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Obama Must Like the View from 1600

Hi everyone. I have an opinion piece running in Reuters today. Here’s the theme:

President Obama is in the political catbird seat.

If he gets Congress to pass immigration reform and gun control measures while furthering his redistributionist policies by raising taxes, he will have logged some serious achievements. Along with his new health care entitlement, the president will have set the nation on a liberal path from which it could take Republicans a generation to remove it.

If he loses, then he gets to demonize Republicans as heartless jerks and ride a trail of vitriol to a potential Democratic victory in 2014 and control of Congress. Then he can pass all the legislation he wants anyway.

Republicans can resist, but they haven’t yet shown the unity or the imagination to seize the agenda from Obama.

I hope you have a chance to take a look.


16 thoughts on “Obama Must Like the View from 1600”

  1. I just don’t think that Barack Obama is all that popular, despite his re-election, despite the polls. When Frank Robinson was the major league’s first black baseball manager the owner who signed him was advised that if he hired him he wouldn’t be able to fire him. The reason being of course that Frank Robinson was black, and the first black manager.

    I just don’t believe that the American people are behind Barack Obama’s policies, but they re-elected him because he’s black; and just like Frank Robinson, once they elected him, they could not fire him. Barack Obama can have his time in the sun, but his second term policy agenda is going nowhere. Why do you think he’s so desperately trying to sell it to the American people with endless campaigning? Obama knows in his heart that the American people are not really behind him, and the only reason he’s president is because of political affirmative action. Barack has nowhere to go but down, and he knows it.

  2. Congrats on the excellent Reuters article, Keith. It is rare to see the conservative point of view from the writers on their website. You are absolutely right. Unless the Republicans do a 180, grow a backbone, and start fighting back they will lose the House in 2014 and that is when our real nightmares will begin…

    1. ME! Every day,every article and every post.
      Don’t agree with eveything , but as Lord Acton wrote (?) ” If we read only things we agree with,we never learn anything “.
      Not sure on the quote, but you understand, yes?.

  3. Good honest piece Keith. I am surprised that Reuters ran it. I suspect the comments may not be favorable especially since you used real words and facts. That said I agree that the Republicans have to get it together or America will be trashed by the liberals for at least a generation. Even if the Republicans can find some hills to fight on I am not too sure that Americans would be willing to give up all that free stuff – including foodstamps for their pets.

    That said thanks for saying what needed to be said.

  4. There it is; it’s what he wants. What about me, what about what I want or what people like me want? We didn’t want Obamacare, we don’t want immigration amnesty, we don’t want gun control, we don’t want to give up our gas-guzzling cars and on and on.

    How does he get to be the one who can decide what I get or how I live?
    Being elected POTUS is not a mandate to dictate how others live, it’s only one third of the government that we have chosen to support.

    1. “Socialists..can provide you shelter, fill your belly with bacon and beans, treat you when you’re ill, all the things guaranteed to a prisoner or slave.”
      Ronald Reagan

      Good article Keith

  5. This line of thinking in Keith’s article, and the comments thus far are very disturbing to me. It sounds like you’ve all thrown in the towel. And way more important than what the republicans do is what the American people do. The republicans are pathetic, no doubt, but they’re not Communist/ Marxist statist totalitarians, and the distinction between the Marxist in the White House and the republicans is becoming crystal clear to the American people. It’s not about what the republicans do, but what are you gonna do?

    1. Jeff I would like to be more hopeful but I just heard from Byron York on Brett Baker tonight about how the Administration had a closed sit down with the press on Sunday and released more gloom and doom about the sequester state by state. The info was embargoed until 8pm (don’t really know what that means) and then appeared in local papers across the nation. When you control the media the way this Administration does it makes it even more difficult. As for the American people they will vote for free stuff -self interest over principle- and for those who do not when you are working within the system voting is the avenue most common. And more and more Republicans are acting in their own interests and not in the interest of the country. When you see someone

      e with promise like Rand Paul vote for Hagel you just throw up your hands.

      1. Oops – on a tablet. Anyway Jeff what do you suggest we do. I am open to suggestions but not hopeful. We are combatting an institutionalized machine – it’s like whack a mole.

      2. Heard one sheriff on Houston radio saying that a million dollar grant was pulled by the feds as a result of sequesteria. No doubt there are many similar circumstances like this around the country.

        What can we do, other than write or call our congress members and put the pressure on them, Jeff? Our opinion doesn’t stop the way most of them vote. Most of them think they know better than we do about everything there is to know, and both parties are corrupt and power hungry. There are a few gems in the rough, but Rand Paul’s vote for Hagel today was a great disappointment. Don’t know what it is about the DC establishment that destroys the virtue of good men. I have no faith in the Republican leadership. It may be beyond redemption.

        1. I think we have to DO things as individuals. Writing your Congressman is not enough. If you live in a blue state, get the hell out, move, starve the beast. Find ways to limit or eliminate the taxes you pay; work under the table. Buy all the guns and ammo you can get your hands on; support the NRA. Home school your children. No one said it would be easy.

          My point is that instead of waiting for things to change, or for the republicans to save us, use every opportunity you can think of to hit the bastards where it hurts, in the pocketbook. The system is so corrupt that you can no longer work within it. Speech is not enough: it needs to be coupled with action. Each of us taking action as a free individual, the exact opposite of group think, and it will require sacrifice, inconvenience, and a transformation of how you and your family conduct your daily lives.

          Hit the bastards where it hurts. Stop feeding the beast.

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