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Congressman Offers Amendment Defunding Obama’s Golf

Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-Texas) introduced an amendment to the fast-moving continuing resolution spending bill that would bar funding for President Obama’s golf outings until the White House reopens for public tours.

Gohmert, who announced his amendment from the floor of the House, said Americans, whether Republicans or Democrats, will be greatly disappointed to come to Washington and not be able to get their tours of the White House. Many tours are planned well in advance.

The amendment states:

None of the funds made available by a division of this act may be used to transport the president to or from a golf course until public tours of the White House resume.

Gohmert cited an estimate by Sen. Jeff Sessions, the ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, that 341 federal employees could have avoided being furloughed had Obama not traveled to Florida for a three-day golf extravaganza.

“Perhaps, quitting furloughing all these federal employees, we’ll be able to get the Democrats and Republicans across America (and) people that don’t even have a Party because they’re just Americans – they’ll be able to get their tour of the White House and all it will cost is one or two golf trips less,” Gohmert said.

The amendment is unlikely to become law anytime soon, though because Republicans are moving the continuing resolution – which will fund the government at current levels through the rest of the fiscal year – without amendments. The “CR” is likely to come to a vote in the House today.

H/T to Pete Kasperowicz at The Hill’s Floor Action Blog.

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310 thoughts on “Congressman Offers Amendment Defunding Obama’s Golf”

  1. Aren’t those WH tours run by volunteers ? Not sure the WH is being completely honest as the tour cancellation may be due to renovations rather than sequester cuts.

    Hope somebody asks Carney about this today.

      1. Private tours are hosted by Secret Service agents on their private time. They are not compensated. Public tours are conducted by volunteers. No money is saved by this silly theatrical shell game.

          1. That was not my understanding. What of the group tours conducted by the philanthropies who volunteer their time for such ?

          2. Not sure what you are talking about but UD does the general public tours. The WW tours are conducted by staffers, not volunteers.

          3. CovertBlack-you are wrong. Get your facts straight. The tours are run by volunteers or aides. Staffers occasionally step in and help the volunteers but are not compensated for it. Stop acting like you are an authority on the matter and know what you are talking about.

          4. CovertBlack is just like all the lib dems. LIARS. Speaking like they have facts but do not or just choose to plain old lie outright.

          5. This simply isn’t true, Park Service handles the grounds duties, and that’s about it. No historians, no previous staffers etc. All questions and history falls on the shoulders of the Secret Service. The only volunteers I could see are the aids to the Congressmen who escort people through.

          6. Who cares………King OBONGO can pay for his own green fees. He is destroying this country, and the people who voted for him will soon be the people that will be struggling to survive, when he beaks the middle class working man’s back. Tax, Tax, Tax……….enough already, stop your huge vacations, your 167 golf games last year. This man thinks this is a celebrity job, and so does his wife. We need a leader, not someone who has to buy his votes. This country nis on the verge of war!!!

          7. There was a Coup. It’s the reason why Washington is running the media and online conversation. A secret war is taking place on progressives, liberals, and socialists at all expense to us, our Constitution, and our quality of life. Don’t take my word for it. See the proof and decide for yourself. It all began with the 2008 election. Search Sarah Palin’s dirty little secret and learn who she really is.

          8. This guy has to be a rookie or very new to congress , The last thing you need is getting on the bad side of the Commander in Chief , Who holds the pen in making your states life easy be it from funding if a disaster struck to money in other areas such as law enforcement, Or plain help in general if something goes down.This guy certainly not the sharpest tool in the box,

          9. Gohmert has nothing to lose by upsetting Obama. Obama does NOTHING for Texas. The only time he even acknowledges Texas exists is when he flies into Austin, picks up fundraiser money, and gets out of here as fast as he can.

          10. According to all the brain dead posters who claim anyone can volunteer to guide tours through the White House; get a rectal decraniotomy! Although I wish security were that lax there!

            Or are you saying people are guided through the White House by volunteers? It’s the freakin White House!

