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Obama Approval Crashes as Sequester Kicks In

While conventional wisdom holds that Republicans will incur the wrath of voters for the sequester, President Obama’s approval rating has taken a sizable hit in just the past few days, suggesting he may¬†claim a significant portion of the blame.

Obama’s approval rating stood at 53 percent February 27 and at 51 percent on March 1, the day the sequester began – about the level where it had been for all of February – according to Gallup. In the three days since then, as post-sequester polling began to be included in Gallup’s three-day rolling average, Obama’s approval dropped to only 46 percent, with his negatives rising to the same level.

Obama’s polls faltered even as he staged daily events last week highlighting the negative consequences of the cuts and seeking to assign blame to Republicans.

What’s more, the country has not decided whether the sequester is a good or a bad thing.

According to Gallup, 51 percent of those surveyed March 2-3 said they didn’t know enough to make a determination about whether it would harm the country, and 55 percent said they didn’t know if it would hurt them personally. Only 26 percent said they expected to personally incur consequences from the spending cuts.

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  1. Cutting 2.5% of government spending is a good thing, no question. Obama, of course, has chosen to do that in ways that cause the most pain, suffering and inconvenience to the American people, in an effort to show what bad guys the Reps are. The truth is, he’s the bad guy. The sequester was his idea, forced upon Boehner in 2011. He is the guy who decides how the cuts will fall. Cutting 50% of TSA gate agents? Really? Two-hour waits to get through that joke we call airport security? Any fool could do better than that, if he cared about the country.

    Tell ya what. Let’s make it 100% and we’ll get equivalent safety and no waits at all!

    1. The idea that they are cutting anything at TSA is a joke. The appearance will be that there have been cuts, but they will still spend like crazy. DHS just confirmed a contract for $50million to a company that will make a good portion of TSA uniforms in MEXICO –

      Add to that the fact that Pistole just announced a relaxing of regulations regarding what can be carried on board a plane –

      These people (the administration) really do think that the majority of Americans are blind to what is going on. I am hoping the administration is wrong.

      1. People can carry on golf clubs, ski poles, hockey sticks and bats again? Where will people stash all that stuff? The overhead bins are already overflowing as people try to save on baggage fees. And why approve the small pocket knife now? Does that mean all these years we’ve been nearly strip searched at security just to be able to fly home to visit family that there have been no attempted hijackings or other incidents using that little knife?

    1. it won’t
      he knows that the only reason someone would be against him is that they somehow heard something from some lunatic Republican person who is an idiot and should not be allowed to speak.

      In other words…it’s not him, it’s someone else.

  2. “Only 26 percent said they expected to personally incur consequences from the spending cuts modest reductions in the rate of growth.”

    That’s better…

  3. A big dip in MrO’s popularity is bad news, for us. His many campaign trip speeches are falling on deaf ears, and his constant appearances on TV aren’t making him any friends.

    Us yokels in fly-over country aren’t the only ones sick of looking at and listening to both of the Obamas; his base is tired of it all, too.

    Even low-info voters heard about the golfing trip with TigerWoods , then heard his complaint that no one’s doing anything. His pathetic plea for the janitors struggle to come,and the government layoffs are not moving a public with 50million people on food stamps and 23 million without full-time jobs. Those who have jobs are still smarting from the payroll increase and are scared of the juggernaut waiting, Obamacare.

    1. I would like to think that Bob Woodward’s book has had something to do with Little Barry’s drop in popularity. However, 46% is not low enough in my book.
      It’s a numbers game. Sooner or later Little Barry Boo Boo is going step smack in it and his days in the sun will be over.

  4. Could it be that playing the role of the Boy Who Cried Wolf had something to do with his drop in the polls? For the past few years we have been whipped up to expect economic collapse at the turn of the year, and when nothing happens, people stop listening to the Little Boy.

  5. I will be personally impacted by sequester with reduced work hours, at a minimum.
    We need to cut government, no doubt about it. But the way this is being done, is absolutely wrong.
    We need to start by cutting off all foreign aid to the countries that are trying to kill us. Next the duplicate and triplicate and quadruplicate departments in the federal government need to go. Obamacare needs a match set to it. And even though I work for the DOD, there are plenty of cuts that can be made without impacting readiness. Food stamps, extended unemployment benefits, ObamaPhones. All can be either eliminated or cut way, way back.
    And that’s a start.

  6. POTUS is behaving as a child would. If you cut the childs allowance then he’s going to show you how he just can’t live with the cut in funds! He will try to make everyone around him just as miserable as he is. Everyone better watch their backs because the temper tantrum is coming! t

  7. A lot of people may not have mastered subject-verb number agreement (“He don’t”), but even at that, they still have some BS detector clicking on background and the president went on TV so much with his simplistic nonsense and seemed to be trying to hurt us rather than help or protect us, that I think people began to go…hey…what the?

  8. To quote Winston Churchill you know him banished from the WH.

    The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.

  9. If the polls continue to indicate the public is absorbing the sequester well, watch Dear Leader morph into “This was all my idea” mode.

  10. Perhaps his rating is crashing because people are weary of being assaulted by broadcasts of the Obamas every time you turn on the tv. He preached (fear mongered) flitting here and there across the country that the sky was falling. Yet it did not fall and now we’re witnessing his inability to make wise budget cuts.

  11. The “low-info” voters only care about “What’s in it for me?”. Do I get a free phone? Free money? Food stamps? They DON’T care about the big picture because it doesn’t affect them directly. That’s why Obama was re-elected. He promised things that directly affected the low info voters. Bengahzi? Deficit? Fast & Furious? Didn’t affect them so they didn’t care.

    Obama screwed up though ’cause the sequester doesn’t effect the low info voter directly and they just don’t care! Take away their phone, cut the welfare and food stamps and there’d be riots in the streets though.

    Sequester will backfire on Obama because lots of informed voters think “well, this is one way to cut spending” and the uninformed don’t care.

    Can we order up another sequester?

    NO ONE in the “Main Stream Media”/”WH Press-sycophant Corps” would ever ‘Report’ this…

  13. Meanwhile, in his latest attempt to punish the people, Obeyme has shut down tours of the White House.

    That actually works for me–the National Zoo smells better, I’m told.

    1. What gives him the authority to shut down The People’s House? The White House doesn’t belong to him. He and his family are living in OUR White House courtesy of the American people. This little temper tantrum of the petulant demagogue is getting out of hand.

  14. Obama is just the worst liar!! He is so obvious– White House Tour employees are VOLUNTEERS!!! Obama says staff is being cut because of the squester, not true as they are volunteers!!! And he also lied about the maintenance employees getting their pay cut when there is an e-mail from their supervisor that THEIR PAY IS NOT BEING CUT!!!! I knew the day after he was elected IN HIS FIRST TERM, that this was a nightmare, don’t ask me how I knew, I must have ESP. This Obama,if he cared about the poor kids and the disabled kids, why give the money to THE MUSLUM BROTHERHOOD, A TERRORIST ORG.??? And I should think if he cared about THE COUNTRY OR ITS PEOPLE, he wouldn’t have spent millions of dollars on golf trips and Hawaiian vacations and he spent billions of wasted money on failed green companies and he still says he will spend more on failed companies.

    But I really blame the Republicans, they do nothing to stop him and now Obama is letting out thousands of criminals out of jail AND SAYS ITS BECAUSE OF THE SEQUESTER??? PUTTING OUR SAFETY AT RISK NOW. This guy is creepy and crazy.

    Republicans you are no better because you are so afraid for yourselves and your jobs, cowards, and are willing to let him ruin us, Repubs have not lifted a finger to stop him from putting Americans at risk in every way.

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