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Michelle’s Exposure is Through the Roof: Next Stop the Senate?

First Lady Michelle Obama is dramatically raising her profile, begging the question of whether she is planning to run for the Senate.

In recent weeks – and especially in recent days – Mrs. Obama has been ubiquitous, and her schedule suggests she will continue to be.

The timing and circumstances for Senate campaign by Mrs. Obama couldn’t be better.

When does the baby kissing begin?
When does the baby kissing begin?

An Illinois Senate seat will be up for grabs in 2016, which would allow her to mostly complete her tenure as first lady before plunging into politics. The seat is currently held by a Republican, Mark Kirk, so there wouldn’t be anyone’s Democratic shoes to step on. And it is not clear whether Kirk, who is ailing as the result of a stroke, will run for reelection.

Mrs. Obama has said she “not interested in politics.” But she has three years to change her mind, and anyone who watched her effectively campaign for her husband during the 2012 campaign may beg to differ. So might those who have noticed the publicity blitz she is currently staging.

Last month, in a strange move for someone not interested in politics, she recorded a video announcing the launch of the grass roots, political arm of the White House, Organizing for Action, providing her exposure to millions of activists.

On February 7, she appeared with President Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast. She jetted out to Chicago February 9 to attend the funeral of a girl who had been killed by a gun after participating in President Obama’s inauguration. On February 13 she hosted “an interactive student workshop” in the State Dining Room with the cast and crew of the film “Beasts of the Southern Wild.” 

And now, Michelle’s profile is really ratcheting up.

Last night, she handed out an Oscar – not just any Oscar, the one for best picture. This morning she is delivering remarks at the White House to the National Governors’ Association.

Mrs. Obama has shifted her temporarily abandoned Let’s Move campaign back up to full throttle.

She recently taped two public service announcements promoting the initiative with Big Bird.

Friday she was in New York making appearances on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The Dr. Oz Show, and on Good Morning America with Obama-friendly anchor Robin Roberts.

Wednesday she’ll will join TV personality Rachael Ray in Clinton, Mississippi for a cooking competition that will be broadcast on The Rachael Ray Show March 11.

Thursday she will be back in Chicago for a major Let’s Move-related extravaganza featuring Mayor Rahm Emanuel and all sorts of high-profile athletes. Later the same day she will be in Springfield, Missouri for an appearance at a Walmart store.

On Monday, March 4, Michelle will host a Google+ “hangout” from the White House, and Wednesday, March 6 she’ll be answering questions on Twitter.

Michelle traveled to Illinois pretty rarely during President Obama’s first term. Note that she is heading back to Chicago twice this month.

If you start to see more appearances by the first lady in Illinois – whatever the pretext – you can start placing bets she’ll be on the ballot in 2016.

82 Responses to Michelle’s Exposure is Through the Roof: Next Stop the Senate?

  1. With her new BFF’s in Hollywood, I think her eye is on a bigger pie with more money. Also, wouldn’t she have to reside in Illinois ? I think BO’s eye is on a year round golf resort lifestyle, Hawaii or Florida.

    What’s the Senate situation in Hawaii? Florida? Rumors have pointed to a permanent move to Hawaii … we’ll have to watch their real estate clues :D

    • As a resident of Illinois, I can only pray that you’re correct. The thought of her as one of our Senators disgusts me.

      But if she decides to run, she will win in a walkover. Yes, the citizens of Illinois are that stupid!

    • “Also, wouldn’t she have to reside in Illinois ?” – DeniseVB

      Yes, but that’s just a technical requirement, like saying Hillary was actually a resident of New York, or Obama was actually born in Hawaii. This is the technical term;


      noun \-ˌba-gər\

      1: a Northerner in the South after the American Civil War usually seeking private gain under the reconstruction governments
      2: outsider; especially : a nonresident or new resident who seeks private gain from an area often by meddling in its business or politics

      Definition 2 is what I’m thinking, but to the extent that Chicago is embroiled in a civil war with its gang elements, you could argue that 1 fits as well. Certainly the Obamas, et. al., are not opposed to seeking THEIR OWN “private gain” from people in miserable situations.

