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The Obama Morning News || March 1, 2013

Sequester arrives, Congress heads for the door . . . Washington Post
Boehner halts talks to cheers of Republicans . . . New York Times
It will take weeks for the pain to be felt . . . Washington Times
Obama asks Court to overturn gay marriage ban . . . Washington Post
Napolitano: Administration didn’t release illegals . . . Politico
Hamas warns Obama: Don’t visit Temple Mount . . . Washington Times
Holder and FBI director flying luxury jets . . . Fox News
The Romneys break their silence . . . Fox News

9 Responses to The Obama Morning News || March 1, 2013

  1. Obama Asks Court to Overturn Gay Marriage Ban
    As if CA doesn’t have enough problems, Obama has filed an amicus brief with SCOTUS to overturn one of the most hard-fought battles in recent times – Prop 8, the ban on gay marriage. It’s an egregious and outrageous over-reach by a power-hungry despot. We are still reeling from his illegal amnesty for Dreamers and the latest release of thousands of illegals awaiting deportation. Obama is making a mockery of voter’s ‘rights’. The Oval Office shoud be designated a ‘crime scene’ and cordoned off with yellow tape until 2016!

  2. The sequester cuts apparently already hit the Secret Service and the FBI. How can you tell? “Girls Gone Wild” filed for bankruptcy yesterday.

    More jobs lost because of Obama. Sad. And those poor, lonely agents will now have to try to get assigned to Representative Menendez’s security detail…

  3. The Obama admin did NOT notify any of our local law enforcement that ICE was releasing illegal alien felons from jail. ICE said they released the “best of the worst”. These were illegal alien felons set to be deported that they have turned out onto our streets. Hundreds of them!

    Remember that Obama and Napolitano claimed in the past that due to budget restraints and jail cells available, that they could only jail the most violent illegal aliens. And these are the people they dumped into our communities, without any resources, without any where to live or any way to support themselves. What are these idiots thinking?!?

    Here’s the scathing letter Sheriff Paul Babeu (of Pinal County) sent to Napolitano:

    And here’s Babeu’s interview with Greta van Susteren on Fox:

    Obama and his goons have endangered public safety. He should be impeached for this, Benghazi and Fast and Furious, at the minimum.

    • Doesn’t any senior govt official take responsibility for actions of their subordinates anymore? What is interesting in this case is that it was various ICE officials who made the decision to release the “best of the worst”. So all these officials work for someone. And that person works for Big Sis. It also takes time to make a list of who is staying and who is going, especially when it will be releases from facilities all over the country. There is allot more to this than being reported. And I agree with you AZ, I would put this right up there with F&F and Benghazi. Of course we will see a few more career officials resign (I mean internally transfer) from DHS. What a mess.

  4. “Hamas warns Obama: Don’t visit Temple Mount . . . Washington Times”

    “Ekrima Sabri, who used to administer the Temple Mount as mufti of Jerusalem and currently heads the High Islamic Council in Jerusalem, told The Times of Israel that Obama would be allowed to visit the site only if he abided by three conditions.” –

    These are fellow Sunnis giving Prezzy orders. This is one of the few things he WILL bow to. He’ll be bobbing before them like a parched drinking bird any minute now.

    If he does visit, you’d get to see him in the Al-Aqsa mosque, a$$ up, head down, being honest for once – if the media would let you…

    The thing about it is, they can’t just let him march up there without following SOME obvious rules, making SOME open obeseance. Islamic leaders KNOW that Obama’s “Christianity” is just taqiyya, but the rank and file Muslim – “Man-in-the-شارع” as it were – might be no smarter than an average Obama voter and not understand this – and something the Sunni leadership does not want to happen may be a result of them riding their jihadi passions, as usual.

    Another aspect of Obama’s Sunni background that you don’t hear about may also be in play. Arabic Muslims consider themselves the only “Real” Muslims, and consider converts from other racial backgrounds to be useful, but not true sons of the desert. It’s kind of like how Frenchmen from France look down on French Canadians, considering them to be uncouth barbarians who don’t even speak their language right.

    It’s a real kink in Obama’s narcisissitic psycholgical makeup, because he considers himself perfect in most ways, but it’s very likely he’s had this concept of non-Arab Islamic inferiority inculcated into him – and he can’t use all the tools he normally loves for it, like calling “Racist” or “Legislating Equality”. Just you go try to sue the Grand Mufti and see how far you get! It’s the ONE religion he WON’T mess with.

    I wouldn’t worry about any Israeli leaders going with him, though. After the way he treated Prime Minister Netanyahu (a REAL statesman, which is one reason Obama doesn’t like him – it justifiably stokes his inferiority complex) and Israel in general, I’d expect Obama to be as popular with THEM as a ham and cheese sandwich…

  5. It’s like a TV series, Downton Abbey in DC. Four Americans get killed in Benghazi, ICE releases illegal detainees, WH threatens journalists–oh wait, Obama had nothing to do with it. Those were just teasers to make you stay tuned.

  6. The economic crisis is here with a vengence. Families are finding it tough making ends meet. The Orlando Bisegna Index which measures the intensity of the economic crisis worldwide, ranks US 11th place among the countries hardest hit by the economic crisis at 13.2 points for the month of February! And Mr. Boehner says that will be a big victory!!

    • We don’t need the Orlando Bisegna Index (whatever the heck that is) to measure the malaise in America. It’s all around us. I’m no fan of bawling Boehner, but he isn’t a malevolent man; and the word “victory” is not in the wimps vocabulary. Boehner isn’t responsible for the mess Preezy Revenge has made by mismanaging the country over the last four years. Boehner’s greatest fault is that he hasn’t had the spine to stop the damage the little tyrant has being wrecking on America.