            So someone wanting to plant a bomb could be guided by “volunteers” through the White House? ! Don’t assume that security screening could prevent people needing to be supervised at all times!

            Of course it is the Secret Service who would be integrally involved in the SECURITY of the White House!

      2. What a surprise!! a repuke from Texas trying to get some attention going after the BLACK GUY,This is somone from the same congress that has a LOWER rating than SERIAL KILLERS.Where was a PETTY democrat to do the same for Bush when he was in office.And the republicans wonder why they have a problem getting the MINORITY VOTES.

          1. where was his kind to do this when president Bush was taking those countless vacation which is no different from pass Presidents.But somehow a tool from of all States Texas had to ride in on his donkey cart.This is no race baiting with the obvious.

          2. Chrissy the Sissy, the Obamas consume over $1 billion per YEAR to entertain and “keep up!” That is more than 10 times what the royal family in Britain consume! Bush went to his ranch in Texas, and didn’t jet all over the country campaigning instead of doing his job. If the Bushes consumed $1 billion per year to entertain (they supposedly did in 2008, but thankfully you shrill harpies didn’t take note of it), you leftist nitwits would have lost your minds screeching about it. But since it’s your boy, it’s ok, right? The reason I despise you people is because of your overt hypocrisy, and you’re all too stupid to see it.

        1. First, when you start off calling someone a name, you sound like a 3rd grader. I could call you a Libtard, but I’ll refrain from stooping to your intellectual level. And what does this have to do with Bush? He’s been out of office for 5 years. The current President owns the mess we are in. I served as a Naval Officer for 23 years, and if I were to blame the conditions of my ship on someone who commanded it 5 years ago, my Squadron Commander would have relieved me on the spot. It is time for Democrats and the Commander In Chief to put on their big boy pants and take responsibility.

          Oh, and stop being a racist; opposing a man because of his policies has nothing to do with his race. In my opinion, President Obama is an idiot, a world-class idiot; his race has nothing to do with that assessment.

          1. I guess @marylander you are a 3rd grader afterall ! since you end up stooping to name calling the president…lol,I guess just because President Obama don’t subscribe to your ideology he is an idiot .You are a predicable as a dog going to cuddle a fire hydrant.

          2. @emma: It looks like you never made it to the third grade. Your spelling and your verbal tenses are appalling! It isn’t your fault, though. You are a product of our wonderfil liberal Public School system. Pity!

          3. @obryan, I had no idea when people post here they needed a (proofreading umbrella), like they are writing for a novel or newspaper.So when i see people like yourself who is armed with a spellcheck come in here with zero rebuttal but is acting like the spelling nazi, trying to minimize people take by nitpicking at their spelling, guess who look more like a simpleton.

          4. @RunAlong – the spell-check Nazi’s, as you call, them serve a real purpose. Those posters who can’t spell or use proper grammar don’t have any credibility in my book. If they’re not smart enough to communicate well in writing, they probably aren’t very smart at all. As you said, “guess who look more like a simpleton.”

          5. Ideology, hell he does not have thing in common with most Americans. The man was raised on communist ideals buddy, truly get a clue. Also, he in paying for his few supporters with money we don’t have and borrow from China and future generations. Add to this the press as a accomplice, keeping all the mistakes quiet and you have a recipe for disaster! Of course, if you think this “ideology” is great, good luck on the soup line jackass.

        2. Low information lefties who have no other argument ALWAYS toss in the race card. Go easy on “realitycheck” — the race card is the only tool in their tiny shed… it’s the only thing they know.

        3. When are you libs going to get the point that no one cares if he is black, white, red, green, blue. Wrong in Wrong. An adminisration that goes out of its way to separate the American People on ANY point is deplorable! I dislike (meak term) the man that feels this cause his is main dream! We NEVER need a usurper and we don’t need this one!

        4. Bush decided to stop playing golf while we were at war, Obama choose not to continue that policy.

          Democrats did hold a ‘show’ impeachment trial against a sitting president in the basement of the Capitol.

