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WHD Exclusive || Photo of Biden Defending his Home

White House Dossier has obtained this exclusive photo of Vice President Biden last summer rushing to defend his home from intruders.

Biden watergun

What a hypocrite. On Tuesday, he suggested that people should ward off intruders with a shotgun, but what he’s using here looks much more like an automatic weapon.

7 thoughts on “WHD Exclusive || Photo of Biden Defending his Home”

  1. This is very unfair to ol’Joe; as we can plainly see he is in uniform with his “army” shorts and seems to be protecting a crowd of innocent women and children standing behind him. The weapon in his hands is the prototype for instant waterboarding that will soon be available to our troops stationed in Hawaii.
    Behind ol’Joe the photo clearly shows SocialSecuity’s newest death ray machine as it’s protective cover is being removed.
    Let’s give the man credit here, man.

  2. Hmmmm… If it is automatic, I wonder if he had to jumped through all the legal hurdles required to get it. It’s not like you can just go to the store and purchase Class 3 Firearm. If he didn’t go through the full vetting to buy it, then not only has he recommended that citizens commit felonies, but he has committed a felony under the National Firearms Act. Does BAFTE know about this picture?

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