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Live Stream || Obama Press Conference – March 1, 2013

13 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama Press Conference – March 1, 2013”

  1. This clown “president” is pathetic. He’s already blaming his failed economic policies on the sequester and the republicans.

    1. He’s dismayed that some people are going to take a pay cut, some will be laid off….SHOCKING!
      Hello, Federal employees, welcome to the new normal that the rest of the country has been dealing with for 5 years.

  2. Looks like the country will take a 2% haircut in services and maybe public sector jobs or job growth (only half this yr) and will have to struggle on somehow. Most workers just took a 2% “cut” and lived to tell about it. Now if we could just think of a smart president who could think of ways to cut a significant amt without crippling essential services. Wait–that is the next fight.

  3. Oh no, I missed his unannounced press conference? But wait, it looks like the same old same old. Whew, it was close.

    Glad I was reading a good book :-)

  4. Mr. Obama repeatedly claims that “most Americans” agree with his approach.

    Most Americans likely have no idea what the details are of his approach, but agree with the concept of a “balanced approach”.

    As long as Mr. Obama uses nebulous nonspecific claims, he can say that the American public agree with him. He paints the GOP as being AGAINST a “balanced approach”, but won’t give any specifics — other than alternating between “they’ll kill the middle class over a single tax break (jets)” and “they’ll destroy the middle class over a series of tax breaks.” He can’t even keep his own generalizations straight.

    This guy could (with the help of the media) claim that the American public agrees with him that the Republican party should be eradicated. And he’d find some liberally worded survey to back his contention, no matter how ridiculous it may be.

    On the good side, he was only four minutes late to his talk today — although that four minutes is on top of the extra five minutes the White House is now building into his start times (11:05 , 11:35, etc.) He is pathologically predisposed to being late, even when there is absolutely no excuse for it.

    1. He is late because he is a narcissist. It’s a power/control thing, if you will pardon the awkward phrase. He makes people wait to show who is in control. They have to wait for him, no matter what. He likes that, it makes him feel powerful and he thinks it diminishes them. He has no idea that it’s the height of bad manners and makes him look rude. He thinks it makes him look like he is in charge.

    2. Most Americans likely have no idea what the details are of his approach, but agree with the concept of a “balanced approach”.

      Would you like the sound of a “one-sided” or “unbalanced” approach? This is all sophistry. If you cut and then raise taxes and add aren’t you back where you started–only with everyone even more confused, which also works for you? This is what he wants!

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