        5. Always about race………..maybe you can go pay for his green fees, and the millions of dollors he spends on his vacations for “family AND Friends”…DW

          1. Who is talking about Bush we have much bigger problems . We need this guy out of the White House before he destroys our country!!!!!!!!!

        6. Hey duncetard, Bush QUIT golfing because he thought it was insulting to the troops risking their lives. O’Bozo, not so much.

        7. Is it because they don’t give you FREE stuff? Maybe you should become a productive member of society before you spout off with your worthless opinions.

      3. I’m surprise this Louis Gohmert from good ole TEXAS didn’t bring forward a bill aswell to have burning crosses on the white house lawn.Way to make his party look like a complete joke plus he didn’t do his state any favour going down the road.

        1. You see a dumb person every time you look in the mirror, stupid. You foolish low-information people’s only argument against your boy is “uhh…uhh….you’re racist!” I’m amazed that someone with a brain working functionally enough to allow you to keep breathing can’t see that Ostalin is completely outmatched and incompetent and deserves all of the derision he gets for those reasons alone. Amazing, it is!

        2. ISeeAdumbPerson, you only have to walk to a mirror to make your screen name’s wish granted. His bill was to make a point, obviously lost on you. You want to insert race just like a child when you ask him why he did something and the child replies, “because.” You make no sense and in fact I doubt you are even an American. In American English we spell it favor.

        3. I am from Texas, I am brown, not white, not a racist, don’t care if the president is white, black brown, yellow, gay or straight. I do care if the “boss” is out flying around on the “company” jet using corporate funds to play golf when he (the boss) is sending workers home.

          ANY president should suspend all vacations until workers stop getting sent home. I cannot change what Bush did but I can have an opinion on what the current president should do and all future presidents should do, be they republican or democrat.

          The USA is in financial crisis, do not take the job if you cannot serve the people and make some personal sacrifices.

        4. O’Bozo couldn’t be reached for comment as he is still in deep mourning over the death of fellow traveler, Hugo Chavez. :(

      4. The tour I took last year was self guided. There was a secret service member standing in each room and they would answer a question if you asked, but that was all.

    1. Not being honest? this administration is trying to inflict maximum pain on the voting public, all in an effort to destroy the other side. right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook. you may hate the tactic, but, man, are they good at it……………

      1. There was a Coup. It’s the reason why Washington is running the media and online conversation. A secret war is taking place on progressives, liberals, and socialists at all expense to us, our Constitution, and our quality of life. Don’t take my word for it. See the proof and decide for yourself. It all began with the 2008 election. Search Sarah Palin’s dirty little secret and learn who she really is..

    2. The White House wasn’t affected by the 2% reduction in future spending that is the sequester. The petulant demagogue is throwing another hissy fit by closing OUR White House to the public in an effort to punish us.

        1. DHS had a spending cut? Funny how the DHS was just able to buy $30 million in new uniforms made in Mexico, and release 2,000 illegal aliens on an unsuspecting public in a federal jail break. There is no “spending cut” that justifies what these leftist ideologues are doing to US.

          1. There are no true cuts, sir. Each department will be spending more than last year, just not as much as they want to burn through. Homeland Security has nothing to do with White House tours either. You know and I know that BO is trying to inflict as much pain as possible to the taxpayer, so they will ultimately scream “UNCLE!” and bow to even MORE tax hikes.

          2. They do have something to do because SS falls under DHS. I don’t know if they were reassigned or what, but Border Patrol will be taking cuts.

          3. And don’t forget that fleet of armored vehicles they bought along with all that ammo. You know, the stuff they’re going to use to ‘protect’ us!

      1. Give the gaygolfmonkey a break! He’s hard at work now planning a benefit golf tourney for his fallen comrade, Hugo Chavez.

      2. As the petulant jerk said “reward your friends and punish your enemies”.
        Never before in the history of America has a president tried to hurt the public for political gain.

    3. Volunteers? Are you high? He doesn’t even let the Marine’s guarding him have magazines in their guns. He’s a communist POS degenerate ahole.

