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The Obama Morning News || March 5, 2013

Obama picks signal climate change fight . . . New York Times
Cabinet getting freer rein to make policy . . . Washington Post
GOP fears fallout to health program cuts . . . Washington Post
Sequester hits but Feds keep hiring . . . Washington Times
White House backs unlocking cell phones . . . Reuters
Israeli politics put Obama trip in jeopardy . . . Politico

9 Responses to The Obama Morning News || March 5, 2013

  1. Serious, not satire;
    The WashTimes and other news media report that among the jobs offered by the federal government the Dept of Agriculture is advertising for three jobs in Phoenix, AZ for “insect production workers” to grow “bollworms”.
    The bollworm, commonly known as the “pink bollworm” is an invasive species from Asia that has destroyed millions of dollars of cotton crops in the Southwest (CA, AZ, TX).

    Either the news media was given erroneous information from the AgriDept or the Obama administration is out to destroy cotton farming in the Southwest.
    There is no call to “grow bollworms”, they do it all by themselves.

    • The Pink Bollworm, (Pectinophora gossypiella), is considered possibly the most destructive pest on cotton worldwide. It is native to Asia and has been reported in several states in the Southwest. The Pink Bollworm prefers cotton but will also feed on Okra, Kenaf, and Hibiscus.

    • Speaking of USDA, in an effort to curb foodstamp abuse Maine governor wanted photo on EBT cards (currently on sale on your local Craigslist) and Vilsack refused.

  2. Missed one – MO hosted a dinner by attacking a pizza place in DC after her “Let’s Move” Google+ meeting. Guess after all that hard work on the internet answering questions she just needed a salad? (You all know she was there for the Cheesy Goodness of thick crust pizza).

    • The reason most people go out to eat is that they don’t want to cook for themselves or they are craving some food delight that can only be enjoyed at a special restaurant.
      So, why is the FL going to a pizza parlor for a slice, when she hasn’t set foot in front of a stove for years?

  3. I saw her on TV with her round wig hair and round face–ball head–asking kids to swear they would not throw out apples and oranges they were forced to take in the lunch line.