As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Tuesday, February 26, 2013

10:05 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
10:50 am || Departs White House
11:50 am || Arrives Newport News, Virginia
1:05 pm || Delivers remarks on the impact of the sequester
2:05 pm || Departs Newport News
3:05 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern

30 Responses to Obama Schedule || Tuesday, February 26, 2013

    • He’s probably going to spend more on the ‘sequester shake’ demagogic road show than he would if he just let the 2% reduction in spending growth take effect. Of course we all know this isn’t about feeding the children or keeping Grandma in her home, it is about destroying the Republican party. Too bad there are a lot of Republicans who are falling all over themselves caving in to his threats…

      • VPBiden said in a speech recently that Americans are “tired of being tired” and I agree.
        I’m tired of my President promoting himself and his negative attitude about anything or everything that doesn’t suit his agenda.
        Is it possible for the Obamas to do something positve, non-partisan that all of America can approve, or are we doomed to four more years of this crisis of government and watching them act like royalty who are governing over a happy, prosperous people.

        When sequestration passes into law, and it will, this administration has plans to make our lives more miserable than before to make their point with draconian measures. The National parks department is already warning that they’re going to close certain parks, lock up restrooms and delay emptying trash cans. Flights will be delayed because air controllers will be laid off for lack of funding.
        This might get ugly.

        • Unfortunately, community agitators don’t make good leaders. My guess is we will see four more years of governing by crises, continuing resolutions instead of a balanced budget, and frivolous self-indulgent behavior by the grifters.

          If the sequestration goes through, I agree the Democrats and their lackey bureaucrats will make our life as hellish as they possible can. They will make cuts to taxpayer services like parks and recreation before trimming a dime from their “green energy” money laundering scam.

          • Yes – of course they’ll do that. That’s why WE have to implore our media to cover the real story. What’s NOT been touched. I think AF1 (and 2) should be put on flight restriction. Val Jer should lose a few of her security detail.

      • Susan, I just read that CPAC has not invited Pontius Porcus to its big meeting. Now there’s one Republican turncoat who will cave to Obama on spending cuts and taxation. Remember how the 74% approval man in a Democratic controlled state first won office by going after teachers and other unionized workers? Now they go for him so he must have ‘pivoted’ 180 degrees.

        • All our liberal friends are upset that Crispy Creme Christie isn’t headlining CPAC. Not that they will actually vote for him in a general election, but because they know we will either hold our nose and vote for him or lose another election. Almost hope his absence causes Ann Coulter to quit CPAC in a huff and start her own RINO organization headed by her hero.

      • ‘Sequester shake’ is that one of Momma Michelles new dances? Can’t
        wait to see her on Dancing with the Star…Meeee she doesn’t need a partner and all those almost clothes ewwwww.

  1. I really hope someone is tracking every federal penny spent on this 100 city tour crap and this sequester threat machine. This plus the fundraising non profit Potemkin OFA is just so outrageous.

    Also I heard something about an Obama, McCain, Graham meeting. Possible Hagel/Sequester swap? Whatever, John McCain is “grateful” that
    he has been summoned. Actually what he said was that he was grateful for
    the President’s invitation. Semantics.

  2. Wouldn’t it be a hoot and a holler if the MAO (Most Arrogant One) would travel somewhere else besides friendly turf to sell his snake oil. Now that would be news.

  3. It is all about our social perception of reality. In this case, the political effect on society is just being deceiving by the media and speculation. I personally see this as an antipatriotism from the american people to the government. We need to find a tune with the government by finding the core of the problem and deal with it. Simple as it can be, cuts has to be made to things, tangible items or subcontractors, private agencies with astrnomical invoices,etc, and no our own people. An example, companies in the tech business such as google, do not pay federal taxes if the invest the taxable money abroad. Government estimated about 40 billion dollars loss. Now you make the number for the rest of companies.

      • Absolutely ! In this day of amazing technology, he could easily broadcast his “giant head” to enormous screens and jumbotrons anywhere in the worrrrld :)

    • Think of the possabities!! He could have a new person introduce him every speech!! Whatever sports superstar is visiting the WhiteHouse that day, a famous movie star, the musical performer of the night!! All that from the comfort of the West Wing!

  4. Is there a law that says that in order to achieve maximum waste Obama can only hold one event whenever he leaves the WH? Let’s send a petition to the WH that he is no longer allowed to have just 1 event per day as long as he is firing up Air Force One.

  5. If only the Republicans would find a national news media camera and read aloud Obama’s schedule on a daily basis, people would be stunned. No one who actually HAS a job shows up for work at 10:15, performs one task, and then calls it a day like this thug does.

    • I just dont get why the “republicans” will not grow some balls and go really go after Obama, like you said just read his ‘daily schedule’ in public and see what happens…

      (of course the MSM will scream ‘racism’ or something)

  6. We need to change the insignia on the exterior of AF1 from “The United States of America’ to the ‘The Blue States of America’ or ‘The Bifurcated States of America’. Same with the Presidential Seal. After that, we need to charge him 50% for all campaign-related costs. Since every day is a ‘campaign’ to anhilate the GOP, it could be very costly to him.

  7. wow another busy day for the bum in charge of doing nothing this man is by far the most crappy POTUS ever impeach this bum please and he is the one who started the sequester not the GOP