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Obama: “I am Not a Dictator”

President Obama today said he “not a dictator” and cannot hold congressional leaders in town to try to strike a deal on the sequester.

Obama spoke at an unannounced press conference in the White House briefing, where he sought to portray frustration after a White House meeting this morning with Congressional leaders from both Parties failed to result in a deal on the sequester, which begins at Midnight tonight.

House Speaker John Boehner said after the session that Republicans aren’t budging from their insistence that a deal to avert the sequester not raise taxes.

But Obama made clear that the White House strategy is to allow the cuts to begin to take place and hope that the pain they cause eventually forces Republicans to cry uncle.

My hope is that after some reflection, after members of Congress start hearing from constituents who are being negatively impacted, as we start seeing the impact that the sequester is having, that they step back and say, “All right, is there a way for us to move forward on a package of entitlement reforms, tax reform, not raising tax rates, identifying programs that don’t work, coming up with a plan that’s comprehensive and that makes sense.” And it may take a couple of weeks, it may take months.

The president made clear he will use the sequester to blame the GOP and the sequester for the lousy state of the economy, having them stand in for his old, outdated whipping horse, George W. Bush.

“Every time that we get a piece of economic news over the next month, six months . . . we’ll know that news could have been better, he said

Obama also walked back some of the crisis he has sought to apply to sequester. It’s not gong to be an apocalypse, as some people have said,” he said “It’s just dumb.” Some believe it was Obama who did the most to portray the sequester as apocalyptic.

Meanwhile, Obama, who less than a year ago was “evolving” on the issue of gay marriage, today fervently defended his decision to join a Supreme Court case that could overturn a California law barring same-sex marriage. “We cannot discriminate against same-sex couple when it comes to marriage,” Obama asserted.

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  1. “But Obama made clear that the White House strategy is to allow the cuts to begin to take place and hope that the pain they cause eventually forces Republicans to cry uncle.”

    So….same failed strategy that brought us to sequester in the first place? Still not equipped to be the President of the United States. In the real world this ass would have been tossed out on his can long ago.

    1. Maybe in Obama’s transparent laser-focused heart of hearts, “I’m not a dictator” really means “I’m not a strong leader who must eventually be held accountable for his actions.”

  2. I am calling both senators and my representative to ask them to hold firm on this, not raise taxes, but go after the waste and fraud we know is rampant. And to stop throwing money to Dem campaign contributors in the form of guaranteed loans. This administration is a disgrace. Surely there is something impeachable.

  3. What an embarrassement to have this idiot as president….John Kerry is correct that Americans have the right to be stupid and they took full advantage of that right in electing this clown!

  4. “President Obama today said he “not a dictator” and cannot hold congressional leaders in town to try to strike a deal on the sequester.”

    . . .and immediately after this phony side show, he went back to the Oval office and issued one Executive Order declaring himself supreme ruler and another EO eliminating the other 2 branches of govt.

    If his lips are movin’, he’s lyin’!

    Not to mention, he’s hoping that Congress will leave town so that he can go back down to FL and hang with Tiger and Reggie (again!!!)

  5. This is what he said during the U-tube and Google+ “chat”
    February 14, 3013
    “After being asked why he had not done more about illegal immigration, or stopped a record number of deportations, President Obama said “This is something I’ve struggled with throughout my presidency. The problem is that I’m the president of the United States, I’m not the Emperor of the United States. My job is to execute laws that are passed,” he said”

    So he’s not the dictator, nor is he the emperor and it seems that he is really disappointed at this. How much easier it would be to “govern” if only he could just tell everyone what to do and not have to ask them.

    1. He says …his job is to execute the laws that are passed. Any idea when he might start doing that? I mean start doing his “job”?
      BTW, enjoying your recent string of posts. Nice work.

    2. I don’t remember any other president constantly reminding us that he’s “the president of the United States.” As if someone somewhere didn’t get the news yet.

      Maybe somewhere down in his treacherous soul he can’t quite believe the swindle he’s pulling on us.

