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The Obama Morning News || February 22, 2013

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  1. I think I’m going to print out the WSJ story on the Payroll Tax and hand it out to my liberal friends. I’ve tried to explain the concept repeatedly and was only met with “Stop saying Obama raised taxes! He didn’t!” Maybe they will believe WalMart, Burger King……….

    1. They should realize it themselves, but they are just being stiff-necked. What the WSJ doesn’t mention, is that state and local taxes have been raised too, for example, the sales tax. Our property taxes have gone up even though our house is worth $40,000 than what we paid for it.

  2. After reading the Washington Times article about softening the blow of sequestration, I was reminded of the Angelo Codevilla article Mark Levin highlighted on his show last night. The Republican leadership will cave to Obama on the phantom budget cuts and give him everything he wants, just as they have done every single time since the 2010 midterms gave them control of the House. Always ask myself why are they caving all the time? Do they even listen to their constituents? Mr. Codevilla has the answer to my questions – the Republican leadership has no interest in smaller government or a reduction in spending, they want to be “junior partners” in the ruling class. Since the Republican party no longer honors their principles and believe they know better than their constituents, maybe it’s time they go the way of the Whigs. We “political orphans” will find a new party that will faithfully represent our principles and values.

    1. Susan, the article underscores the problem/s. Thanks for the link. When I think of McCain the Geico commercial comes to mind….

      “So easy even a “cave” man will do it.”

      Groucho Marx expressed my personal disgust years ago: ” I resign. I wouldn’t want to belong to any club that would have me as a member.”

  3. Another interesting article in the WaPo today is “Federal employees worry about paying bills if hit with unpaid furlough days”. Quite the sob story. The WaPo doesn’t seem to realize or care that the rest of the country, those of us in retirement and those of us working in the private sector, has been dealing with this since September 2008. As the Bob Dylan song says, “How does it feel?”

    1. Both you and Susan point out that all of Washington is blind to the consequences of their actions that impact people they don’t know and never see.
      Their world is a 500 mile bubble where jobs are plentiful, salaries are high, real estate is booming, and restaurants are filled. 50million people on food stamps is just a number, not a reality of someone so destitute they can’t provide food for themselves or their family. They never drive through small towns in fly-over country where every business property is boarded over, places where a part-time job at a local fast food place is a godsend.
      Those who are trying to live on unemployment benefits or SocialSecurity are trying to decide food vs gasoline, or do we really need new shoes.

      My US Senator, John McCain, visited town hall meetings with his rock solid base, the seniors who honor him for his military service in Vietnam, and was stunned by their anger at his betrayal of what he promised and what he is doing. It’s obvious that he had no clue that they felt duped by his promise to secure the border and were angered that the Repubs won’t stand up to a bully like MrObama.

      If I could choose one reason for the state of politics in Washington today, it would be the complete abdication of the national press to pursuing the truth and exposing the wrongs. Instead of honoring their tradional role in the political field, they have thrown their honor to the ruling party and gleefully attack any opposition and cover-up or ignore any wrong-doing.

      1. Well said, srdem. Our founders believed a free press was one of the most important values of a free and prosperous society. America’s free press became a metaphor for liberty. Today’s journalists, present company excluded, have abdicated that trust the American people put in them. Just like the establishment Republicans, they have thrown in with the ruling class.

        You asked a great question yesterday about the why of it all. Why has the press morphed from protectors of the truth to cheerleaders for the left? To what end? Enslavement to an all powerful federal government? A utopian ideal that can never be realized? None of us have the definitive answer. I just wait and pray that God delivers us a leader. Someone who rises from the belly of the beast to lead us in the fight against tyranny.

      2. Thank you, srdem. I agree with your last paragraph completely, and like Susan, I would throw the establishment of the Republican Party in with the media. We cannot underestimate the power of the fraudulent poll either. Fraudulent pollsters need to be prosecuted. All together, the press, the politicians, and the pollsters create The Big Lie.

        Just a week ago, everyone was saying that the Republicans had the upper hand in sequestration, but today you see several polls and numerous articles in the liberal press which predict doom and defeat for the Republicans should they stand their ground on no more taxes. Specifically, there are two posts today in the NYT, one advocating taxes in general and the other advocating higher gasoline taxes “to discourage driving”. You like I live in the West so you know that people cannot get to anywhere, e.g., a job, without a car. They have no sensitivity what it’s like for the rest of the country. I’ll stop–starting to ramble angrily. Do a lot of that these days.

  4. President Obama we have a lot of problems: household purchasing power is suffering, consumption has dropped and people don’t have money. Actually the Orlando Bisegna Index which measures the intensity of the economic crisis worldwide, ranks US 11th place among the countries hardest hit by the economic crisis at 13.18 points for the month of February. Hopefully things will get better soon!!!

    1. Not until we start producing things and put money in the pockets of people who do real work, not those sitting around drinking coffee in Washington.

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