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Michelle Dances With Man in Drag

I don’t know. It’s kind of funny and she’s a good dancer. But, putting aside any notion of dignity for the positions of first lady and president –  those things went out the window a while ago, I know – what are kids supposed to think of this?

This is from Friday night’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

87 thoughts on “Michelle Dances With Man in Drag”

  1. I doubt too many kids of an impressionable age would be watching Fallon anyway. What does disturb me is this “Michelle Unleashed” tour. I thought it was bad enough always seeing Dear Leader’s face on TV but now I have to see her? News, interviews, dance acts, foil for Big Bird, etc. Is this some sort of mass indoctrination worthy of George Orwell’s “1984”?

  2. Well I’m going to have to agree with Rush I’m ashamed of my country only
    because of the Obama’s crass and tasteless displays. You can’t avoid them
    every kind of media is drenched in Obamanations of one kind or another.
    They make the Kardashions look like role models God will we survive?

  3. At first, I didn’t know what to make of it; not a viewer of the Fallon show. I didn’t recognize the man in drag and wasn’t sure it really was MrsO because of the too long bangs covering her face; I thought it was some kind of skit.

    But. No. It’s real enough.
    There’s nothing wrong with a middle aged woman having fun and dancing on TV, but she’s not any “a middle aged woman”, she’s the First Lady of the United States. After numerous videos of her sack-racing, throwing a football, jumping up and down in the desert and all the rest, she’s managed to marginalize her own legacy, given up any pretense of sophistication or the decorum that has always been associated with the position of FirstLady.

    We’ve endured years of her too-tight, too-short, cleavage revealing and clownish outfits, and her insistance that she knows how to raise children better than the average parent.

    Unlike MrsObama, no other previous FirstLady or current wife of a national leader anywhere in the world dresses like a pathetic cougar and acts like a honky-tonk patron.

    1. As far as I’m concerned we have no First Lady or President for that matter. If the Obama’s want to make fools of themselves and embarrass their daughters (it will happen) they can after they leave and
      on someone else’s dime not mine.

    2. Yay, you found my words srdem ! If only her national tour was promoting something important, other than what the USDA’s job is. And we know the funding for her Let’s Move travels are paid for by the poor’s food stamp program that was cut……shhhhh, don’t tell anybody ;)

      1. srdem, to clarify, I was at a “loss for words” yesterday when I first saw this, speechless. When I read my comment, it just didn’t look right, as always, you’re way ahead of my brain ;)

    3. Obama’s good freind, Jay-Z, has written a song about the Obama White House called “Run This Town”. I do not recommend hearing the song or viewing the lyrics unless you have a strong stomach for Mr. Z’s racist terminology, mysoginy, and constant cursing, but his description of Mrs. Obama bears repeating in this context;

      “She got a a$$ that’ll swallow up a g-string
      And up top, unh…
      Two bee stings ”

      (excerpted from “Run This Town”, Jay-Z,

      OK, I don’t REALLY know that The First Friend had Moochie in mind when he wrote this. It may just be a conincidence that it describes her so well – and that the rest of the song seems to capture the Obama’s apparent mind set and style of governance so nicely…

  4. The Obamas strike me as the parents that want to be the “cool parents” that we all knew growing up. They were the ones that would let their kids have kegger parties for all the high school kids.

    They also want to be “hip”. Reminds me of Lord Buckley – Hipsters, Flipsters and Finger Poppin’ Daddies Knock Me Your Lobes ( Ah, Shakespeare reinterpreted in hip.

      1. Poor old Michelle best mid life crisis she could muster was bangs. She
        did however regret no sports car:-(. Poor dear deluded again also no
        bungee jumping.

  5. My husband and I discussed this after we both watched it. We think they deliberately picked someone who would make Moochelle look petite, no small task. My spouse said that it looked like Andre the Giant.

    As I posted to VB last night, some of the youtube comments were off the wall. One person said that Moochelle was the coolest First Lady since Nancy Reagan! I don’t see the comparison. We had the sound turned down, and all I could think of was “In de jungle, de mighty jungle, de lion sleeps tonight . . .”

    1. The You Tube comments assure us of seeing Michelle for MANY years after they leave office, Julie…….Well, that’s IF they leave office. I still worry about that………….

  6. The whole Idea of the Obama Presidency has been condensed into made for TV to cater to the so called “middle class”.

    Dems are going to use, and I mean misrepresent, “health care” the same way they use “education” as a building block foundation.

