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Breaking: WH to Expand Aid to Syrian Rebels

Secretary of State John Kerry announced today that the United States will provide limited new assistance to the Syrian rebels by sending in military rations and medical supplies. The offer is well short of the armaments the rebels want.

I don’t know, this is almost a kind of joke. I really don’t understand incrementalism. If we are going to support these people – after 70,000 deaths – why not be serious about it?

So we’re sending them rations to eat while they get shot at and medical supplies to soothe their wounds when they get hit. Makes total sense.

8 Responses to Breaking: WH to Expand Aid to Syrian Rebels

  1. The rations and medical supplies will come from our military’s stocks and, because of the Sequester, they will not be replaced. And the beat goes on………

  2. “The offer is well short of the armaments the rebels want.” – Keith Koffler

    Like Obama would TELL us he was getting involved in yet another illegal war against Shia, as he did in Libya…

    The REAL Obama Doctrine would be to go after Assad with hammer and tongs. Not for any crimes or slaughters, but because he’s not Obama’s KIND of Muslim.

    Asssad is an Alawite, which is a Shi’ite offshoot. Obama is a Sunni whether he admits it or not (both “dad” and “stepdad” were, which makes HIM one under Islamic law – and there is no greater crime in Islam than converting. Since there is no fatwa against someone as prominent as Obama for this, we may safely assume his “Christianity” is regarded as taqiyya in the Islamic world).

    Muslims hate apostates more than anything, as the regard seems to be they SHOULD know the truth, but chose to ignore it. A Shiite is an apostate to a Sunni; therefore, Assad is an abomination to Obama.

    Look at Obama’s track record where he HAS intervened in the Islamic world, and where he has not, and see if it isn’t so…

    That’s why Iran won’t talk to him, even without preconditions. That’s why the Syrian rebels have been able to stay in the game THIS long. Don’t be surprised if Hellfire missles start coming from nowhere and hitting key Assad military and personnel assets…

    Yeah, Obama’s just going to provide sllght aid, and sit on the sidelines. Just like FDR did for England and China just prior to WWII. And of COURSE, the most transparent administration EVAH will be keeping Congress and the American people informed every step of the way – just like he always does!

    And, we all know the Secretary of State could NEVER be made to lie for the President, don’t we? Seeing as how that office has come clean about Benghazi…


    I know, Hilz isn’t there any more, it’s The Blow Dry guy. And he’s ALWAYS been such a statesman in international diplomacy, hasn’t he?

    Oh. Well, this Prezzy’s not gonna push HIM around, right?

    Oh again.

    We’re there, he’s just “dissembling” about it. As usual.

    It’s just a matter of time before it’s a general conflaguration, a regional war, then a world war. And with our military drawn down, unilateral nuclear reductions, and Obama in charge, I see very little hope for the world unless the Lord G_D Himself personally steps in – and no, that’s NOT Obama!

  3. We are more than likely using surrogates to arm the rebels. The CIA ops in Libya are rummored to have been seizing munitions there to be funnelled to Syria. If true, I am sure it is supported by our new SECDEF. It is scary, we have a SECDEF that is anti Israel and a SECSTATE that is a pacifist. Two of the most unqualified men to ever be in those positions. I hear its good to have military men in those positions. I too am a Vietnam vet, and I would not waste the time of pulling down my zipper to piss on them.

    • SECDEF Hagel’s speech to Pentagon personnel was pathetic. When Brennan joins these two we will have a big clusterfrack of incompetence. God watch over the USA and the military who fight to keep us safe.

    • HotAir had a special piece on SecDef Hagel’s approval as :
      “Random man confirmed by Senate to lead the world’s greatest military”. That kind of says it all.