As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Quote of the Day || February 26, 2013

“Actually, I thought I myself was going to win for my new movie, Sleeveless in Seattle.”

– Michelle Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

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    • Nice to see you again, Janice. Your satire is much needed to make these times endurable. I have noticed that O and the wife surround themselves with more white people nowadays. Is it OK today among blacks to want to look and act like white people ? Well, all these racial matters are really puzzling, at least to me.
      The election in Italy is over and it ended with a real Italian mess. One of the candidates, a ( real ! ) comedian, Beppo Grillo, got many votes, but so did Berlusconi and Bersani-Monti .So there you are. Italy has no leadership in these dire times. The lovely Italy is in bad shape and needs reforms. Italian politics are highly entertaining with many scandals and – on the dark side- much corruption. But why not signor Grillo as primeminister ? More humour in the political world !

      • Agree SL; Italy might as well have elected the comedian. After living in Italy for seven years I can attest to the fact that many of their laws are either ignored or laughed at. For instance, Southern Italy has some of the toughest traffic laws in the world and how do they react to them? They ignore them. A line in the road is merely a suggestion. Traffic signals? Ignore them too. The one rule they seem to abide by is: “go as fast as you can for as far as you can”. Taxes? Those are for suckers to pay. Other than that; Italy is an awesome place to live!

        • Oh yes, I love Italy too. That food, those magnificent buildings and ruins. Us lawabiding , reserved Northerners tend to love the easygoing, charming and disrespectful Italians. However after a while, and I am sure that you saw it after seven years, Just2old, you notice the snake in the paradise. It´s difficult to build a functioning society when people ignore the rules. But there is of course a big difference between the northern and the southern parts of Italy. Many taxpayers from Milano would like a guarded border north of Rome. However, a great place to visit !

    • Welcome back, Janice – you’re just in time. MO is getting too big for her designer duds!
      I agree with you, Swedishlady…I’ll take humor over hubris any day. We certainly could use some comic relief in this country.
      Keith is a national treasure – ‘Sleeveless in Seattle’ – love it!

    • Good one Granny Jan. So many wondered why Mooch had a backdrop of military for her Oscar moment and you just answered them. They are merely photo ops for the grifters. Welcome back to the fight!

    • Good one, Keith :)
      It really irks me that this sleeveless–no matter what season–trend is firmly in place. Business attire for female newscasters is now a sleeveless, bright cocktail dress (sans stockings), even though the guys are in jackets and ties. Don’t they get cold, after they take off their winter coats? Are studios temps set to 80 degrees?

  1. Interesting tidbit: According to entertainment magazine, Vulture, Harvey Weinstein called in favors from the WH – hiring Obama campaign mgr, Stephanie Cutter, to promote his film, ‘Silver Linings Playbook’.

    According to Vulture, Cutter was hired to promote the film “not just as a well-made movie, but a culturally relevant and especially politically significant film that was shaping the national conversation about mental health triggered in part by the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut.”

    It was Weinstein’s daughter who came up with the idea of having MO present the Best Picture Award. Sometimes the best laid plans go awry, lol! Argo won….Weinstein and MO ended up with egg on their faces. In Harvey’s case, it could be that the WH Mooch is the kiss of death! She didn’t have much luck in Copenhagen with the Olympic committee, either.

  2. How about a “Best Supporting Actor” nod for the stellar job Mooch is doing for the role of First Lardy (thanks for that, Jenna!) in the first five installments of the octology that is “The Lord of O-ing”!

    “She” actually has people believing that “she’s”
    – a loving wife
    -a compassionate person
    -a good mother
    -proud of “her” Country
    -a woman

    And “She’s” *NONE* of these things!

    Now, THAT’S acting!