      Anyway, to the extent laws matter to the Obamas, she still does have a “house” there (courtesy of Tony Rezco). I suppose she’d claim to be a resident, and call racism on anyone who dared oppose her. Who would?

      I don’t think so personally. It’s just too small potatoes for Michelle Antonette. Since we’ve established via her “husband” that no qualificaitons are necessary for the Presidency, and everything can be OJT, why not just have her step in and rule all? Assuming that The Angry Caliph doesn’t have the 22nd amendment repealed by then, or simply ignore it as he does the REST of the Constitution, that is…

    • True, and the Clintons will not go away either. But the Obamas will push them further out into the stratosphere. For a while, until something else comes along. All we can hope for is the Law of Diminishing Returns to kick in.

      • Julie, you’ve hit one of my favorite topics.

        The Clintons just refuse to go away, and the thought of being stuck with them until 2024 (ouch!) makes me sick.

        I fear that we may see the same with the Obamas.

        Love them or hate them, at least the Bushes had the class and good graces to step off the stage when their time was up.

      • frankly, I don’t see Michelle being a senator from Illinois. true, she wouldn’t have to live in Chicago, but she WOULD have to live in Washington. and from what we’ve seen, she doesn’t seem to like it there very much.

        I see her doing something a whole lot more fluffy, and a lot more remunerative. (think “Good Morning America” or whatever). they’ve got expensive tastes now, gotta keep that up.

    • ” think it will depend on whether she thinks President Obama can earn as much in retirement as Prsident Clinton has.” – mo1

      Retirement? Don’t you know the Dear Leader thing is for life?

  2. One thing is certain: the Obamas do not want to relinquish being in the public eye in a big way after November 2016. It’s a good possibility, Keith, Hillary Clinton deja vu, but MO is not interested in being a Senator qua Senator. That’s another certainty.

    • She might have to ‘work’ or hire a team of handmaidens and a designer
      Teleprompter. Besides not enough designer free stuff as Senator oh that’s not true is it aren’t ‘escorts’ now on the menu for Democrats?

  3. Not a snowball’s chance she will enter politics! She hates politics and politicians, especially their wives. She hates Chicago, even for a short visit. She will demand a manse on the West Coast near the Hollywood set, a spread on Diamond Head, an Aspen or Swiss chalet, and a Gulfstream to travel hither and yon. She will give a few multi-million $$$ speeches (cough) and sit on a few corporate boards. She will continue her fledgling show-biz career, and spend her ill-gotten booty like a drunken sailor. Her husband’s leftover campaign slush fund should be enough to keep them in luxury til the end of time. We will be cursed with her omnipresence forever!

    • I agree, Girly1. She resented being the breadwinner when the lazy bum with stinky feet was moving his way up the ladder of the Chicago mob. This is her time to shine. Sure she could buy a senate seat like her Democrat predecessor did, but Mooch has stars in her eyes. She’ll be off to Hollywood if we are fortunate enough to kick her hubby’s butt to the curb in 2016.

      • She’ll take care of that by continuing to have a large staff to do her every bidding.

        And, remember, you can’t ever accuse a black person of being lazy…that would be racist!

    • What do you mean by ‘her husband’s leftover campaign slush fund’? I am wondering if the money leftover from OFA in 2016 will not be included.

    • I would bet, if she did run that it would be from Hawaii. She hates the cold weather, and other that a few friends (VarJar of course) there is nothing to go back to Chicago for except maybe to pack. But you never know, Fl could be just as inviting if it is a huge palace for her to continue her life style as we now know it. Same would be for Hollywood, but they would be tired of her after a few months.

    • “She hates politics…”
      That is why the ignorant masses will demand Michelle become a ‘Senator’ in the Orwell sense with the ‘cult of personality’

  4. If we’ve learned anything about the FL, is that without the magic of a teleprompter she is hardly a glib or intellegent public speaker. Her off the cuff remarks are more remindful of a teenager trying to talk to adults than a politician presenting meaningful ideas.

    Her genre will be the airwaves, maybe the ‘new’ Oprah, where she can converse with all the low information people about fashion, child rearing and important issues such as excercising or how important it is to express one’s feelings.