    4. “Not sure the WH is being completely honest” is the understatement of the year! Whether the tours cost the tapayer money or not, the obvious truth is Obama is picking the most visible and useful government services to cut first to “punish” the public and hopefully then the Republicans for forcing these specific cuts. Do you know how many bureaucratic paper-pushers there are squirreled away in the hundreds of agencies within the federal government? He could get rid of tens of thousands of them tomorrow and the public wouldn’t even notice. That’s the fact he doesn’t want us to focus on. Instead he’s closing tours in DC, firing teachers, firing cops, firing firemen, etc… It’s just so transparent.

  2. This is why Republicans are stupid and I’m no longer a Republican.

    They won’t fight on the big things (Nominations, Healthcare, Immigration, THE DEBT), but they’ll propose something like this just to make news.

    Yes, the President spends (wastes) LOTS of money on himself and his family. BUT there are other ways to go about this. And this is not the way. Idiots.

    1. You sound like a 5 year old. So playing golf with Tiger was more important than the country? Obama said this would be a shared sacrifice-what is he sacrificing? He will purposely make things harder on the American people in order to trash the other side. THEY already fought and lost on health care, even though it was declared unconstitutional, fought on Hagel, fighting on immigration while we let thousands go without just reason and just won the fight on the debt. Wake up!

        1. Oh please, little woman. Ostalin is NEVER in Washington, and he calls most of his vacations “campaigns” or “fund-raisers.” He’s essentially been on a 4 year vacation. At least Bush WORKED on his ranch outings. And he went there instead of Camp David. You fools always bringing up Bush seem to forget we had 5% GDP growth and statistical full employment under Bush. PLUS, Bush wasn’t telling US to cut back on our spending while he tripled the debt, which is what Ostalin has been doing for the past 4 years. There’s some perspective for you, little woman.

        2. Bush took his staff with him and worked most of the time. And Crawford is not quite the expensive place that Hawaii is. and Bush didn’t have to spend thousand for a hotel room.

      1. Maobama said he would work non-stop for the American people. Except, of course, when he’s golfing and vacationing on the public dime.

    2. It’s not going to happen duh. It just helps get the word out there about the commander and thief, to the low-info-people.
      Liberalisim is a mental disorder.

    3. So you are no longer a Republican because you think the GOP is mean to the President? You don’t think the President does anything deliberate to hurt the very people he’s supposed to work for? Glad you’re gone man, we don’t need stupid people in the conservative camp.

    4. Any show of testicular fortitude by a Republican is welcome – Too bad the House leadership won’t even put up the appearance of a fight on important issues – like Obamacare for instance? Time for a new party.

    5. @scottso…………..I don’t believe for a minute you were ever a Republican. This POTUS not only wastes money on his endless vacations (rather than use Camp David) but also trots around the country campaigning. Scottso…why is a POTUS campaigning endlessly? He WON the election back in November. Yet, instead of sitting his fanny in the Oval Office or meeting with congress extensively, this Fraud POTUS decides that he will go directly to the people, like a good tyrant…going around the opposition in congress, and “hawk his wares”.

      AF ONE, the expensive advance team, the arrangements…all of it needs TO BE STOPPED. It would have been better for an amendment to stop the POTUS using tax money to campaign for his ideas rather than act like a real leader, put his Big Boy Pants on and get to work.

      1. Obama spends all his time flying around for two reasons, 1) he loves AF-1 and the luxury that comes with it and 2) campaigning is all he knows how to do. He is lazy, too lazy to do his job.

  3. “None of the funds made available by a division of this act may be use to transport the president to or from a golf course until public tours of the White House resume…what is that, a little airplane? And look, there’s a puff of smoke coming off of..AAAAHHHGH!”

  4. This is petty, laughable yet totally appropriate. I want more attention paid to the President’s joy riding on the tax payer’s tab. Most all of us here see it for what it is, a farce. Lets get more publicity for the issue.

  5. I called RepGohmert’s office yesterday and professed my support of his amendment. It may just be symbolic, and may not be part of the final resolution, but it highlights a mean-spirited act by MrObama to punish Americans.

