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Obama Frightens U.S. Capitol Janitors!

In the latest bit of misinformation to waft off the podium of the White House briefing room, President Obama Friday issued a false warning that janitors and security guards in the U.S. Capitol were facing a pay cut because of the sequester.

Said the president of the United States:

Starting tomorrow, everybody here, all the folks who are cleaning the floors at the Capitol — now that Congress has left, somebody is going to be vacuuming and cleaning those floors and throwing out the garbage — they’re going to have less pay.  The janitors, the security guards, they just got a pay cut, and they’ve got to figure out how to manage that.  That’s real.

Actually, it’s not real.

The Superintendent of the Capitol was forced to write a letter reassuring understandably disconcerted folks who clean floors that the sequester will neither cost them their jobs nor impact their pay.

From the letter, which was obtained by Politico:

There was a specific mention in the news today by a high ranking official that said ‘The employees that clean and maintain the US Capitol will receive a cut in pay’ (not a specific quote but close to it). This is NOT true.

The high ranking official in question would be one Barack Hussein Obama.

The White House has already been forced to walk back claims made in the briefing room by Cabinet Secretaries about massive teacher layoffs and flight delays.

But, not to be outdone by his employees, the president himself has now stepped in it too.

In my years at the White House, the rule has always been that officials can spin, mislead, and obscure. It’s just the nature of the business. But they were not permitted to lie outright or provide information that was grossly inaccurate.

Well, that seems to be changing.

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  1. The damage is done. Many people will read or hear what Barry said, and believe it. They won’t pay any attention to follow-up articles or walk backs.
    It’s great to see Barry caught in a lie, though. Let’s watch the show as the media spins.

    1. That’s his modus operandi, but to be honest, he isn’t the first. Maybe he’s raised it to an art, but both sides have been doing it for quite a while.

  2. Top Ranking Official????????????
    Why did the man just not come right out and say Bam?

    2,000 more illegals have been realeased from jail…hope they do not come to Arkansas!!!!
    Oh, well, they have to go somewhere, now don’t they?
    Chilling to think about!

    1. I guess they now issue in the federal govt along with your title the level of talking point official you are – Top Level, High Ranking, Senior Official, etc. What level is the capitol janitor??

        1. Cleaning the floors, vacuuming–he is sooo CUTE when telling us what “work” is. Like he would know. His union pals will not allow too many people to be fired–it just won’t happen.

          1. BUT–now instead of Bush, every uptick in unemployment due to uncertainty, regs etc will be blamed on the sequester the mean old Republicans allowed to happen to protect their rich friends in their private jets. Another scapegoat–from straw man to scapegoat. The man is a genius!

    2. Well, I woke up this morning – the sun was shining, birds were chirping, and Armageddon didn’t occur. I remember Preezy Revenge saying something similar the day after he shoved Obamacare down our throats. That is really when I started despising this demagogue.

      Since Nanny Bloomberg has redefined “waste” and thinks the federal government has a never-ending supply of money, guess Preezy Revenge has carte blanche to create his own definition of “truth”. Nobody who heard the whining of the little dictator, especially the low information voters, will know of the letter sent out by the Superintendent of the Capitol. Had to laugh when he said “now that Congress has left, somebody is going to be vacuuming and cleaning those floors and throwing out the garbage”. Does he mean that is usually the job of Congress while they are in session? Of course not, he just wanted to get his dig in about Congress leaving for the weekend. What an evil, twisted little man the voters in America have hitched their wagon to.

      1. “Nanny” Bloomberg, in coming to the aid of another big Obama supporter (the head of Yahoo), just said that telecommuting is one of the dumber ideas he’s ever heard.

        This from a guy who for years has claimed he’s able to fully perform his public duties from one of his several private homes.

        No wonder they’re called the “left”. They sure have trouble with “right”.

      2. That “the sun came up, the birds are chirping …” punkish taunt by Obozo the day after ObamaCare’s passage could only have come from a deeply dishonest, malignant mind.

        On top of that, he’s irrational. A few days later, he followed his punkish taunt with a parable about a silly farmer who goes out to his field a week after planting his seeds and sees no crops and wails, “Oh no, we’re going to starve!”

        Add that up: one day is plenty of time to know if anything bad will result, but a week is nowhere near long enough to see if anything good will result.

        Well, that is the same guy who thinks there’s a day called “Cinco de Cuatro” in Spanish.

      3. ‘Since Nanny Bloomberg has redefined “waste” …’

        Obozo himself described “loopholes” as “wasteful.” So, letting you spend or save your own money is wasteful. Handing it over to the government never is.

        And a tax cut, or even a failure to increase tax rates, is a “handout” that the government “spends money” on.

