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Obama Fails to Honor Sniper Chris Kyle

Nearly a month after the tragic death of one of America’s greatest war heroes, it has become apparent that President Obama and the White House will do nothing to honor – or even mention – the late U.S. Navy SEAL Christopher Kyle.

Many, including Sarah Palin, have called on Obama to say something about Kyle, who was slain by a disturbed fellow veteran February 2. But there has not been a word – not even a written statement by Obama or White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, who gets the task of honoring those who are deemed not quite worthy of an utterance from the president.

Chris KyleKyle is one of the greatest servicemen or women to fight in second Iraq War. He is the most lethal sniper in U.S. history, having personally sent to their maker at least 160 enemy combatants, and possibly dozens more. He  served four tours and was shot twice, won two Silver Star Medals and Five Bronze Star Medals, and was was involved in six IED attacks. At one point, the Iraqi insurgents, who had dubbed him “The Devil of Ramadi,” put an $80,000 bounty on his head.

It’s possible that Obama – who has shown reticence to use military power, made a political point of his efforts to end wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and who prefers a more anti-septic form of warfare involving drones – was uncomfortable honoring a man who puts the enemy in his sights and kills them directly.

Kyle also may have made the mistake – in view of the White House – of saying Obama himself did not make the call to take out Osama Bin Laden, and that Bin Laden’s death changed little.

Given Kyle’s heroism and the notoriety and tragedy surrounding his death, it is surprising he has not gotten a mention from the Commander in Chief.

Others who would seem not more heroic than Kyle have received statements from Obama expressing grief upon their passing, including author Ray Bradbury, singer Donna Summer, business tycoon Steve Jobs, Eunice Kennedy, Dick Clark, Richard Chavez – the brother of Cesar Chavez – Kenyan activist Wangari Maathai, Wilma Mankiller – first Cherokee Nation female chief – King George Tupou V of Tonga, basketball coach John Wooden, Chicago Bishop Arthur Brazier, and Kam Kuwata, a former Obama poltical aide.

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  1. Kyle made the fatal mistake of violating the Messiah’s Eleventh Commandment: “Thou Shalt Not Make Me Look Bad” when he told the truth about the OBL killing. What a miserable, petty, mean-spirited Chicago punk!

  2. Even worse, he not only gave condolences to Whitney Houston’s family, but ordered the flag to half-mast.

    Here is a man who went above and beyond the call of duty and saved many lives during his tours over in Iraq / Afghanistan.

    RickW – Not only SEALS but members of the SpecOps community and the military in general.

    1. That’s totally ridiculous. Giving honors to a woman who died of a drug overdose and totally ignoring a man who died trying to help his fellow soldier. And someone that lived the credo of giving back, rather than taking all the time which most of Obama’s supporters seem to do.

      1. Jerry AT (former USMC) TX

        I can’t stand the, dare i say man! thats in the white house!!.. and Kyle though i didn’t know him was awesome! thats a Navy Man that this Marine respects highly!! RIP…. Im from TX (dallas area), father was a gun smith/dealer. I was in the Marines and served in Desert Shield/Desert Storm.. SOO i think most probably know where i stand when it comes to the DIP in office..BUT truth be known, he didn’t order half mast of the flag for Whitney. That was an action taken by the Governor of NJ.. just stating truth.

    2. “Even worse, he not only gave condolences to Whitney Houston’s family, but ordered the flag to half-mast.” [citation needed]

  3. What is the current ratio of golf holes played / Visits to military wounded? Has anyone ever been able to ask him directly “Mr President, what specifically and in detail was your role during the 48 hours of the Benghazi attack?”. He should have no problem answering that surely. Or is the role of the military to act as props for carefully orchestrated photo events whilst on this eternal campaign.

  4. We all assume that any honorable mention of a deceased person by the President has more to do with politics than anything else, so, yes, he might not want to honor someone like MrKyle.
    Another reason might be that although MrKyle performed his duty with skill and dilligence, what he did isn’t something that the public is comfortable with honoring; killing by ambush. Just as those who did their duty by using “enhanced interrogation” methods to garner information from enemy combatants never get any public recognition, those who kill the enemy with sniper tactics aren’t given any heroic status. CIA deep cover operatives are also part of our important military operations, but they, too, don’t get public recognition.