    Closing the WhiteHouse to visitors is not a insignificant move; there is a reason why the image of the WhiteHouse is on all it’s correspondence, and why what the President does or says is referred to as “from the WhiteHouse”. The American eagle, American flag, and White House are American icons recognized all over the world.
    President Obama has no right to close the building that we pay for, that we allow him and his family to live in, and he doesn’t have the right to close down the WhiteHouse to taxpayer visits.

    1. Thank you for calling his office, srdem. Rep Louie Gohmert is a patriot. He is one of the few conservatives in the House who will challenge the RINOs in leadership. His amendment will not be considered because Bawling Boehner isn’t allowing any amendments to the deal he worked out with the little tyrant occupying OUR White House. The RINOs won’t even allow one dime to be cut from Obamacare funding in the continuing resolution they are ramming through the House today.

    2. Obama also doesn’t have the right to dump 5,000 criminal illegals into our neighborhoods, either, but he did it! The GOP is powerless against this fraud, but not for lack of trying. There’s not a damn thing the House can do (and it’s tried by repealing Obamacare, putting forth budgets for the last 4 years, passing legislation to grow the economy and create jobs) but it dies on its way to the Senate with Reid slamming the door on it all before it gets there! Anything coming out of the House is being ignored and buried. It will continue unless people like Scottso get off their asses and vote for the GOP in 2014 to give them the power to make Obama powerless. It will not happen any other way.

  6. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. There needs to be a Senator and a Congressman with the guts to go the floor of their respective Houses, and challenge Congress to give up this year’s salary. If the Senator or Congressman doesn’t have a net worth of over $500K then they can pass, but for all the millionaires that we have serving in DC, this would be a show to the American people that our “leaders” are willing to forgo some of their own money, and help bolster the US Treasury. They also need to challenge Obama to give up his $400K for the year. The savings, while not enough to meet the sequester cuts, would help to keep somethings going.

    1. A challenge by any House rep will go the way of Gohmert’s latest attempt. The House could go all the way and pass legislation freezing congressional salaries/perks (as it’s done on many occasions with other legislation) only to have Harry Reid file it in the wastebasket. As for a Senator trying to do the same, Reid again will stand in the way and not allow a vote. This is why Congress is in a gridlock. People are pretty stupid to think this is all the GOP’s fault. Pay attention. Everything has to go by either/and or both Harry Reid or Obama and NEITHER is going to allow any legislation by the GOP…end of story! Elections have consequences and inasmuch as Obama thinks he won and ergo has a mandate to do things his way; the GOP also won the House which is their mandate to stop or attempt to stop anything the Democrats put on the table. It’s called gridlock and can only end if the GOP wins both chambers of congress in 2014.

    2. Shofar, just think if Romney had won! How many jobs has that man had where he didn’t take a salary??!! Hell, if he had won, there’d be no sequester, the White House would be open to tours, taxes would NOT have been raised in January, and Obamacare would have been repealed. Not to mention the Keystone Pipeline would be in the process of being built right now as well as opening up federal lands to energy resources. Imagine the number of jobs all of that would create? IOW, unemployment would be a few points lower by now and continuing to go lower, while our paychecks would grow!

      But hey, elections have consequences and a lot of former Republicans and Independents just didn’t bother to vote because they liked neither candidate! They are responsible for Obama winning and killing us all with his Alinksky Rules for total destruction!

  7. The WH tours may have been cancelled as a political move to force the Republicans to do as King Obama asks. I believe this government is capable of doing anything and everything to get its way for the transformation of our country into who the heck knows what.

    1. He has handed the Republicans a gift IF they’d only use it. It’s a public relations gift. This cheap move by Obama is not going to make the Republicans cave and say, ok, ok, we’ll do whatever you say. This should work in the Republicans favor IF they convince the public that Obama had many other options but chose to wreck revenge on the American people. But that’s a big IF.