    The media will report it as a success, even though at home we know it’s a failure.
    (Love how a tax preparer shows you you new 2014 “potential” health care tax). Funny how about a billion is owed in back taxes but not collected
    This has to be the worst president ever. And by the way, why not Photoshop Carney as he really should be depicted with a Darth Vader costume to represent transparency and Mickey Mouse ears to show how ridiculous his explanations are? Never a follow up to the follow up. Watered downed remarks are watered down further.

    God help us all. And help get me out of this middle class nightmare. I don’t want government to define me. Just let us be and live.

    Oh.. and shortly, once you tell us about how to live in the parameters of the Obama Care – you’re going take away our guns before that though I’m sure- don’t you turn your back on us as the government walks out the door. A kitchen knife is coming for you.

    The Middle Class

  7. I want magic hair, too. The bangs are long in this video and were short in her new WH photo.

    I think wearing Asian hair, among other things, makes her a terrible role model for African-American girls .

    Give it a rest Michelle.

    1. Granny Jan, we beg you for some new videos! Don’t you think the bangs, not to mention the dancing, are worthy of your sublime ridicule?

      1. Julie Brueckheimer, MOTUS is Michelle’s Mirror. Thankfully, she hasn’t thrown in the towel.

        Thanks for thinking of me, everyone. I’m fine but I did throw in the towel after the election.

        When HotAir stopped their Obamateurism of the Day, which I loved, I knew that satire wasn’t working and probably never did. I was out of ideas but I’ll still watch.

        1. I figured you threw on the towel GJ, who could blame you? 4 years more of paying attention to this stuff is too much to handle. I am trying to stay away myself.

          Miss your videos though :(

  8. I did not know that the “mom” was a man in drag. “She” looks better than Michelle.

    I can see it at the next State Dinner, why not have all the attendees do some hip bumps. So professional.

  9. The video might be enjoyable for those not worried about her husband’s agency heads blowing smoke about “children will be homeless, planes will be grounded and pandas will starve” and, and, and… it’s the Republicans fault!

    How is this helping BO’s message that the wolf is at the door, FLOTUS doesn’t seem concerned …. party on, she ain’t paying for it.

    I sure don’t see the WH travel budget on any of the chopping blocks :P

    1. I did notice they put her in black pants against a black background which pretty much *tamed* those swivelling hips for the viewers. I could only watch half, and I’m a Fallon fan.

    1. I went to this site and almost choked to death laughing while reading the comments. Pure entertainment. The sad part about it is that it’s about The First Lady of our country. She is probably the laughing stock of Europe….had a friend from Toronto email me today to ask why she would do something so demeaning…..

  10. Jimmy Fallon Asks Michelle Obama To Run With Hillary Clinton In 2016

    After dressing as a woman and doing “The Bump” with Michelle Obama Friday evening, NBC Late Night host Jimmy Fallon asked the first lady to consider running with Hillary Clinton in 2016.

    The gushing and fawning Fallon called this a “dream team” (video follows with commentary):


    You really have to love the way liberal media members think.

    Despite having been governor of Massachusetts, managing the Olympics and running a major corporation, Mitt Romney wasn’t qualified to be president as far as these folks were concerned.

    But Michelle Obama who’s never held any elected office is already qualified to be vice president by virtue of having been married to the president.

    The hypocrisy never ceases to amaze me………………….

    Read more:

    1. Well gee whiz. What a great idea!!..
      How about MrsClinton divorces old Bubba and remarries, say to her undocumented Mexican gardener. Then MrsObama could dump old Barry and marry a transgendered gay woman like Chaz Bono
      . That should cover all the classes and make for a real dreamy team.

      Every day seems like another day down in the rabbit hole.

    2. Snark, I don’t think we have to worry about the first grifter running for any elected office. She is just as lazy as her worthless husband. She’s in the home stretch now and is most likely looking forward to Jan. 2017 when she can spend the rest of her life and our $$$ living like the Queen of Sheba. She hates America and its people! She got ‘hers’ and that’s all that matters.

  11. Get used to having both Obama’s splattered all over TV/radio for the next 21 months – until mid-terms. The rabble-rouser-in-chief has launched his 200 city ‘Santa Claus’ tour which should take up the the rest of this year and most of 2014. MO has launched her vaudeville/clown act for all the low-Info voters . We’re going to be inundated. This is all about taking the House back…when he will finish the job he started. Caveat Emptor!