        How could any sentient creature vote for someone who talks that way?

    3. Those illegals are deemed low risk….and are still subject to deportstion. The right wing press has not been truthful about this whole story….they still have deportstion heaeings to go thru and will probavly be deported. Meanwhile they work and contribute to the economy.

      1. Low risk? Evidently you are not someone who lives in a border state. DHS opened up the prisons and let 2,000 illegal alien criminals go. There is no monitoring or accounting of their whereabouts. The majority of the invaders are illiterate and do not contribute to American society. Since our federal government advertises all the freebies available to them in the good ol’ USA, most come for the free ride. Others are typically gang bangers, thieves, and drug runners who’ve taken advantage of the open borders allowed by this regime. Since you believe illegals are such good people, how about you offer to put a few of them up in your home while they await those deportation hearings that they’ll never show up for?

      2. out of the 5000 that have been released with “conditions”, I would estimate 2/3 will now have gone to ground, especially if they do not have electronic monitoring on them. I sometimes wonder about doing business like this, but saw it every day when working for the govt.

  3. In Obamaland, what is said by any high-ranking official or spokesperson doesn’t have to be true, but only believed by others to make it legitimate.
    Like good soldiers, certain members of Obama’s cabinet spread fears of dire consequences if any cuts from their budgets were forced by the sequestration.

    There’s no fault from the WH press for not calling out MrO’s assertion of this allegation of lost wages for janitors because they had no idea at the time of how these people were paid. However, when he stands before a crowd and claims anything he wants as truth, there is no one to dispute what he says. He has been allowed to lie about the Repubs, or what they do or don’t do, for 5 years now. He lies about the good economy or how what he did or plans to do makes America better.

    Yesterday’s pathetic attempt to gain sympathy for himself from the public was peppered with vague threats of upcoming pain for our country and throwing out the lie that lowly janitors were going to feel some economic pain seemed like a good idea to whomever suggested it.

    1. OT: somewhat

      MrObama’s comment that he’s “not a dictator” yesterday, past references to the same theme (not an emperor) , and his repeated use of the phrase, “I’m the President of the United States”, are disturbing and , well, creepy. Also, his reply yesterday to a member of the press that indicated that he was seeking advice as what to do to prevent sequestration or it’s effects was curious, at the least.

      Does Barack Obama really not understand the responsibilites and restrictions on his office, but imagined that being the POTUS was akin to becoming a “dictator or emperor” who could command at his will? At times, MrObama seems genuinely confused as to why he can’t just order government policy be done, or that he must curry favor for his plans with other lesser people.
      He’s made many comments about how his opponents are mean spirited, and the latest comment that the Repubs have painted “horns” on him isn’t just a thin-skinned response to his critics, but something deeper.

      Could his critics be wrong that his ever-lasting campaign-like trips are an excuse to be seen by the public as him being outside Washington polictics, but his closest advisor’s attempts to keep him in front of adoring crowds to keep up his spirits?

      1. I had to Google today to see if he was the president. His title changes throughout the day, it gets very confusing. He needs to wear a name tag or signboard. Maybe wear the official seal around his neck.

        Dang I think I had way too much coffee this AM ;-)

      2. srdem, Bogeyman Barry’s psychotic performance yesterday, combined with 5 years of relentless Bush, Congress and Republican bashing, only re-enforces my non-professional opinion of the last 5 years that Barack Obama is mentally disabled and unfit to serve. He needs a psych evaluation ASAP.

        His behavior is so disturbing I decided to read up on the Articles of Impeachment. Only 3 Presidents have been impeached: Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton. Impeachment may seem futile in Obama’s case since a 2/3 vote is needed in the Senate, but it’s worth a try. We just need 12 DEM Senators to rally ’round the flag!

        If you read through Article X in the Andrew Johnson impeachment trial, you will see an eerie similarity.

        ARTICLE X.

        That said Andrew Johnson, President of the United States, unmindful of the high duties of his office and the dignity and proprieties thereof, and of the harmony and courtesies which ought to exist and be maintained between the executive and legislative branches of the Government of the United States, designing and intending to set aside the rightful authorities and powers of Congress, did attempt to bring into disgrace, ridicule, hatred, contempt and reproach the Congress of the United States, and the several branches thereof, to impair and destroy the regard and respect of all the good people of the United States for the Congress and legislative power thereof, (which all officers of the government ought inviolably to preserve and maintain,) and to excite the odium and resentment of all good people of the United States against Congress and the laws by it duly and constitutionally enacted; and in pursuance of his said design and intent, openly and publicly and before divers assemblages of citizens of the United States, convened in divers parts thereof, to meet and receive said Andrew Johnson as the Chief Magistrate of the United States, did, on the 18th day of August, in the year of our Lord 1866, and on divers other days and times, as well before as afterward, make and declare, with a loud voice certain intemperate, inflammatory, and scandalous harangues, and therein utter loud threats and bitter menaces, as well against Congress as the laws of the United States duly enacted thereby, amid the cries, jeers and laughter of the multitudes then assembled in hearing, which are set forth in the several specifications hereinafter written, in substance and effect, that it to say:

        Read more:

        1. Actually, Nixon was never impeached. He resigned for the good of the country before it got to that point. He at least understood that the needs of the many out weighed the wants of the few or the one.