    War is hell, and all is fair are more than trite sayings, but those who are charged with the most hellish of duties accept the fact that the public will probably never know what they did.

    1. If Kyle had used drones instead of bullets, turned in his rifle and fired two shotgun blasts into the air, Obama and Biden would have feted him at the White House (but only after a thorough FBI background check to make sure he had NEVER supported any Republicans.

      Low caliber narcissists don’t like to honor high caliber heroes.

      1. I get what all of you are saying, but it wasn’t HOW he died, but what he did for our country while he was alive that is disturbing to some who can’t face the horrors of how war is conducted that keeps him and others like him from being publically honored.

        1. That’s a valid point. But what’s the real difference between Kyle using a rifle to take down our enemies with precision, and Obama with his list killing enemies with drones? (Other than the fact that Obama never has to get anywhere near the victims, and his drones also take out innocent bystanders, and that Kyle is called a cold-blooded killer while Obama wins a Nobel Peace Prize and…….

    2. Kyle was attempting to HELP the person with (maybe) PTS, and that he was murdered during the course of continued service to mankind is just further testament to what a great person he was.

      Now- whether that was the true story …

      More – He had been stationed at Camp Lejeune, N.C., and served in Iraq from 2007-08 and in the Haiti disaster relief mission in 2010.

      PTSD from Haiti relief?

      Or, he just went crazy. He was in his 20’s (I believe) which is when many mental health issues often bloom.

    3. but it’s ok to put on a pedestal someone like Whitney Houston? Granted she had some great years but her high profile substance abuse should not have won her such high praise from the WH.

      He found time to comment on Gen Schwarzkopf’s passing (and did not receive flags at half mast), as well as hold the ceremonies for awarding the MOH to service members (granted he has to do the ceremony but only because it’s “me” time photo op). He has script writers who can make any statements made look like gold. Granted a sniper will never be glorified by the media but Kyle was one in a million and excelled in what he did. So to me a simple comment from the CIC would have made allot of inroads with the military community.

      Most Black Ops missions / operatives do not get formal public recognition, that is part of the job and they understand that. But they do get recognition none the less. The CIA does it with the Wall Memorial – granted not every star is identified in the book underneath the stars.

      I just find it inappropriate that Mr O or even the WH could not comment on Kyle’s passing. The can do it for allot of other issues – Trayvon is one in particular.

      1. I agree; who our President chooses to honor are not always “honorable”, but selected for political points with whatever group he’s trying to please.

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  6. I had just read Chris’s autobiography last weekend and found out he had been murdered. His life is a shining example of SERVICE TO COUNTRY, as our all our Volunteer men and women today.

    obama, you honored a stoned musician with flags at half staff and you can’t even say Chris Kyles name.
    mr obama, you are a diservice to country.

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  8. That idiot won’t recognize anyone that’s not from Hollywood!! Don’t you guys understand that he’s a rock star and only rubs elbows with “his kind”! War hero’s don’t come close to him in the scheme of things!!

  9. If Obama had mentioned Mr Kyle, it would have been nothing more than a gesture, rather than a true expression of grief. Better the Pres say nothing, because REAL Americans grieve the passing of this veteran warrior, and thank him for keeping us safe.

  10. Beware the wrath of the legions.

    Obama is setting himself for a reenactment of the Niki rebellion.

    Unlike Emperor Justinian, Obama doesn’t have an Empress Theodosa who can recruit a General Bellisaurious for him.

    The only thing Obama has going for him are a cadre of DHS thugs who are stockpiling massive quantities of hollow point ammunition in an obvious preparation for genocide.

  11. has a piece up today that their website is being blocked from certain military bases by the DoD.
    Censorship of information to our troops is wrong.
    Some contractors thought that the site was down, until they got home and accessed it.
    That is the only site that I know about, however there could be many more.