      1. They are not buying his bs, O is having a tantrum. It’s really a non issue when we have so many other problems. I hope they ignore this stupid stunt.

      1. Spot on Jim in Houston. Be sure to write you house memeber to tell them not to let the coward boehner bring the bill to the floor wothout amendments. His underhanded backroom dealings with criminal harry reid need to stop.

        1. Boehner is doing the best that he can under the circumstances. He does what he has to do to keep Obama in check. So he goes ahead and “allows” an amendment to stop Obama’s golfing funds and guess what happens? The Senate Democrats and Obama will INSIST on adding their own amendments and God only knows what they’d come up with. There’s a method to Boehner’s madness. That Goehmert at least got to stand in the well and make the speech is good enough! (and as far as any GOPer will get with this administration!). Unfortunately, too many people do NOT understand how the branches of gov’t work…they really don’t. If they did, Obama would not be in office. People say, let’s get rid of the 2 party system! That doesn’t work. You bring in a third party and people who don’t like the Dem/Rep candidates will vote for the third party and then you wind up with a dipshit governor like we did in Rhode Island who is destroying us statewide the way Obama is killing us as a country.

          1. I don’t think Boehner or any of the Republicans are doing the best they can. The Republican Party is leaderless right now, and same old, same old establishment Republicans like Pontius Porcus and Jeb Bush are not the answer. Face it: make Republicans do not want to change the system. I do not want a third party necessarily, but I wrote the RNC recently when they asked me for money that I would target my donations toward Tea Party candidates in the primaries. And, btw, I am a non-affiliated voter.

          2. “Pontius Porcus”. Well done, Julie. I even know who you’re referring to! You are absolutely right about the establishment Republicans. They are not the answer. We need a true conservative leader – someone who doesn’t moderate their conservative ideals – to take charge and grab the reins from the establishment. Compassionate conservatives like the Bush clan, or “practical conservatives” as the establishment is rebranding themselves, are nothing more than big government statists. They just aren’t as radical as the socialist Democrats.

  8. Isn’t this the Hypocrite President that is always reminding us how rich guys like him need to “pay a little more”? How about he pays for his{and Moochelle’s} own vacations and Golf for starters? Bravo for Gohmert for pointing this out. If there were ever an administration that needs over-site, this is it.

    1. If he paid for all those multi-million dollar trips, he wouldn’t be able to rub his wealth in our faces every day….

      That on it’s own is disgusting enough. But there is NO WAY taxpayers should have paid for a SEPARATE trip to Aspen for the Bride of King Long. But of course, nobody does a THING about it….

  9. Why is the boy who would be king any different from other citizens. This is perfectly logical amendment. If it is good for the goose, it is good for the gander. If he understood anything about leadership he would lead by example. I won’t hold my breath on that.

  10. Where are obamas college records, his passport records his health records,
    this and his wifes thesis, HEY WIKILEAKS and ANONYMOUS if you ever want to do something people actually care about. Get these docs! EVERY president before him released them!!!
    The most disgusting admin and time in the U.S. ever.

    1. Hey Dave,

      I couldn’t have said it any better. However, we have sunk into the depths of despair due to a lack of b___s, guts, fighting spirit, and backbone when it comes to fighting the liberal, socialist, communist, marxist, muslim, terrorist loving illegal in the WH. I sent Senator Jeff Sessions an email documenting everything from Joseph Farah’s World Net Daily that proves that B. Hussein’s birth certificate is as phony as a $3 bill, and his reply essentially said: “He said it, I believe it, and that settles it.” They’re all afraid of a “Race War,” and will do nothing to stop this band of thieves. God help us. Buy ammo, if you can find it.

      Semper Fi,
      Marine Mick

      1. Yup, good one, Mick. It is indeed hard to get 9mm but I’m taking Joe’s advice & stocking up on 12ga slugs & #00 as it’s pretty plentiful right now where I live…….after all, I might have to shoot thru the door some time.

