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Time for Republicans to Go Negative

Good morning.

Go negative – that’s the theme of my new piece for Politico, which argues that the GOP must take a page out of Obama’s playbook and go on the attack.

But not in the petty, ad hominem way Obama does it. Republicans, if they want to build a base for a positive expression of their principles, need to attack and tear down liberal ideas and show why, though they sound like they’re designed to help people, these ideas actually don’t. And in doing this, they will tie Obama’s policies and ideology to the disastrous economy, a responsibility he has avoided.

Republicans won’t agree on a leader and a plan until 2016. But they can agree on now what they don’t like, and that’s where they should focus. I’ve got lot’s of specifics, and I hope you’ll take a look.


33 Responses to Time for Republicans to Go Negative

  1. If the Republicans do not show some spine now, they will lose in 2014 with only themselve to be held accountable.
    This in-fighting and bickering with each other is childish.
    Their failure to stop Hagel and Lew shows their lack of toughness. I am so disappointed in most of them.

    • You can’t fight fire with fire if all you are bringing as heat is a Flashlight like with a single D battery.

      The republicans are feckless, non-fighting marshmellows.
      The democrats are unprincipled dust rags.

      I wouldn’t pay them a combined $200,000 for the job they do.

      We would be better of using a magic 8 ball to make decisions.

  2. While I believe we must not give up the good fight, I am more and more convinced that so many have scales on their eyes. Obama creates the sequester, yet blames it on the Republicans. We say, “let the sequester happen”, they say we hate the President and everything he tries to do poiltically.

    The Democrats in charge tell bold-faced lies and stir up the masses. We correct the lies and are labeled ‘haters’. We protest any affront to our rights, and still we are the ‘haters’.

    We ask that each individual takes responsibility for their actions and choices. We expect that our hard work will pay off. We expect common sense approaches to budgetary issues. Still…….we are the ‘haters’.

    This will be a long and tiring battle. Discouraging as it is at times, we must not waver. The consequences of just letting them suffer with their experiments of progressive ideology will impact all of us in numerous ways.

  3. Great piece, Keith !
    Yes, attack. Link his policies to the deficit, the unemployment , the divided society and make it heard. This president sows so much division, disruption, irritation and fury so heaven knows what his harvest will be. Now I hear that he wants to get involved in the Syrian civil war by supporting those horrible Islamist rebels. Please, stay out of it !

    • Too late, M’am. He has been arming the rebels from the start. What do you think was happening in Benghazi? Why was Ambassador Stevens doing/discussing with the Turks hours before he was taken out? Illegal transfer of weapons…ya think? Why else the corny story, seemingly made up on the fly, put forth by BO and his ‘psychophants’? Unless the Dems and Repubs join in with protests, we will wind up in Syria helping install an Islamist terrorist regime. That’s the way he is.

  4. Just read an article on House Report on federal ‘big ticket’ conferences (aka party time). There were 894 in 2012 which are costing the taxpayers $340 million dollars. The trouble is the MSM will not report on this. It’s buried on Drudge.

  5. Congrats, another well-written piece.

    It’s so telling that the majority of the commenters think you’re out of line, that the Repubs are nothing but “negative” mostly because they “hate Obama”.
    In their minds, the Repubs do nothing but object to anything the Obama administration puts forth, without any positive actions of their own.

    They believe that the Repubs are racist haters, that they simply oppose new spending or higher taxes because they love the rich and hate the poor.
    My comments were supportive of your opinion, but added that without a massive medium that is fair to all, the Repubs won’t be heard.

    OT: sort of
    I last commented on a Politico piece about SarahPalin who asked why the government was stockpiling billions of hollow point bullets.
    I believe it’s true, have seen accounts from many responsible outlets that say the same.
    However. The general response of the commenters was that MrsPalin is stupid, a liar, anyone who believes that story is also a liar or just plain nutso.
    My point; the readers of Politico (and maybe most of the country) just don’t buy anything the Repubs are saying because of the negative press they suffer.

    • Here’s one of the replies to my comment on Politico:


      “If the press allows things such as MrObama’s hurtful statements that
      Repubs want “dirty air, dirty water, children to starve, and on and on”
      then the public perception is that he must be telling the truth.”

      He IS telling the truth! Republicans put Profits for the 1% ahead of EVERY other consideration. And that leads to dirty air, dirty water, starving children, etc.

      That IS what the GOP wants. Or, more properly, they want Corporations to be able to do as they please, no matter who it hurts. That leads to all the stuff Obama mentioned. ”

      I won’t respond to this opinion because the writer believes what he/she wrote to be true. How can anyone change the mind of those who have been pummeled with the hateful comments from Obama and his supporters for years?

