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Biden Advises Americans to Commit a Felony

Vice President Biden’s suggestion this week that Americans could save themselves from a home invasion by firing warning shots into the air might land some people in jail.

Some homeowners, that is, not their potential attackers.

Depending on how imminent the danger is, firing a warning shot is a felony in at least some states.

During a Facebook “chat” Tuesday, Biden said he tells his wife to fire off a couple of rounds from a double-barrel shotgun to scare away intruders.

I said, ‘Jill, if there’s ever a problem, just walk out on the balcony here, walk out and put that double-barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house,'” Biden said.

Behind Biden’s strange advice was an effort to make the case that “assault” weapons firing multiple rounds are not needed for self defense.

“You don’t need an AR-15 – it’s harder to aim, it’s harder to use, and in fact you don’t need 30 rounds to protect yourself, Biden said. “Buy a shotgun! Buy a shotgun!”

According to USNews, Mrs. Biden could be charged in Delaware with aggravated menacing – a felony – and reckless endangering in the first degree. “You cannot use deadly force to protect property” a Delaware defense attorney told the website.

In a recent case remarkably similar to Biden’s scenario for his wife, a Tacoma, Washington man was charged with assault after he shot his gun into the air to try to frighten off two boys he says he thought were prowlers.

In another recent episode, a man in Mesquite, Texas was handcuffed, escorted to jail and charged with “discharging his weapon in a metropolitan area” after firing a warning shot into the ground on his own property to ward off men who had been trying to break into his home.

And in February, a New Hampshire man was charged with a felony after he fired a warning shot into the ground as a burglar attempted to break into a neighbor’s home. The charges were later dropped.

Below is the video of Biden counseling Americans to commit felonies.

49 thoughts on “Biden Advises Americans to Commit a Felony”

  1. The defense for anyone who now commits this act of stupidity will now, forever be known as the “Biden” defense.

    “The Vice Pres. said to do it, so I thought it was okay!”

    Stupid is, as stupid does!

    1. Shofar, that fundamentally is the problem with Biden. I honestly believe he is as stupid as we jokingly accuse of being. Although as a tool for the “say whatever needs to be said to push our agenda” administration, he is fully qualified. What a sad commentary regarding the quality of the leadership of the United States of America.

      1. “What a sad commentary regarding the quality of the leadership of the United States of America.” – JBH

        “Leadership”? I don’t know what to call what they do from the White House – anything that’s printable, anyway – but I do know it is NOT, in any way, “Leadership”.

    2. Based on the liberal standard of accountability (see Palin, NRA, et al), shall we blame shotgun promoting Smokin’ Joe for the shotgun killing rampage in Southern California?

      This isn’t Biden’s first recommendation. Back on January 19 in a “Hangout” he also told people to fire shotguns.

    3. This Joe ‘bit’ has all the makings of a great SNL (Satuday Night lIve) skit. Lets see if SNL passes this one up – its written for them and every thing!

  2. Since the White House has no interest in actually following any of the laws in this country, why would you expect them to know what they are? After all, they don’t worry about “laws” since they’re above them…

    Joe Biteme. If stupid was a felony, he’d – not have to worry because Obama would have Holder handle the case…

  3. I’d love to have Joe’s Secret Service detail comment on the idea of Jill firing a few rounds off the balconey……………If Joe Biden did not exist, we’d have to invent the character just for laughs.

  4. Here in Maryland, after a young girl was killed by a stray bullet that was fired into the air on New Year’s Eve, there is talk of criminalizing the act of discharging a weapon into the air regardless of circumstances. I’m guessing if someone got popped for following Firin’ Joe’s advice he wouldn’t be that gun owner’s best friend…

  5. Well, I don´t think that Biden is just stupid. He loves power, he loves money, he has flexible morals but he is not stupid. And he connects much better than his boss. I sometimes wonder about his role in the government. I believe that it´s a way of having it bothways as often is the case with this White House. Obama infuriates a big segment of the population whenever he opens his mouth. Bidens role might be to calm them ( us ? ) down and make them (us ? ) laugh, he puts on his regular guy persona . It´s political theatre again. But we shouldn´t be fooled but look for the dark menace behind.

    1. True, Obama and the rest of them didn’t expect the response they got to their gun control proposals. Joey may now be the way to laugh it off.

  6. This guy is always talking out of his ass. He is just Obama puppet and he loves the power and attention. I will not miss this piece of shit called our Vice Pres!