      2. Race war?? Well, in the cities maybe, but as soon as it moves into the countryside, they will come up against a bunch of angry farmers with rifles. You know the type, if not, here is a hint…1776. And we hit what we aim at, unlike most thugs who simply spray the area. And those guns gangbangers seem to like don’t have the range of a rifle, so we could take them out long before they were close enough to get off a shot. A rifle with a scope, can hit accurately at up to a mile. Most pistols are only accurate up to 50 ft., less in the hands of someone with no training. So if Obama wants to sic the 12.5% of the country that are black on the 72+% of the country that are white, well, let’s just say that the black percentage will drop dramatically.

  11. What? WHAT? The GOP is caving AGAIN? Say it ain’t so!

    The mighty Boa stopped supporting these bozos after the original debt limit debacle. At that point they held ALL the cards and merely needed to stick together like the marxists always do. But no. Too much to expect. They have not made ONE SINGLE MOVE since that would warrant reconsideration either.

    It is sickening. They are SO LAME! They’ll come on Rush or Hannity, whatever, and talk about how evil the president is, why we need to cut spending, etc. Then right back to the hill to vote for O’Bozo’s latest bill…. they can NOT be trusted. Was it Rand Paul on yesterday? Talk about a “Freudian slip”. Talking about how wrong it is to use drones on American soil. His EXACT words? Some guy is bad mouthing the government on his computer. He shouldn’t be taken ojt by drone. He should be arrested and tried. HIS EXACT WORDS! For “bad mouthing” the government? It was either on Rush or Hannity. Even THEY didn’t mention that either. Just disgusting.

    They are ALL in on this. None of them deserves to be trusted and they certainly aren’t doing ANYTHING to earn any trust at all.

  12. A large amount of the population has no idea we have a traitor, academic radical left wing president and administration right now.

  13. Way to go Louis. Why didn’t someone think of this before? Another one, curtail his 3 or 4 weekly AF1 trips? Than maybe I could get my IRS refund

  14. The left has always wanted to “round up” the people who will not go along with their plans of a communist utopia under social marxisim.
    obummers good friend billy ayers, one of the most radical and stupid left wing pieces of excrement that has ever walked the earth, layed out the plans in the late 60’s watch this undercover agent tell the story…
    EMERGENCY; Warning to All U.S.A. Citizens – Obama and Ayers
    WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. It is time for We the People to put Prez and Congress and Bureaucrats Agencies on a Budget. Their funding is too FAT they need a Diet TAX Fast.
    Mandate a reduced waste base line.


    1. Most of our congress people come from wealthy families and have grown up without regard to where the money comes from, they are just allowed to spend it. The ones who are too much of a dimwit to bring into the family business are pushed into politics. They have no idea what a buget is and have never lived on one. When they have access to anybody’s money all they know how to do is spend it on whatever suits their fancy. This is also why they vote themselves a pay increase when the rest of the country is suffering severely. They know they can’t spend our money on themselves, but sometimes they forget this and buy themselves a new Cadallac, at our expense, to visit their constituients, (i.e., Charlie Rangel). We certainly don’t get anywhere near what we pay for anytime the government is involved; just wait until Obamacare is fully implemented. To make things even worse, we even have voters with the same mentality and they keep voting for these fools.

  17. We ARE getting to the point where WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH! Virtually everything coming from the White House insults your intelligence! Throughout history elitest arrogance has caused tragedy and always did a lot of damage before it was DESTROYED!

  18. Good to see that our lawmakers have their priorities. This discussion is a bit unnerving since there is so much going on in the world and this BS makes headlines.

    1. Yeah, you’ve got a point. But myself, I have to laugh & make light of it just a bit, otherwise I’ll just get angry, frustrated & stressed out. So, I come here to listen to others who understand… helps.

  19. So the GOP is going to pass a bill that will restore funding for the rest of the year?

    That means the American public was lied to by both the GOP and Democrat parties some 20 months ago when sequestration was introduced as the “end all” solution that would be “so painful” a compromise would have to be reached.

    The media have acted as willing accomplices in their quest for drama, ratings and advertising revenue.