    3. maybe he should have his tailor stencil “PREZ” on the back of his suit like Mel Brooks had “GOV” on the back of his jacket in Blazing Saddles ;-)

  6. I’ve been scanning the comment sections on some of the more liberal leaning internet news services,and I’d say there is a surprising amount of people who are tired of the hogwash being said by the President. I’d say its about 60-40, more people getting tired of the BS. But what drives me mad is that people actually are still bringing up George Bush!!! What is the statute of limitations on blaming the previous President? Seriously!!!!

    1. You know, Bush waded into a huge mess, deaths caused by Clinton’s policies, but “like a man” he took it on! I don’t remember the blaming….even when there was plenty to blame!!

  7. Let’s review, shall we? This deal had been cut back in August 2013. In exchange for raising the debt ceiling by $2.5 TRILLION, the opposition agreed to cut the increase in spending by a paltry $80 billion (2% of the total budget). I repeat: cut the increase in spending. Note, it doesn’t say ‘raise taxes by $80 billion. It says ‘cut’.

    Here we stand 18 months later, and the Democrats still have not honored their end of the deal. The Republican House better think long and hard before they even considering raising the debt ceiling again. The Democrats have proven themselves untrustworthy.

  8. Obama: “I am Not a Dictator”

    dic·ta·tor [ dík tàytər ]

    1)powerful ruler: a leader who rules a country with absolute power, usually by force
    2) bossy person: somebody who is regarded as behaving in an autocratic or domineering way
    3) authority on subject: somebody whose opinions on a subject are listened to and followed by society at large

    Yes you are.

    Certainly by Definition 2.

    Sort of by Definition 3 (the “society at large” who listens to your “opinions” being the society of takers).

    And as for Definition #1, with your purchases of hollow point bullets (proscibed by the Geneva Convention), mission changes to FEMA and Homeland Security, total and sole authority on who gets murdered by drone, willful disregard for the Constitution, and legislation by fiat (that is soon to include gun control) – you are NOTICEABLY working on it.

    Lie to us if you must, Mr. President, but at least look like your TRYING to make it a GOOD lie. You’ve really quit putting any effort into making your lies believable since your “re-election”, haven’t you?

    Stop it. By definition, you ARE a dictator, whether you like it or not. But I think you do…

  9. Our president gives me a pain in my head. He’s nothing more than a 4th grade bully. He’s a man-child. While I never agreed with his policeis, I respected him.

    I no longer respect him. He’s a con-artist, a clown, a petty little man with no soul.

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  11. Sensing a theme….

    Richard Nixon 1973: “I am not a crook.”
    *Paul Henss 2007: “I am not a war criminal.”
    Barack Obama 2013: “I am not a dictator.”

    *Henss said, yes, he did teach guards at both camps how to use the German Shepherds and Rottweilers. But he said that he didn’t realize what was going on in the camps and that he had joined an elite SS combat unit primarily to fight on the front lines in World War II.

  12. Larry the Name Caller

    He sure acts like a dictator, an emperor… a douche bag. 200 yrs ago, this crap wouldn’t be happening. Now, Americans let those schmucks in DC and every other government moron break it off in you. You can’t even muster a national strike or protest in DC, let alone a revolution. I’m embarrassed for you.

  13. Obama has all the appeal of a re-education camp. In fact, I think that’s what this is – he’s trying to browbeat Americans who are actually concerned about an uncontrollable government behemoth continuing to gorge itself on our future productivity that it’s in our best interest to continue to subsidized feast. There’s something wrong with this dude.

  14. Every time that we get a piece of economic news over the next month, six months . . . we’ll know that news could have been better,

    Or…MAYBE…if you had gotten more taxes (er, investment money) in your greedy paws, it could have been worse–another switchgrass company or windmill farm gone under…think?

  15. “And it may take a couple of weeks, it may take months.” So we can conclude from this that Dear Leader is not going to DO anything during this period to help rebuild the economy? Maybe just continue his rabble rousing ways?

    If he were a private industry CEO, the stockholders would rebel.

  16. So Dictator Obama, whose primary duty is to protect and defend this country is willing to focus all of the sequester cuts on our military thereby leaving us defenseless against our enemies in order to further his communist agenda? Does this not constitute treason and an impeachable offense? Hello, Hello House republicans are you there? Anyone willing to stand up against this evil thug and save our country? Anyone?

