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The Obama Morning News || February 26, 2013

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  1. “Obama plan: Divide and conquer . . . Politico”

    ‘”Work of the Enemy!” said Gandalf. “Such deeds he loves: friend at war with friend; loyalty divided in confusion of hearts.”‘ – The Lord of the Rings Chapter ‘The Pyre of Denethor’.

  2. “Is Obama honest about the sequester? . . . Politico”


    Sorry, I couldn’t get past the “Is Obama honest…” part!

    Thanks for the laugh!

  3. “Is Obama Worried about Sequester’? Hardly. He’s only worried that if it goes through, no one will notice.

    He never talks about the fact that in his first two years, Federal domestic discretionary spending soared by 84% – a doubling and tripling of some agency budgets. Sequester would scale back just one in six dollars in descretionary spending since that time. Unfortunately, he’s going to punish the GOP by forcing those reductions in spending where they hurt the most. It will backfire on him – big time!

      1. I’m afraid that you are right; the administration will find the most draconian ways to prove that this cutback is a disaster for the public.
        The President has painted himself into a corner with the Doom and Gloom apocalypic fate that comes with a 2% cut in future spending.

        1. I read in Govt Exec mag some agencies may freeze hiring instead furloughs. And even if he wanted to pitch a hiss and cut into air traffic control etc–it could only be 2% anyhow. At least that is my understanding. But this whole thing is so dumb.

  4. Yahoo News story that “more Americans blame Repubs” is true only in the sense that the Repubs hold the strings of the purse. They are not blaming the Repubs for ruining our economy, or allowing hordes of illegals to storm our border fences, or even for an additonal wait at the airport.

    The second piece that GovJindal calls MrObama’s public campaign “political theatre” is another example of how the MSM can spin citicism into a positive.

    General observation; at the end of every piece listed here, the comments are the most telling. Unless conservatives have taken over the internet, there isn’t much support for MrObama’s apocalypic version of events, but rather scorn for his position that only more money spent will keep America from the abyss. They’re not buying it; shocking.

    1. Also noticed the comments, srdem. There are still a few references to “repuklicants” and “tea billies”, but most of the posters are getting it.

  5. OMG! The sky is going to fall.
    Washington Times Newsletter has a headline that the ” White House raises terror threat, warns illegals could flood borders after sequester cuts “.
    Run for the hills, the illegals are coming.
    I’m confused, first the White House greets them with open arms,and checkbook I might add, and now says they’re a terror threat?

    1. I’m not surprised you don’t recognize him, even though he’s in many images with Obama. He’s usually the guy in the foreground immediately in front of the President, but he’s really low in the frame because he’s constantly prostrating himself before The One, and offering his services as a doormat on demand. He somehow seems to think this will get him re-elected…

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