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Lanny Davis Also Threatened by the White House

Former Clinton White House official Lanny Davis today said he too was threatened by a White House official.

Lanny DavisSpeaking this morning on Washington radio station WMAL’s Morning on the Mall program, Davis said a White House official had threatened the Washington Times over Davis’s column in the paper, warning that the newspaper could lose its access to the White House.

“That exact thing happened to me,” Davis said. Davis said his editor at the Times, John Solomon, “received a phone call from a senior Obama White House official who didn’t like some of my columns, even though I’m a supporter of Obama. I couldn’t imagine why this call was made.”  Davis says the Obama aide told Solomon, “that if he continued to run my columns, he would lose, or his reporters would lose their White House credentials.”

Davis said he decided to mention the incident after Bob Woodward came forward and said the White House had threatened him over his reporting about the sequester.

29 thoughts on “Lanny Davis Also Threatened by the White House”

  1. I heard Mr. Davis on the radio on the way into work this morning. I must say I wasn’t too surprised at the WH intimidation but what was surprising to me is the fact that Mr. Davis is a flaming liberal. I guess that’s just the way the WH rolls these days. Quite Nixonian….and we know how that turned out.

  2. This is unacceptable and it is not the american way…when will they stop getting away with this load of shi!!.

    I love Obama last vacation of 1 mill for 3 days of golf and he would not let the press in… then pay for your own personal vac.

  3. And now the slow drip of brave souls finally find their conscience and come ‘forward’ to save America. My wish is to see the Obama’s get on the helicopter
    prior to 2017 and not for a vacation unless its an impeachment celebration for
    us anyway.

  4. Why didn’t Lanny Davis speak out before? He wasn’t able to pull his pants up and be a big boy until he could hide behind Bob Woodward’s boxer shorts?

  5. I for one am glad to see these threats happening. While they won’t mean a hill of beans to the MSNBC crowd, they may start to make the rest of the media realize that they bought into a load of crap when they went all in on Obama.

    When the WH starts to threaten the likes of Woodward, and now Davis, can lesser reporters be far behind? This may also open the eyes of the public, as I am betting more and more reporters will start to come out and say that they too have been threatened.

    Control of the media, control of private gun ownership, government control of businesses, a growing dependency on the government for the basics of life, sounds more and more like this nation is shifting into a dictatorship mold.

    One of the greatest defenses against tyranny is a free and open press, I hope that the MSM realizes that they are being marginalized more and more. I hope they realize that, unless they stand up to this administration, they will be nothing more than a footnote in the history of the Republic.

    1. That is my hope too. Maybe somewhere there is lurking a future Woodward, a young journalist with courage as well as credentials and conviction.
      I lived through Watergate (No One Died!) and remember it all like yesterday…I gave my dad, who hated Nixon, Woodward’s book All the Presidents Men. I still have it.
      Daddy died in 1979 and we always joked (because he was so ill at the time of Watergate) that the scandal gave him five more years to live…LOL
      Also, I voted for Nixon both times and Daddy was furious with me because he always thought Nixon was a crook.
      Nixon turned out to not be honest but he was a saint compared to Obama.

  6. These two, Woodward and Davis, are probably the tip of the iceberg.
    Younger, less seasoned, in-experienced reporters and columnists have most likely already been threatened and have already “backed off.”
    Chilling, isn’t it?

    1. They are not only threatened by the WH directly but from their bosses as well. The major networks, the cables except for Fox, the news services like AP and Reuters have been in the Obama corner so consistently that I wonder what kinds of favors beyond WH access they have received. Stimulus money? Our very small local newspaper was a conservative one, faced bankruptcy a few years ago, and now is much more pro-Obama. And Obama just happened to garner many more votes in November. He didn’t win our county but it was suddenly much closer than previous elections. This in spite of the fact that we are an economically depressed area.

      1. Our local paper is Gannet owned. Tuesday they ran a four column front and back page story on all the devastation coming from Sequestration.
        At the very end was printed….Source: The White House
        Our area is depressed too but not likely to be made worse by the Sequester.

  7. Maybe, just maybe, the liberal press will realize at some point they have been duped and manipulated. I would also hope they realize that any opposition to the administration is dealt with malice and retribution, regardless of past support. If the press would report fairly and accurately the public furor over the transgressions of this White House would be come apparent to even low information citizens.

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  9. The TV personalities who become star-struck at the very closeness of the Obamas, or the so-called hard news reporters who never question what’s given them to “report”, are truly Obama supporters and will not come forward; they have not been threatened by the WhiteHouse.

    This huge group of media players are the ones who castigated NeilMonroe, of the DailyCaller, for being so “disrespectful” that he dared ask MrObama a question.
    Imagine that, the press wanting to stone a fellow reporter for daring to ask a question, and when we can believe that, the press really is a limp noodle.

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  11. This is why you shouldn’t try to cuddle a scorpion, Mr. Davis…

    Revolutions DO tend to eat their own children.

    “The revolution like Saturn devours its own children. I believe it was a common saying during the French Revolution (1789) and that it was most famously uttered by Danton during his trial. By the period Danton fell out of favor with the Committee of Public Safety and Robespierre, the revolution had become so suspicious of loyalism and foreign intervention (Marat, a popular journalist was killed by a royalist) it set up kangaroo courts throughout the country to purge society of counterrevolutionaries.
    In the end, the people of Paris took virtual control of the National Assembly and the committee of Public Safety. Successive waves of radicalization (Girondins, Jacobins, Enrages) had followed the ascension of the Jacobins to power, quickly making conservatives out of yesterday’s radicals.
    In the end, the terror killed 7000 people across the country, many of whom had been among the first revolutionaries. Danton, Robespierre and Saint-Just all succumbed to the guillotine.
    The revolution, much like Saturn, ate its children. Thermidore ended the terror, and dealt with Robespierre and Saint Just.”

    Coming attractions? Don’t discount the possibility…

  12. I don’t think Mr. Davis could have stood up to him. Whatever the Obamas are threatening, even the Clintons got into line before the election – and no one, NO ONE, EVER got a Clinton to behave before!

    You may find the climate in another country to be better for your health, Mr. Davis – if you can find one beyond the reach of drone strikes, that is…

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