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Biden: “Just Fire the Shotgun Through the Door”

That was his latest advice for defending oneself from intruders, this one given to the unlucky readers of Field & Stream magazine.

I said, “Well, you know, my shotgun will do better for you than your AR-15, because you want to keep someone away from your house, just fire the shotgun through the door.”

As Mary Katherine Ham notes in Hot Air, this, like his advice to his women to start firing away in the moonlight off the balcony, could get anyone dumb enough to listen to him a chauffeured excursion in a police cruiser to jail.

Honestly, I’m no longer worried about whether the vice president is doling out bad advice. I’m worried about the mental state of the man who is next in line to the presidency.

BTW, some women have tested Biden’s advice to try a shotgun instead of the nice and low kick AR-15. They might not have balconies, like the vice president, so these tests were conducted at ground level. The results are in.

22 Responses to Biden: “Just Fire the Shotgun Through the Door”

  1. It’s not fair taking MrBiden’s comments and helpful advice out of context. The VP was giving an answer to what to do for the “end of days or an earthquake”. Now shooting through the door after an earthquake might be the only way to free yourself from a pile of debris, or to protect yourself at the “end of days” from the hungry hoards of zombies sure to be looking for humans to eat.
    There is, however, the off chance that the strangers at the door might be first responders come to the rescue, but that’s their problem. With the zombies pounding at one’s door, shooting out the door might make it easier for them to gain access to one’s home and flesh..
    So, it’s a toss up if it’s good advice or not.


    • Sorry srdem, IT IS NOT GOOD ADVICE! In fact, it is dangerous and violates gun saftey standards. First, never put your finger on a trigger until you know your target and secondly, always be aware of what is down range.

      It is obvious you don’t know anything about firearms in general and a 12 guage in particular. This video demonstrates what happens when you can’t control the weapon. Although, a lot of people though this funny, it was very dangerous. Not controlling the shotgun after the shot could have caused a second unintended discharge. Even people behind or to the side of these women were in danger.

      Unless you have been in a life or death situation, you have no idea what it is like. For a professional (law enforcement or military), the accuracy of firing is 50% less in such situations than on their best day at the range.

      I could go on about dedicated and multiple attackers, but it would most likely be lost on you. Mr. Biden is no more a firearms expert than he is a statesman..

      • Justavet, I think he was engaging in a bit of snark.

        You are correct however when it comes to firearm safety. The problem comes in when people buy a firearm and have no training on how to safely use it. It doesn’t help that Hollyweird has made it seem that you can pick up any weapon and fire it with 100% accuracy. Then there was the invention of the “side sights” that you see all the thugs using with handguns.

        Ol’ Joe and the liberal elite are prime examples as to why there needs to be mental health screenings for anyone wanting to purchase a firearm.

      • I know it’s a serious subject, and MrBiden’s advice is dangerously stupid, but the “zombies pounding at one’s doors” means I was having some fun. I’m not always serious.

        Part of what I wrote is true: MrBiden was asked what one should do in case of “earthquake or end of days”.

  2. Instead of advocating women firing thru the door, I suggest Joe remove his head from his butt. If you fire a weapon for self defense, you better have a target and you better understand the consequences of what you are doing. Joe has the Secret Service to protect him….from himself!

  3. Hilarious! Take it from me, who was handed a 30-0-6 by my father to target shoot when I was an 80-pound teenager, some guns will put you on your a$$. After he quit laughing, my father got serious and taught me to shoot a revolver, my weapon of choice to this day.

  4. What a pickle we’re in. We have an insane president who pulled a Nixon on us this afternoon, and a vice president who is a blithering idiot. Ingenious video that proves how much easier it is for a woman to fire an AR15 over a shotgun. Could do without Mr. Mechanicpants in the end though.

  5. This would be even funnier if this wasn’t such a serious topic. At my house we laughed at the video, yet my daughter who has shot skeet with me couldn’t understand why all the women were holding their shotguns improperly.

    I know that politicians like Obama, Biden, Kerry, Cuomo, are big fat liars when they claim they shoot all the time or own firearms and know what’s best for us.

  6. Perhaps Joe should demonstrate for us? Maybe using the steel entry doors that are rather popular now?

    If it’s one of the ones that has the great glass panel in the front, though, it would solve some of our problems if an unexpectedly home Dr. Jill sees two scary shadows outside and lets rip, only to discover it was Hopey and Biteme coming over for some latenight canoodling with each other…

  7. It all makes perfect sense once you realize that the teleprompters and auto-correcting smartphones are conspiring to take over the world by manipulating the humans into killing themselves. SkyNet won’t have to fire a shot. [/sarc – I hope]

  8. What idiots! His last words were, Universal backgroung checks? We already have them except for private sales. Want to cover that loophole? Then all guns will have to be registered. The FBI will need the serial numbers of all gun sales and the person who owns them. Every citizen will have to have access to obtain an NCIC check which means that I can run a background check on anyone I want. What a privacy issue that would be, not to mention the burocratic nightmare that would cause. It’s not about gun control at all. It’s about CONTROL. What’s next? You can come and take mine “from my cold dead hands”. Vietnam combat vet.