  12. She fancies herself a star. The famous and the infamous are at her beck and call. A nip here a tuck there, brand new Wintour wighat all showered upon her, just so the nippers and tuckers and wigmakers can get their name mentioned by the great and glorious Moochelle.

    These two grifters remind me of Juan and Eva Peron. Mooch is shaping up to be the new Evita, if she can only do something about that wide load. Sounds like the useful idiots are already loaded aboard the cult of personality boxcar, as evidenced by the praise heaped on this embarrassing and disgraceful performance by the first lady of the United States of America. Hope there are enough of us left to pick up the pieces and restore America when the bread and circuses come to a halt.

  13. I guess the part of MO’s title of “First Lady” has been obviously pushed aside. Who expects the First Lady of the United States to act like a hoe on national TV and then have CNN and it’s likes applaud her actions? Sometimes I think I am living a dream, but each morning I wake up and am horrified that it’s real.

  14. ” …– what are kids supposed the think of this?” – Keith Koffer


    Seriously, this is just distraction, as is everything the Obamas do publicly. And here we are, talking about some middle aged woman (who previous generations would have justifiably laughed off the stage) shaking her considerable hind end on national TV instead of; Benghazi, a lost economy, and a President who does not like the nation he rules and has an unprecidented ability to kill anyone, anywhere, any time – even American citizens – with a drone strike and is accountable to no one for it.

    This sort of thing is the magician’s helper. Magicians always select, eh, “shapely” young women for assistants, and dress them to advantage. When the trick reaches a critical moment, the assistant will be bending and bouncing and otherwise displaying her assets. The purpose is not porn, but rather to give you something to look at while the magician creates the lie that he expects you to believe to be his “magic”.

    Men look because, well, they’re men. Women look to snark, to berate their men for looking, and maybe for less healthy reasons that are not part of this discourse. The point is, everyone looks – just as the magician expects them to. The distraction works.

    Soft media, outrageous statements on unimportant things, Government “Gimme” programs, calculatedly stupid appointments, the First “Lady” waving her manly arms and broad rump in our faces – all this is to make you look away from the tyranny that is enfolding us. .

    And it’s working.

    The Obama White House is strong, and getting stronger, and we are not far from finding out what the true agenda is of whoever this President TRULY serves. And we – including me – are snarking the First A$$ instead of doing something about it. Maybe because our options are few; maybe because the barbarians HAVE won: maybe because it’s the TRUE Lord’s plan to punish this nation as he once punished Israel (and for many of the same reasons) and it’s going to play out no matter WHAT we do. But our shots and snipes disrupt their momentum not at all.

    So, at long last, to answer Mr. Koffler’s rhetorical question of “What are the kids supposed to think of this?”, the true answer is that it doesn’t matter, as long as they focus here and not on the REAL purposes and powers of their bloated and arrogant government. In short, they are not SUPPOSED to think – until it’s too late. Again, it’s working.

    G_d Help Us. It’s beyond the power of Man.

  15. Why doesn’t she be a REAL role model, especially to black youth who are suffering so much?
    How about boring topics such as:
    Education, finishing school, as she did
    Marriage before children as she did
    Unplugging the t.v. and video games.
    Moms, working with your children as she does??
    So much she could really do!!!

    1. Some people here call her The Beard. I don’t know why, but if you look at that still, the lower part of her face actually looks like a beard.

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  17. The kids like this crap. And their parents facilitate it.

    President Obama requested Mindless Behavior to perform at The Kids’ Inaugural: Our Children. Our Future Ball. They are a personal fave of the First Lady and First Daughters Sasha and Malia. Check out the performance here courtesy of CNN!

    Mindless Behavior Performs Live at The Kids’ Inaugural – (CNN Coverage)

    Gee Folks what is the featured song?

    Ah Yes, the aspiring Sperm Donor/ Multiple Baby Moma abandon-er rap anthem “Keep Her On the low”

  18. I would worry more about the kids because they’re up late watching the Late Show with Jimmy Fallon more than their impression of the First Lady dancing, but I think it makes her more “real” and in-touch with society rather than up on a pedestal.

  19. Ever see the movie Evita? One song towards the end is entitled, “You Must Love Me”, sung by Evita.

    Get it? I think the first spouse is our first black female president want-a-be.

    Can’t wait for the Beyonce duet/dance number…that’ll be alot of air humping goin’ on. Could shake the house down!!

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  22. Are you serious. All the mess going on in this world and this is people focus. Because of people like you are country is about to commit genocide. If more of your effort went into putting bush and the rest of these sick fucks in jail our children would have a future

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