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Kerry Discovers the Proud New Nation of Kyrzakhstan

Just in case you missed this one.

Kerry is launching his first big overseas trip this week, traveling to Franceland, Egyptia, Iraqistan, and Ghanaria.

26 Responses to Kerry Discovers the Proud New Nation of Kyrzakhstan

  1. Who are we to question the esteemed Sec of State? There aren’t 100 Americans who could point out Afganistan on a map if it wasn’t written on the paper. Maybe he knows something we don’t. He’s a smart guy.
    We were just alerted last week that the President sent 100 American troops to Niger, wherever that might be. Nobody checked to see if that was a real country or not. So. Whatever.
    He’s enormously wealthy, a long time Dem Senator from a solid blue state, and that’s all the expertise he needs to be Sec of State.
    Geography, he don’t need no stinkin geography. So back off.
    (just being a smarty pants)

    • Esteemed indeed. This follows his first and major FP speech on the importance of Global Warming and Climate Change and his identification of the US Congress as the threat to national security. (Take that good buddy John McCain).

      What Katie Couric wants to know is does he know who the President of Uzbekistan is? Although the better question might be does he know Uzbekistan is a country and if so, what is his special John Kerry nickname for it.

    • srdem, he also served in Vietnam…… he will tell you….REPEATEDLY. Of course, he’s guilty of treason too but….who’s fact checking?

  2. It’s amazing sometimes what comes out of the mouth of the haughty, french looking, retired senator from Mass., who by the way served in Vietnam.

  3. I guess knowing the world map is an optional requirement for the Secretary of State. But, as Hillary would say, what difference does it make? Apparently, competence is optional in this administration.