As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Carney Briefing – February 25, 2013

The briefing has concluded.

4 Responses to Live Stream || Carney Briefing – February 25, 2013

  1. Next up: Another WhiteHouse modern mystery show “Where Is The Truth” starring the archvillian Carney the Magician and the mysterious hanging wall panel. The supporting cast, formerly known as “Truthseekers”, will ask sly questions of Carney the Magician in a half-hearted attempt to find the Truth.
    Long-winded, circular questions will be asked of Carney the Magician as he twirls his mustache and stares pointedly at those who dare.

    Stay tuned for a schedule of upcoming productions where the supporting cast tries again to find “Where Is The Truth”.

    This ongoing series is sponsored by viewers like you and a secret consortium of millionaires and billionaires.

    • Programming note: We interrupt our regular show “Where Is The Truth” for a special viewing of “Doom and Gloom” starring the former Governor of Arizona who will present her version of the future without an unlimited budget. She will predict our southwestern border being overrun with undocumented aliens, our seaports clogged with important vessels not able to proceed to their destination with imperitive goods and stuff, and a general breakdown of all security thoughout the United States.

      Scheduling for the “Doom and Gloom” series changes as the production known as “Sequestration, Could It Be The End Of Us” is being finalized.