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Kerry: Give Peace a Chance; But if Not, War

Secretary of State John Kerry is sounding unexpectedly warlike as he begins his term, warning Iran that the time for peaceful resolution of the nuclear issue is limited while suggesting his views on war had changed since he returned from Vietnam four decades ago as a peace activist.

Kerry, who is on his first foreign trip since assuming office, told a group of German students Tuesday that he had come to the realization since Vietnam that war has its uses.

When I came back to America as a young veteran, I led Veterans Against the War.

Now, anybody who has been in war should hate war. Occasionally, there are a few people who may not. But most people who have been to war will come out and tell you they hate war.

And yet I’ve learned, because of the way the world works, that sometimes you have to stand up to fight for and defend something where there’s no other alternative.

Kerry’s insight into the way the world works may have informed his warning to Iran Monday that it will face “terrible consequences” if it doesn’t use the current diplomatic window to rein in its nuclear program:

The window for a diplomatic solution simply cannot by definition remain open forever . . . there is still time, but there is only time if Iran makes the decision to come to the table and negotiate in good faith.

Kerry Tuesday also expressed support for France’s armed intervention in Mali:

One of the lessons we learned in Afghanistan is you cannot leave jihadist group to just make its plots and then go attack people, as they did us, totally out of the blue, destroying the World Trade Center and killing over 3,000 people, the most significant loss of life that we’ve had since Pearl Harbor, 1941.

And during his trip, he’s been dangling suggestions that the United States is going to strengthen its support for Syrian rebels:

The Syrian opposition is not going to be dangling in the wind wondering where the support is or if it’s coming, and we are determined to change the calculation on the ground for President Assad.

Is ex-peacenik John Kerry the new voice within the administration for ending the Obama Doctrine of Leading From Behind? His martial talk is probably already prompting dispepsia throughout the many pacifist corners of the administration.

14 Responses to Kerry: Give Peace a Chance; But if Not, War

  1. Lurch never was a real peacenik. He’s a typical Democrat leftist. They protest any armed conflict America is involved in when a Republican is in office. Nixon was president when Kerry joined Hanoi Jane’s radical anti-American group in 1971. What happens when a Democrat holds the office of president? They’re warmongers and their phony protestors like Code Pink move on to other things like dressing as vaginas and protesting for free abortions.

  2. Hold on here; he’s saying that jihadists in AFGANISTAN plotted and carried out the 9/11 bombing of the WTC? Is this a new theory or the truth leaked out by a political hack who finds himself in a position of power?

    If what he says is true, then BinLaden was not al Qaeda, but aligned with the mujahideen or taliban in Afganistan and not Iraq.

    The latest word from our fearless leaders in DC is that we will support the rebels in Syria with “bullet proof vests and military training”, but not arms.
    Just how stupid do they think we are? well, maybe really stupid, but anyone with half a brain cell knows that “miliitary training” doesn’t mean sending them How To manuals from Amazon ,but our boots on the ground.

  3. Oh please he’s the same cowardly,anti war loon he was when he trashed the
    soldiers in Vietnam. This is nothing more than convenient lies to make himself
    feel brave what a joke. The world continues to laugh.

  4. It’s fully consistent with REAL Obama Doctrine to go after Assad. Not for any crimes or slaughters, but because he’s not Obama’s KIND of Muslim.

    Asssad is an Alawite, which is a Shi’ite offshoot. Obama is a Sunni whether he admits it or not (both “dad” and “stepdad” were, which makes HIM one under Islamic law – and there is no greater crime in Islam than converting. Since there is no fatwa against someone as prominent as Obama for this, we may safely assume his Christianity is regarded as taqiyya in the Islamic world).

    Muslims hate apostates more than anything, as the regard seems to be they SHOULD know the truth, but chose to ignore it. A Shiite is an apostate to a Sunni; therefore, Assad is an abomination to Obama.

    Look at his track record where he HAS intervened in the Islamic world, and where he has not, and see if it isn’t so…

    And THAT’S why he has Kerry being all militant and stuff. It’s Obama REALLY talking, NOT The Blow Dry Guy.