  12. It’s no loss that Obama doesn’t say anthing about this hero. Anything the guy who’s disgracing the office of the President might say would just be holl, meaningless, politically calculated words that would just fall dead for his faithful and the decent alike.

    “My words fly up, my thoughts remain below: Words without thoughts never to heaven go.” – Shakespeare, Hamlet, act III

    That, in a nutshell, is Obama. A shallow, petty, vainglorious man who’s been propped up and used by others, always sheltered and coddled, spoon fed lies about his own greatness until he starts to believe he’s actually equal in stature to the honorable heros such as thi – when in reality, he’s not fit to kiss the toe of a buck private’s combat boot.

    You’re actually right this time, Obama. Stay away.

    You’d just use it to give yourself more props and advance your agenda anyway. We will honor the dead without you profaning his memory with your petty politics, or gloifying yourself with his exploits as did indeed try to do to this man once before, thank you very much.

    You’re not worthy of the company of heros, and never will be on this Earth. Honor, Duty, Courage – these were everything to this man. Your words would be hollow because you have demonstrated a complete lack of all three.

    You probably should take time between lying to the Amercian People and yukking it up on the celebrity circuit to reflect on the cost to your soul, though.

    “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” – Mark 8:36

    That’s you, Obama. I’ll pray for this hero’s family and freinds in this difficult time. May G_d bless them and strengthen them to the tragic loss of this man, and confort them with the assurance that he is with his Maker this day.

    And, Mr. President, I’ll pray for you to come to your senses, awake to the pain and suffering you have inflicted, and turn from the path of evil you are leading this country down. You need to do this for yourself (which is ususally easy for you), not for us, for your very soul is at stake. Only then could you be worthy to be in the presence of this great man as he stands beside the Lord.

    Mr. President, you WILL face a Judge that Harry Reid and NBC won’t be able to protect you from. Keep that in mind as you continue to take hero’s blood on your head. It wil not cover you from the Judge.

    It will convict you.

  13. this is really unfortunate, but I can’t say I’m surprised. after all, why would Obama give any thought to some random Army corpse-man who soldiered against marginalized brown victims of oppressive western colonizers in the Middle East?

    sad sad sad.

    btw Keith, I hate to be the editorial/PC police, but, uh…

    “Kyle is one of the greatest servicemen or women to fight in [the] second Iraq War”?

    ‘or women’ is not necessary grammatically OR morally. not to mention it reads something akin to “John Paul II was one of the greatest men or women to serve as pope.”

    but I still love ya!

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  15. Look, Obama is keeping Nidal Hasan from trial. Why????? Obama hates Kyle because OBL was dead ten years before Obama “killed him again” to get some votes. Remember also that while Kyle was not mentioned or honored by Obama, Whitney Houston was when she died. ‘Bammy has his priorities in the right place, can’t you all see this?

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  22. Chris was a brave soldier and effective killer. Glad he was on our side. He didn’t deserve this nor did those 160 enemy soldiers defending their own country. Unfortunately “it’s got nothing to do with deserve”.

  23. Heard Chris Kyles wife speak at the NRA Convention in Houston yesterday. The thousands in the audience were in tears by the end of her speech. He got true honor at the Convention. The Seals know that Obama is a gutless Communist wannbe and military hater. They have no respect for the Bama and he knows it. He even had their votes destroyed in the last election. We here have the upmost respect for a true patriot like Chris and many like him.

  24. Playing Devil’s Advocate here, I leave you with thoughts to ponder.
    Why would a hero like Christopher Scott Kyle care to have Obama say anything or acknowledge his service? It would not be important to a man like him or his family.
    Why does everyone assume the kid did it because of PTSD and not for the bounty and using PTSD as his alibi.
    I am very satisfied Obama did not comment on a man, who obviously is above him. I will always wonder if it was done for the bounty.
    Those that Obama gave statements are at his own level of socialism.
    Chris Kyle only needed his Navy Seal Family! They are the ones who are Important to this great man!

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