        • I get that, but how much propaganda is used to make someone believe that a Repub doesn’t care about starving children, or the air and water we all live with?
          They don’t see the huge corporations that earn profits are some of MrO’s biggest supporters, and don’t care to see.

          When I was once a true Democrat, we never believed that Repubs were monsters, or hateful selfish and greedy. What the heck happened?

          • srdem, I believe Bill Clinton served as the bellwether. I remember how conflicted I was as a BIG Clinton supporter; loved the guy I *thought* he was yet gave him a pass in direct contrast to my moral personal standards. My daughter had no conflict. She wanted him thrown out on his ear; we both remained Hillary supporters. In that regard the DNC may have done us a favor pushing her aside to ‘wait her turn behind the black guy’ as happened for voting rights. BTW, black women had to wait with the rest of us ‘wimen’. The GOP, by not winning full impeachment BJClinton lowered the standards forever I fear. After that it was OK for the DNC to select the candidate and the selectee had carte blanche to tell bold face lies every time his mouth moved. The lily-livered GOP is as much to blame as the Dems. At least Hillary has exposed herself during her tenure as Obama’s enabler…a role she has played all her adult life. No surprises. There’s not one Commandment she is not prepared to break for power and more riches.

          • ” At least Hillary has exposed herself during her tenure as Obama’s enabler…a role she has played all her adult life. No surprises. There’s not one Commandment she is not prepared to break for power and more riches.”

            Too bad most women can’t see this, but truer words were never said. The woman will whore herself and has sold herself for power and riches. She’s been satisfied to become someone’s doormat as long as there is a payoff for her and there always is. That’s why she continues.

  6. Excellent article, Keith. Unfortunately, it may be too late for the Republicans to change course, especially with the so-called leaders in Congress. Just yesterday the quisling Eric Cantor threatened and browbeat his fellow Republicans to go along with the Senate’s version of the unconstitutional Violence Against Women Act. The title sounds good, who’s not for preventing violence against women? But the law criminalizes speech – a dangerous precedent – and stomps all over state’s rights. This is not a law that someone who believes in the Constitution would ever endorse, but Eric Cantor does. Sad day for our Republic because these turncoats will pass this law today, and strike another death blow to our liberty. The Republican party is dead to me. I’ll still give to conservative candidates who run under the party mantle, but will never again claim allegiance to a party that has lost it’s virtue.

    Back in 1988, Reagan spoke about the iron triangle and wondered when the American people would say enough is enough. That time is now for me.

    “Fundamentally, the American people know what’s up, and they don’t like it. They may re-elect their congressmen, but they trust Congress itself less and less. They may watch or read the media, but they stop believing it, and they show more and more dislike for special interest influence. The only question is: When will they say once and for all that they’ve had enough? The strength of our nation has never been with the Washington colony, but with the American people. The budget deficit is the colony’s last stand.”

    • Brava, Susan. I have been getting sick to my stomach hearing the traitors from both parties. Let’s stop mincing words because traitors to the country they are. McCain, Graham, Cantor, and Boehner as well. Our poor country. God save us.

    • it’s not too late for an average person but for the below average brains in Washington it is too late.

      We’d be better off if they all went golfing and stayed there.

  7. Good article, and I agree with everything you had to say. I would advice the Republican party to use tougher language. Instead of higher taxation, it’s punishing the successful. Instead of amnesty, say it’s not allowing just anyone to become a citizen — new citizens must know what it’s like to be an American and know what freedom actually means. Instead of saying “reform entitlements,” it’s not allowing damaging Democratic policies to harm the most vulnerable.

  8. I saw a comment on MOTUS blog wondering how much Mooch Obama has spent on her clothes (gowns especially) during the 4 years. For example, Sunday’s dress costs $9K. How can the president afford that on his salary of $400 K a year? The commentorIt also reported the Obama’s net income keeps going up — how can this be with her expensive buying habits? Are the taxpayers funding her wardrobe? That would be interesting to find out. Plus, if she’s getting them for free, I think that is bad policy. Too much room for conflicts of interest. Kate Middleton, duchess of windsor doesn’t accept any free stuff.

    • Mooch will never be questioned about how they’re paying for all those nips and tucks she’s getting, never mind the expensive designer duds. She is one of the chosen people and can do no wrong in the eyes of the Washington elites. Adversely, when Ronald Reagan was in office Nancy was hounded by the D.C. elites for borrowing designer gowns. They even sicced the IRS on them after Reagan left office.,,20116494,00.html