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Video || Organizing for Access

American Crossroads, the Karl Rove-inspired Super Pac, put up a video today lampooning the Obama-allied group Organizing for Action for its $500,000 ticket to meet quarterly with President Obama.

Not bad for a Super Pac. Thought you might enjoy.

H/T to Donovan Slack at Politico.

11 Responses to Video || Organizing for Access

  1. Satire is so much fun, and this is funny.
    It’s also as smarmy as the ‘seen on TV’ ads with the hidden cost of “S&H”.

  2. Yes, it’s funny but it’s only good for a quick laugh. We learned this after the election, didn’t we? All those ads we watched online and thought were so powerful, or humorous like this one, either weren’t viewed by the voting public, or fell on deaf ears. All that Super PAC money wasted for nothing. And, sadly, it got our hopes up thinking that finally, enough of our fellow Americans saw this administration for what is was and were going to put an end to it. I’m no longer willing to be duped by these Super Pacs, or anyone on the right. America has changed for the worse, and likely permanently thanks to the dumbed down public and evil lame stream media. Sorry to be overly grumpy, but I just cant even laugh at any of this crap anymore.