          1. The articles of impeachment were drawn up against Nixon. When he was informed of this and told that they would pass the House with no trouble, he resigned.

        2. Thanks for this. You are right – Obama shines through. And there is ample evidence. A modern day Woodward and Bernstein could write a series of articles leading to reasons for impeachment. But will never happen in Obama’s Amerika.

          Just getting another point of view out to public is difficult. The following Krauthammer article is logical and reasonable. But the coverage of this point of view is limited. And for this I blame a fourth estate which also has failed the Republic as it slavishly protects this man who asserts he is not a dictator as he allows the

          common third world tactic of releasing illegal immigrant criminals into

        3. Did you know they almost used the 25th Amendment to get rid of Reagan? The reasons as follows “Upon assuming the role of White House Chief of Staff in 1987, Howard Baker was advised by his predecessor’s staff to be prepared for a possible invocation of the Twenty-fifth Amendment due to Reagan’s perceived laziness and ineptitude.” Want to bet Obama is much lazier and inept than Reagan ever thought of being?? Never mind impeachment, use the 25th Amendment and toss the bastard out for sheer incompetence!

  4. What next? – He will comment that his “undocumented immigrant” Aunt and Uncle are also going to suffer because of budget cuts?

    Tomorrow morning’s DC news shows will be in full spin. The have all day today to review and add more BS to the WH issued talking points that I am sure they have already passed out. Maybe they will ask Susan Rice to make another Sunday morning talk show run. All they will need is someone cast to back over her with the bus Hillary drove earlier this year.

    Just another “bump” in the road.

    Am glad we get 1 day off from the WH BS.

    1. “What next?” gives me an opportunity to go a little OT to Mrs. Obama. A few days ago we watched The Third Man on TCM, and this morning I went to youtube because I wanted to hear the theme again. Lo and behold, before it came on, there was a message from Michelle Obama. “What’s next?”, Otis. Tomorrow you may turn on the shower and MO’s voice will come out of the shower head urging you to get movin’.

      1. Why I keep the volume turned off on my lappy in case someone from the WH tries to make a sneak attack on YouTube ;-)

        You sure it was MO?? Did she have a cooked lobsta in her hands while making the PSA?

  5. Lets see here…the sequestration is starting, no one but the press seems to care, the White House might actually have to “execute” instead of electioneering. What will they come up with the scare is with next in an attempt to divert attention yet agian? Wag the dog anyone?

    1. Remember, the WH does not work on weekends, they have only one person who drew the short straw that has to make the Sunday morning talk show run.

      1. Those sad and lonely Janitors. Heaven knows there is plenty of work for them.
        (Maybe you have had to much coffee this morning. ;o) But a little snark is good!)

    2. Your comment made me think of a song by the late, great Warren Zevon, “The Envoy”. (

      Not to worry, SOMETHING will happen, somewhere that will take the short term memory minded “folks” off the topic of the budget, or the problems the country is facing.

      Syria is close to exploding in the Middle East, Israel is ready to bomb Iran into the 14th century, China is flexing muscles in Asia. Czar Putin is rattling the Russia bear awake. Kim Jong Un is playing footsies with former NBA stars and trying to figure out how to keep a missile air born for more than a few thousand feet. The EU is one more crisis away from collapse. I could go on, but I think the point is made.

      The O team will find a crisis to “manage” and then all bets are off as to how things will go. I think Obama will end up getting the US involved in a shooting war somewhere, if only to have a legacy that he, too, was a “war President” and led the country to victory.

      Oh, and don’t forget, the Irish Archbishop, St. Malachy foretold in the 12th century that there would be only 112 more Popes until the end times. Benedict was number 111.

      1. Oh, please. The world was already supposed to end last December.

        According to Scripture, the day and hour are unknown. Earlier, in Genesis, God decreed that 120 years is the maximum human lifespan. If we accept those premises as true, then any prediction of an apocalypse during one individual’s lifespan cannot possibly be true.

        Why not?