    There won’t be any politics in the far future for our MrsO beyond what she can convince others like her to vote for someone she approves. The big money in in the entertainment field and that’s what she’s been auditioning for all this time.

  5. Senate Shmenate. The low info voters are going to want nothing less for her than the POTUS slot.
    Who knows, maybe she will pick Big Bird as her running mate.

  6. Why Not – it worked for Hillary of Benghazi. Although I agree with those of you who suggest politicking might be too much work. Our Mooch is more a bump and grind, lights camera action, bling and bad taste kinda gal. What a joke these two are as President and First Lady.

    • But it wouldn’t be work. Between the LoFo voters and the Obama vote-stealing machine, all she’d have to do is announce and it would be over.

      This is truly frightening.

  7. I think we may be forgetting Hillary. She’s not going to sit by and watch Michelle grab all the headlines. Hillary was pushed to the rear of the bus in 2008, she’s not going to let it happen again. We may have a cat fight on our hands….could be fun.

    • Hillary’s old and sick and White. She can’t stand up to the O’s any more, physically, mentally, or politically. She’s about to find out first hand what happened to the horse in Animal Farm when the pigs didn’t need it any more…

      Or maybe she’s more like Old Major… Either way, Hilz will have to step aside. It’s ALL Obama, ALL the time now, and he doesn’t like White OR female very much, and CERTAINLY not as a rival for power…

      • Although, although. Hillary may play the foil to the Obamas: “Let’s get serious again, ‘folks’.” It depends upon which has the greater marketing and pr behind them. They play the public like the dumbed down fools they are.

        I do agree with you about her being too old and tired. I also think she may have had a small stroke and not the flu/dehydration story. I remember her complaining during the 2008 primary that Obama could go out and run/work out and look young and fit while she had to spend time having her hair done etc. She’s done nothing since then but sit on airplanes growing blood clots in her legs.

        • Almost. Yeah, it’s hard to work up any real sympathy for Proserpine just because Satan slapped her down hard, isn’t it?

          Whatever her maladies, she’s still done the work of this very evil President, up to and including lying for him, and she’s done plenty of evil in her own right. I wouldn’t waste tears on her.

          “it is difficult to know with these evil folk to know when they are in league and when they are cheating each other” – Lord of the Rings

          Even among themselves…

  8. Wouldn’t put it past her to try to run for President since ol’ Barry can’t run again, unless he tries to pull some shady Chicago style changes in law.

  9. Hilary Clinton was the first to make First Lady a position of “less than”. At least HC had actually worked as a lawyer. MO rides on everyone else’s coattails.She hasn’t ever earned anything on her own. Good thing Mama is there to take care of the children, considering MO & BO cannot be bothered.
    She’s so proud of being a black woman, she wears Asian hair.

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  11. And exactly what is all of this costing the taxpayers to support her and her entourage in security, transportation, etc. I think it’s an affront to the tax payers considering the financial situation in the country.

  12. When Hillary was humiliated by Clinton’s dalliances in office she was promised a Senate seat not to publicly complain. Maybe, Michelle has a similar deal in return for not divorcing Obama. They did have separate vacations.

  13. If Michelle Obama runs and wins a senate seat in Illinois, it will be the second time in her life that she will be proud to be an American.

  14. God help us. Her hubby had all of 151 days in teh Senate before he was picked by the liberal cabal to be figurehead Preezy of the United Steezy. Can you imagine HER as Preezy? I shake as I eat my oatmeal.

  15. I’m reading these comments about Moocher and full of beans Hillary and I’m thinking that Hillary will run for President because Bill wants her to and these two can’t live without the excitement of it all and in the end this might kill Hillary!!! Anyway, if Moocher becomes a senator she would do very little work thats for sure and you know she would have no shame about it. Thats the nature of the beast.

    I pray that Hillary doesn’t or can’t run because then the socialist nightmare would continue and this time with all the illegals and expensive healthcare and high taxes and government control of everything, and all those millions of new regulations, also, the Democrats don’t believe in
    God anymore, all those things, will ruin the United States of America, which is what the Obamas and Hillary Clinton wants to happen. Pray for our beloved country that we get rid of these political liars so we can be the best again.

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