  17. Two former Democratic presidents, quoted:

    “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”–Bill Clinton

    “When people are intimidated about having their own opinions, oppression is at hand.”–Jimmy Carter

    (And you KNOW it’s a red-letter day when I’m quoting Jimmy Carter without irony.)


    Please, don’t make me laugh.

    Reminds me of Hitler’s “Counterfeit Peace” period 1933-1937 [Alan Bullock] – during which he feverishly prepared for his grandiose ‘War To Take Over The World’.

    Hitler’s next period: “The Dictator”.

    From Bullock’s outstanding biography – HITLER, A STUDY IN TYRANNY:

    “One of Hitler’s most habitual devices was to place himself on the defensive, to accuse those who opposed or obstructed him of aggression or malice, and to pass rapidly from a tone of outraged innocence to the full thunders of moral indignation. It was always the other side who were to blame, and in turn he denounced [them] for their ‘intolerable’ behavior which forced him to take drastic action in self-defense.

  19. This man will stop at nothing to get what he wants… he is ma·nip·u·la·tive !!! I hope people aren’t buying this load of s@#%!!!!

  20. “But Obama made clear that the White House strategy is to allow the cuts to begin to take place and hope that the pain they cause eventually forces Republicans America to cry uncle.”

    Fixed it for you, Keith.

  21. Famous Presidential delusions:
    “I am not a crook”
    1973 – Richard Milhous Nixon

    “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”
    1998 – William Jefferson Clinton

    “I am not a dictator”
    2013 – Barack Hussein Obama

  22. So, up to now it was all Bush’s fault; from now on it will the sequestration’s fault. Every little thing you can imagine will be the Republicans’ fault. Maybe he will order Bernanke to stop pumping up the stock market with our tax dollars, wink, wink.

  23. As long as the sequester discussion is framed as “cuts” we get nowhere. Your kid gets a $10 allowance, he wants $20, you agree to $15. Sequester.

    1. Spot on, gracepmc. It’s that simple. Also, according to the CBO, we are reducing the increase in spending by only $44 billion rather than the $85 billion that keeps being reported.

  24. I think Jay Leno is a predictable sort, but his writers did make me smile when he hyped the already over, mega, ultra-hyped and said after the sequester Girl Scouts would be forced to sell meth instead of cookies.

    1. I had the same thought: at least the prez finally got something half right, he’s not a potato

  25. Chris Plante, radio talk show host:

    “Since this 2% obviously covers all essential government spending, let’s just cut the other 98%!” Love it!

  26. It’s curious that so many right wing politicos have expressed indignation over Obama’s “failure to lead” by taking executive action to prevent the sequestration from taking place, while simultaneously condemning him for bypassing Congress to get things done through executive order.

    Leave it to those bombastic commentators on FOX News and the ass hats in the right wing blogosphere to rely on that overplayed, intellectually-lazy and inherently disingenuous tactic that has become a favorite of conservative pundits across the land:
    They’ll damn the POTUS if he does, and they’ll damn him if he doesn’t.

  27. yes. things couldn’t make most of anymore happy with our nation in such a mess. that obama’s have to take a trip every other month or so. we just love to see our tax dollars go for such things when our country is in such a mess. and how you can come to america and get a drivers ln.,welfare,food stamps, and free housing. we have american’s living in their cars and card board boxes. we should be happy to give up the taxes this way… right… right.and now just how much has hollywood gotten.. what other president ever saw that hollywood got special taxes … but what other president has ever went to their home to party.cuts where they shouldn’t be and taxes going to things such as they are. why should anyone be upset.. right… right. but those who speak the truth are just crazy if you go along with the crap then you are a-okay… right?

  28. This perverted fool should have completed his statement,when he said “I’m not a dictator”….he wanted to add “but thats what I want to be” and all know that I get my way! Since he is such a fan of Lincoln,hopefully he will have the same outcome.Are their any” HEROS” from John W.Booth’s family around today? America needs your family service again,please answer your “Calling” asap.

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