        By saying that “this pope will be the last,” we now have a final date for the Apocalypse: the incoming pontiff’s 120th birthday. But if the apocalypse happens on that day, then the date and hour WOULD be known, and Scripture says that’s impossible. So if the apocalypse cannot happen precisely on the pope’s 120th birthday, it cannot happen the day before, by the same logic. Nor the day before, nor the day before, all the way back to the present day.

        If the day and hour are unknown; AND if 120 years is the Divinely ordained maximum human lifespan, then any prediction of an apocalypse during one particular individual’s lifespan cannot possibly be true.

        1. Darkangel,

          I’m not saying Malachy is correct. But there are those out there that will being to look for any indication of the return of Yeshua. The Muslims will look for any indication that the Mahdi will be coming soon. Look at Ahmadinejad, and the Twelvers. They think they can bring about the 12th Imam by bring about the destruction of the world.

          There are already Catholic priests and bishops that are telling their congregants not to worry about the prophecies of Malachy, and that this coming Pope won’t be the last. So there is a movement within the Catholic Church that recognizes Malachy’s prophecies. The point I was trying to make, snarkedly, was that there will always be some crises on the horizon that people will flock to. Case in point was the Mayan calendar. People stock piled foodstuffs and other items to be prepared for the worst.

          If you will think back 13 years, to the entire Y2K insanity. Planes would be falling from the sky, water treatment plants would shut down, the markets would crash due to computer failures, and on and on.

          Don’t be surprised to see this administration use anything, including a 900+ year old monk’s forecasts, to keep control of the reigns of power.

          1. That was something that I always wondered. I guess that is something in Muslim eschatology that is never really looked at. I would guess they think the 12th Imam will put things back together.

          2. There is nothing logical or thought out in the entire Muslim world view, why would it begin with the 12th Imam having no world to rule?

  6. I went to Obama for America, sorry Organizing for America (you can get there via barackobama dot com) and was looking for the new catch phrase of Obama Version 2.1a ‘Fear and Loathing’ but could not find it. I’ll have to notify the fine ‘folks’ of OFA of their slight.

  7. Drudge linked to the CBS story on this. They called it an error.
    I suppose their even reporting it at all is good but they are still carrying his water.

    1. The eunuchs in the Obama harem will call it an error, an inaccuracy, a misstatement, he was taken out of context. Anything but what it really is – a bald-faced LIE and dissimulation.

      1. They do get lots of use out of the Thesaurus especially after someone explained what it was and how to use the entire library.

  8. Fear mongering fool! He seems to get a great deal of pleasure out of scaring
    those hard working ‘folks’. While they worry he golfs what a guy?

  9. Do you think the “WH press corps” MIGHT? ask why Obama said this if it wasnt true?
    (oh who am I kidding… its the Obama “WH propaganda corps” :-(

  10. His statement reeks of petulant child rantings. He is throwing a hissy fit since he has not gotten his way. I’d love to see the reports filed by psych analysts of our enemies intelligence agencies.

  11. What I personally find so maddening is that O stands there and lies – overt lies – and the press does nothing to call him on it. I am so frustrated. Tha gall of this man to blame the Republicans outright in his Saturday address – and the sad part is that he’s got people believing it.

  12. I see his ratings are now in the 40’s but he doesn’t care!! He was reelected so what difference does it make now! Too late, folks out there that think, now, maybe they “drank the kool-aid!”

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  14. Hail, Hail. the gangs all here. Good postings WHD alumnae. The pot is boiling over with disdain for this so called Administration.

  15. It’s just stunning that Obama will leave no stone unturned in his attempts at fear mongering. If he put as much effort into actually working as he does with his campaigning, then just maybe he could have worked out some type of agreement between the parties. But he’d rather not pull everyone together, his mission is to divide and conquer.

  16. Based on what congress and the administration have accomplished, they should be cleaning the offices, etc to justify their bloated pay.

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  19. I don’t know about the Capital, but the White House janitors definitely deserve a pay RAISE for having to clean up the amount of sh!t The Angry Caliph flings around THERE on a daily basis!

    Maybe that’s why he takes so many vacations, so they have time to swamp out The West Wing…

    Maybe Obama hopes we’re like the optomistic little boy in the “Pony” joke…

    ‘…Worried that their son was too optimistic, the parents of a little boy took him to a psychiatrist. Trying to dampen the boy’s spirits, the psychiatrist showed him into a room piled high with nothing but horse manure. Yet instead of displaying distaste, the little boy clambered to the top of the pile, dropped to all fours, and began digging.

    “What do you think you’re doing?” the psychiatrist asked.

    “With all this manure,” the little boy replied, beaming, “there must be a pony in here somewhere.”’

    Nup, no pony in there. Just an unjustifiably angry, America hating foreigner at the bottom of all that cr@p.

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