As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Carney Briefing – February 27, 2013

The briefing has concluded.

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      • I’ve read that it’s a psychological power play. “I’m so important I can keep you waiting as long as I want.” Haven’t we all had the experience from personal acquaintances?

        Playrighter, good observation. I’ve never realized that the props (or as as someone called them, the potted plants) give a suggestion that “I’ve got your back.”

    • And McConnel, when thanking Obama for attending the Rosa Parks memorial, was answered with applause, and when he followed up by thanking Boehner and other honored guests was greeted with silence.

      Does Obama even stack Capital audiences with his own people?

  1. I see the finger pointing has begun on who released a bunch of “undocumented immigrants” .

    One of the better comments from the boards – “You know there is a new area of specialization in plastic surgery. This sub-specialty is performed almost exclusively in the metro D.C. area. The main thrust of the procedure is the removal of a certain size imprint of tire tracks to former-and soon to be former-senior level appointees of cabinet level authority. The real tricky part of the procedure, as described by surgeons, is the removal not of the initial tracks; but of the secondary tracks which seem to have been the result of a reverse motion of a large vehicle AFTER the initial track had been made.”

    • Either Obama authorizes this stuff (release of undocumented immigrants) or he has no control over the people who work for him. If we could nail him, I agree with Rush Limbaugh that this would be an impeachable offense and the breaking of his oath of office. I know gut feelings don’t count, but Benghazi is another example. I sincerely hope Bob Woodward feels he’s got another Pulitzer with his name on it. The rest of the ‘press’ you can forget about.

      • looks like they have thrown the first underling under the bus. I wonder if he will be reassigned to another dept just like some of the Fast & Furious underlings… speaking of, nothing new on F&F.. guess it’s a dead issue for now.