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The Obama Morning News || March 4, 2013

Sequester to hang around for awhile . . . Associated Press
Obama actually working the phones . . . CNN
White House backs off doomsday forecasts . . . Fox News
Romney: President Nero fiddles while Rome burns . . . Washington Times
Obama pushes to diversify the Courts . . . Washington Post
Obama to nominate Walmart exec as OMB Chief . . . Associated Press
President makes DOE, EPA picks too . . . Politico
Woodward invites Obama, Sperling over . . . Politico

13 Responses to The Obama Morning News || March 4, 2013

  1. Whoever this C.Quester is, he has the MSM all confused and the Dems in a tizzy. The MSM can’t decide if C.Quester is making “deep cuts’ or “modest” reforms to what government agencies can spend this year, or who’s to blame for inviting him to DC in the first place.

    The scuttlebutt is that the Repubs are happily doing the “Snoopy Dance” behind closed doors, and the Dems are consulting with self-important consultants to determine their political future if the public wants more cuts to Federal spending and no more tax increases.

    MrObama, whose actions have been described as “madness”by a well-respected DC insider, is being accused of insanely campaigning for a position he already won. After making a bald-faced lie to the public about the employment future of lowly janitors, and forcing his co-horts to lie about the dire consequences of smaller increases in bureaucratic budgets, the President allegedly took to the phones to plead for help from some members of Congress. Who he called, what was said and what the result was is unknown.

    In the good news department, the previously unknown assistant Sec of State, Dennis Rodman, has returned from a good-will tour of North Korea and informed us that the short-statured Koreans love basketball. He logically deduced that since MrObama loves basketball, then detente is possilbe with the country that has vowed to destroy NewYorkCity. MrRodman carried a message from the leader of N.Korea that he would like the POTUS to call him, maybe.
    In other good news; MrWoodward has invited MrObama to his home for a night of good scotch and Cuban cigars where they will discuss who did what when.
    MrObama has respectfully declined the invitation, but MrsObama has offered to help MrWoodward lower his BMI and bring her “Let’s Move” crew to assist him in leaving the DC political arena. The OFA has reportedly set up a fund for donations to pay for MrWoodward’s departure.

    • Great synopsis of the news of the day, srdem. Mr. Woodward should be leery of Mooch’s offer to host a sweatin’ to the oldies event in his home. I’ve heard tell the Obamacare death panel has already put Mr. Woodward on the do not resuscitate list.

  2. Obama Pushes to Diversify Courts
    Washington Post
    “In Florida, President Obama has nominated the first openly gay black man to sit on a federal district court. In New York, he has nominated the first Asian American lesbian. And his pick for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit? The first South Asian.”

    Heterosexual white males and females, Catholics and Jews need not apply.

    Meanwhile, staunch Obama friend and supporter, Louis Farrakhan, accuses whites of advocating birth control pills for blacks because they are afraid they (whites) are becoming minorities.
    Has anyone checked with Sandra Fluke lately?

  3. I’d like to suggest another story for the morning news:

    Last week Michelle Obama endangered the health of 6,000 students and their chaperones at her big Let’s Move event in Chicago. Teachers were told not to allow kids to take food or drink with them and nothing was offered to the kids throughout the day. They went without food or drink more than seven hours as they waited hours for buses, to clear security and to receive a man’s XL size t-shirt (does MO really think kids are THAT obese?) and then waited for MO and all the speakers and concert. What kind of person plans something for kids that will consume an entire day, has them participating in exercise activities and doesn’t even think about providing water or food?

    The teacher breaking the story was surprised that Michelle had her back to the kids as she spoke. That’s when she realized the kids were nothing more than props for Mooch’s ad. The story is at the Daily Caller.

    • Thanks for the article, AZ Granny. I wonder if anyone has thought of reporting her to CPS! She has been ‘abusing’ our children for the last 4 years with her ‘healthy lunch’ program. Thankfully, the lunches have ended up in cafeteria trash bins across the country after the kids complained of starvation and weakness. Billions have been squandered on the whims of this exhibitionist. What a wretched, despicable woman! She needs to be grounded!

    • Thanks for the h/t.
      Those poor kids. The WhiteHouse promoted this group excercise as some kind of historic and fantastic event, but there was pratically nothing said in the MSM or even on the internet. Until now.
      I may be a total cynic, but the teacher who complained was probably thrilled to be on the same stage as MO, thought she was going to be famous, too. But, was disgusted when she found out that they were just impersonal props for MO’s career as a, whatever she is. There was nothing stopping this teacher from taking her students out of the arena and back to school.

      I know why there was no food or water permitted; when you have a large group of children, there’s always some sad child who throws up and water only encourages trips to the bathroom. The Queen didn’t want to see the children get sick (bad press) and no one wanted to stop and take the children to the bathroom (bad press).

      • I agree Girly, her lunch program has abused the kids for years. I’d bet my last dollar that MO didn’t miss her lunch like those poor kids did. Can you imagine how difficult it’s going to be for MO to give up all the perks of the WH after these last 4 years are up? And that’s assuming we still have a WH and it hasn’t been turned into some Hollywood theme park.

        Srdem, cynicism is healthy. :) I agree the teacher probably signed up for their 15 minutes of fame but became disgruntled after being used. The parents knew they could not send food nor water, the teacher knew they could not take food nor water. It was a 90 minute trip one way. They knew they would be gone hours. Anyone with common sense would know those kids would be hungry and thirsty.

    • “… receive a man’s XL size t-shirt (does MO really think kids are THAT obese?) ” – AZ Granny

      Well, given a lack of facts (something this White House usually works with) about someone we are shopping a garment for, we generally purchase clothing near to our size, whether the recipient is near it or not. This, then, is probably Mooch’s preferred size, mostly to accomodate that manly upper chest and bulging bicep look she sports.

      Although, if this is the case, the kids should be glad she wasn’t handing out shorts. If Moochie bought THOSE for the kids in HER size, it might be DAYS before we see them again…

  4. “Obama actually working …” – Keith Koffler

    Sorry, you lost me there. “Working” is somthing Obama is totally unfamiliar with, in ANY form.

    Though I’m sure he’d read a script into one, if someone held it for him and dialed it for him, and told him it would add to his glory…

    • In reviewing Obama’s pathetic resume, I do not believe he has worked an eight hour day in his life. He is nothing more than a lazy grifter who has performed the biggest con job in American history.

  5. Wakw up people!
    every one need to pay taxes. the rich most of all. What do you think
    made this country the biggest and the best in the world. We made are
    own money,paid are own taxes, became rich, and also became the richest
    nation in th world. One of the few we could keep the money we made. But the way we are going we are the next Mexico, or worse.. So why shouldn’t
    the rich pay there fair shir. Because now they have more loop hole, A person making $30,000 a year pays more than someone making $ 30,million a year
    as any person working for the – – -.