    It’s as if the US has become a giant stage where actors pretend to represent the American people all in the name of a good show.

  20. I have always heard the tours of the WH were done by volunteers anyway, and why do we pay for all the presidents trips whether it be golf or a vacation??? he can pay for those as well as his wives from his on pocket, our public servants were never meant to be given everything just because they go to Washington DC…..they are not royality, they are our servants there to serve we the people, which is fast becoming we the peasents….let them eat cake.

  21. We The People are sick of Dictator Obama’s LIES & Games he is playing. Cut non-essential CELL phones known as Obama phones & I’m sure there are other wasteful programs. I grew up poor with no phone or t.v. Get serious!

  22. Regardless of what the President says or does he will be protected by the mainstream media and the print pundits; Gohmert will be villified by Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell and Ed Schultz (per WH talking points) and CNN will later run a story on why Gohmert’s views are “antagonistic” and “anti-government.” SPLC will then put Gohmert on the “hate list”. The cycle will then be complete when the President is asked by his communicants why a Texas Republican “hates him.” All thats missing are the show trials.

    1. Wait a minute, we are made to suffer with this 85 Billion “cut” mmmm Obama is running around saying he has already cut 2.5 trillion and the regime backs it up. Funny thing is I did not feel a thing!!

    2. I think Gohmert will be ignored by the people you mention as well as by big newspapers like the NYT and WaPo. They don’t want the public to know about the story fearing it would put Dear Leader in a bad light.

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  24. “Gohmert cited an estimate by Sen. Jeff Sessions, the ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, that 341 federal employees could have avoided being furloughed had Obama not traveled to Florida for a three-day golf extravaganza.”

    Just when is the Congress going to start doing their jobs! cutting of money for Obama’s (both of them) BS travels while others are in dire strates is only common sense! These two (Obama’s) are acting like dictators and what is left of the government “Congress” is letting them get away with this despicable behavior! the senate has a democratic majority so they are definitely in the tank for Obama and to hell with the American people as a community organizer knows better then the American citizen what they need and require so citizens just shut up and roll over that is Obama’s message to you.

    Payroll for Senators and Congress men & women need to be halted until they start doing their jobs, period, with no excuses! Planning to get rid of this government ought be underway in a big time fashion, weather impeachment or what ever it takes, the government belongs to the people not the Obama administration! what’s this with 2700 light tanks and two billion bullets for homeland security and now drones that can kill American citizens on American soil or in your living room according Eric Holder while cutting the armed forces back? anyone paying attention to Janet (Himmler) Napolotano and her brown shirts (TSA).

    The American citizen need to continue stocking up on materials the same as homeland security as it is looking more and more like they are going to be the enemy of the people!

  25. What about defunding his family multi vacations, parties, besides the golf. The man is worth over $10 million dollars and most would say he can afford to pay his own way. Isn’t this what he preaches, the wealthly can pay their own.
    Or id it do as I say, not as I do?

  26. Aside from salvation, perhaps one of the greatest gifts God has given to mankind is the gift of free will. With free will, we as a human race have the ability to make choices and decisions that will change us on who we are. Granted, some choices that we make may not be the correct or have a greater impact down the road, the point is we do have free will. For every person living here, their moral character guides them to what choice they make.

    In a socialist run government, free will and the ability to make decisions is taken away. Whether it is the freedom to carry a gun, run a business or even see a movie etc, those freedoms will be gone; the ability to morally decide what is right or wrong, our free will, will be gone.

    Taking away our God given gift of free will is wrong, it is satanic. As we continue into 2013, the media and the world for that matter will be calling evil good and good as evil. It is happening right now as our free will is slowly taken away.

  27. In addition to this cut the orangutans court from 178 to 1 (same as Laura Bush), No further vacations for either (the big S can’t pay for them) and no further campaigning untill budget is created in the senate and sign by ouseless after 60 percent approval in house.

  28. Love this! Please cut off the President’s golf trips.. He’s wasting tax dollars with every trip. BTW, the first lady also takes unnecessary trips.. Why not include hers???

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