean about anything, and we can’t even interview the survivors from Benghazi – the Wh blocks it.

    Can we say dictatorship?

  33. WH tours are run by the uniformed Secret Service personnel and they are not volunteers. My family took the WH tour two summers ago. All areas open to the public on the WH tours were manned by uniformed Secret Service personnel. No volunteers were running the tours.

  34. Wait a second… if we can’t shut down Obama’s golf outings because of the continuing resolution that funds the government….WHY can they shut down the White House!!!!! Isn’t there already funding for that???

  35. Well, i think this man has a very good point about Obama…And i definitely think Mrs. obama should be ranged in too…Any women that has to spend $ 5, 000 on one blouse to meet Queen Elizabeth has got illisions of granduar…I will never know if The Queen of England was impressed or even noticed this blouse, but I do know this couple in the White House are making a mockery of True blooded AMERICANS…

  36. This is a great idea. Obama is already on record saying that “we all need to make sacrifices.” I think he can live without golf for a while. It’ll give him more time to figure out his March Madness sheets for ESPN.

  37. LOL ….suggested this on a couple blogs whether they pass this or not

    The gamesmanship the president is playing is getting old ….

    Lock up his golf clubs and ban him from the golf course till sequestration is resolved !

  38. If the petulant Child President had not shut down the WH Tours we wouldn’t be having this childish argument over who conducts the tours..

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