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Woodward: I Didn’t Feel Threatened

Well, now you tell us.

Unfortunately, Woodward’s screwup allows the White House to try to say, “Move along, nothing to see here.”

But I do think there’s been enough information put out over the last 36 hours so that public is much better aware of how the White House attacks Freedom of the Press by bullying and intimidating journalists trying to do their jobs.

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  1. Up front I’m telling you I have not watched this video. 5 minutes of a video is about all my attention span is good for. Perhaps due to a dyslexia discovered in my third year of COLLEGE. Let’s hear it for the 1950’s as I did not know I had a problem & departed high school with #1 rank in class of 90.

    So, full disclosure in place, is a threat a threat if the recipient did not feel threatened?

  2. Amen, PoP. Of course, their are some conspiracy theorists who will say “The threat worked and he is recanting!” Personally, I think Woodward mis-spoke, liked the publicity and is now back pedaling.

    ps: I did not watch the video either since I’m tired of the “issue”

  3. Imagine, a lib putting his finger to the wind to see which way the breeze is coming from, and buckling to whatever pressure has been applied by the WH. Moving right along, folks…..nothing visible here. I await the retraction from Lanny Davis momentarily. It was interesting yesterday to hear the lib reporters coming out of the woodwork saying that they’d gotten threats from the Reagan & Bush43 people….never heard about that at the time it supposedly happened.

  4. Woodward: “Look, the biggest story now is the town itself – how crazed it has become.”,

    As much as I respect Woodward’s journalistic accomplishments, he was one of Obama’s biggest boot lickers in 2008, speaking of him in god-like reverential tones. His latest book exposed Obama as an economic illiterate, as well as a complete incompetent. Now that he has opened the sequester can of worms and subsequent threat, he is backing off. Looks like Bob is becoming part of the ‘craziness’ of the town, too!

    We’re back to square one. All talk and no action. It’s not the town, Bob, it’s the ‘crazy-making’ Alinskyite all of you Kool-Air drinkers helped to elect.

  5. It wasn’t the e-mail that MrWoodward said threatened him, it was in the un-recorded 30 minute shouting harangue. It would take a careless fool to repeat what was said into a e-mail, and it wasn’t.
    MrWoodward downplays the incident after ( here is the imtimidation) a concerted pushback and pushdown by the WhiteHouse and the liberal press.
    Once his associates and the WhiteHouse saw the conservatives praise MrWoodward, they did all they could to throw him into the wood chipper of public scorn.

    As for public opinion or support, anyone under 60 doesn’t know much or care much about Watergate or MrWoodward, and that’s assuming that those who care were at leat 20yrs old then. He writes political-based books and his readers are those who are interested in the political battlefield.
    The rest of America that reads are devouring murder mysteries and zombie/vampire fiction, not topical current events..

    • When the dust settles from this intimidation incident, the consensus will be that MrWoodward stopped the armaggedon-like Doom and Gloom scenerio originating from the White House with just one word; “madness”.

      He also changed the false accusation that the sequestration was the brain-child of the Repubs and forced the administration to back off.
      The threats of massive hurts to sensitive government actions were then downplayed, and any further plans to cause as much agony to the public were scrapped after the illegal alien release blew up in the press.

      • Sadly there are still some journalist out there who are bashing Woodward station it’s still the Republicans fault for sequestration. I took a spin through a couple of sites and noted the comments / opinions from various MSM writers still bashing this issue. What bothers me about most of these posts is that they do it on sites that do not allow comments. I guess you could say these writers are very thin skinned.

        Thank You Keith for making a site that allows both positive and negative commenting.

    • “It wasn’t the e-mail that MrWoodward said threatened him, it was in the un-recorded 30 minute shouting harangue”

      Exactly, the email release was a cover up for the phone screaming incident

  6. Whether Woodward adequately made his case or not, the message that the Obama administration is corrupt, incompetent, thuggish, and a huge mistake by the American people has been given the Woodward stamp-of-approval, and now it’s time for others to step up.

  7. While Mr. Woodward said he didn’t take it as a threat, he did say this is not the way a White House should operate. As Preezy’s economic czar (and not a very good one evidently) Mr. Sperling wields a lot of power. Warnings from powerful people like ‘you’re going to regret challenging us’ may not put fear in Mr. Woodward’s heart, but he’s been a journalist for 40 years and works independently. I think he made his point that Preezy’s acolytes bully most all journalists who wander off their reservation. This bullying tactic tends to damper any honest journalism from seeing the light of day, especially if the journalist has to worry about keeping their job. One nasty phone call from one of Preezy’s bullies to some young journalist’s editor could be a career-ending proposition.

    Preezy is the 21st century Richard Nixon in my opinion. Only difference is Nixon didn’t cause the death of Americans by abandoning consulate employees to die at the hands of terrorists. Nor did Nixon have a hand in illegal gun running to Mexican drug cartels that caused the death of hundreds of Mexicans and two American border agents. Don’t recall Richard Nixon releasing hundreds of illegal alien criminals on American citizens at the same time he’s trying to disarm them either.

    • I’m surprised when they let the “worst of the bad” detainees go free a DOJ agent was not at the door providing them a free automatic weapon as a parting gift, and apologize for their detention.

      Have to keep up the PC you know.

  8. Right. A White House “Czar” yells at him for half an hour, tells him that he will regret saying what he’s said, but it wasn’t threatening. All in a day’s work for the liberals’ iconic journalist — from under the bus.

  9. I don’t agree with your take on this. I think his point was that anything that resembles a threat coming from the White House is serious. Where’s the decorum? Where’s the sense of history? Where’s the respect?

    The IRS, the CIA, the FBI all the heft of the government (drones???) are at the beck and call of the POTUS.

    I think Woodward was right to say something.