  7. MrBiden’s message is not just to advise everyone to commit a felonious act, but to rush out and buy a firearm and that’s not in line with the Dem message that civilians don’t need a firearm at all.
    Hysterical Dems across our country are entering bills into their state legislatures that are just not a benign registration but blatantly unconstitutional.

    The ruling government is afraid of the people owning firearms for the first time since the Revolutional War. No other modern administration has raised alarms that law-abiding citizens could be a threat to the peace of our nation.
    They are afraid of us. There’s no other reasonable explanation for the confiscation of our firearms while non-military government agencies stockpile billions of ammo and purchase thousands of firearms.

    1. Mark Levin interviewed John Lott who was in Colorado when the Democrat legislature was shoving through some particularly restrictive gun control laws last week. Seems ol’ Joe was personally cajoling some of the Democrats in the Colorado state house to support the passage of these laws by using threats and promises for support come election time. Their reasoning? To show that restrictive gun laws can be passed in a state known for relaxed gun laws. Our self-ordained rulers are very treacherous and deceitful men.

  8. It’s really amateur hour over there in DC, isn’t it? All we read here is how our so-called LEADERS are threatening us and telling us how much they will HURT us, cancelling this and that, laying people off just to make the other party look bad so they can tighten their hold on us…their job is to minimize the hurt–to help where they can without sending the whole country down the tubes. And now they are going to blast out of windows? This is nutty!

        1. My ex and I were the survivors of a home invasion in DC–four men. My father maintained that my ex should have let himself be shot to scare the men off. Uh…we pretty much figured both of us surviving as pretty good. This is the same type of thinking…

          1. It’s a big problem in the nation these days. So many people are disdainful of the inherent right of self-defense. So many people want everyone to be meek and submissive. My wife and I won’t be. I’m glad you made it through.

          2. Me, too. We were not unscathed, but we lived. We had a gun after–despite DC laws. If we had had it that nite, I have no idea what might have happened for good or ill. This stuff is pretty intense. (My ex was former special forces–so it’s not like he was a yuppie dweeb or anything.) But telling people to fire out of windows or to “scare” people is just plain bone ignorant.

          3. I live in the Sacramento suburbs and we have had at least ten homes in our subdivision broken into in the last year. Same method every time. Scout the place, wait until the occupants go to Tahoe or the coast for the weekend, kick in the front door between midnight and 5:00 am and rob the place blind. Only problem is that they don’t always get the “house is unoccupied” part right.

            In the last year I have bought a Sig 45 and an AR15. The idea that I would come out and pop a few rounds in the air is so irresponsible and dangerous that it’s beyond belief that person in a position authority would recommend it. Perhaps slow Joe should take a NRA safety class or up his meds for his obvious dementia.

  9. You know, I was so caught up in the utter stupidity of his comment (and he still doesn’t say whether he’s advising using on O/U or SXS) that I had forgotten the potential legal consequences of randomly firing into the air. And this doesn’t even get to the real and serious issue she’d have if she hit one of the Secret Service agent who probably made that noise while conducting a perimeter check.

  10. Crazy like a fox! He plays his part well and has been playing it so long very few even question it anymore. And he gets away with it because he is allowed too!

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  12. Not sure whether to post this here or below, but it is all a direct quote:

    SHOCK REPORT–Veterans Receive Letters from VA Prohibiting Ownership or Purchase of Firearms.

    This must be Barack Obama’s way of thanking our veterans for serving. US veterans are receiving letters from the government informing them that they are disabled and not allowed to own, purchase or possess a firearm. If the veteran does decide to purchase a firearm, he will be fine, imprisoned or both.

    It’s on Drudge.

    1. Where in the Constitution does it say one must be able bodied to bear arms??

      The first comment on Drudge article says that it applies to PTSD vets and is a way of getting vets to not claim PTSD as it may be held against them in future. I agree with that assessment.

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  14. Obama will now tour country with Two Chainz to talk about drug abuse and gun violence. Obama said that Chainz is an urban intellectual that can help shape public opinion based on personal experience and his ability to reach an audience. Plus he is rich like Tiger the freak Woods. As we know Obama loves hanf with the wealthy and not the typical supporter.

      1. I checked–one album or song called I’m Different–the usual p word (not for a cat), b-word, strippers, he is going to wear out come gal (and not touring an art museum), etc. Does he have any drive-bys, caps busted, east v west bring-its, clothing lines–don’t know, lost interest. Yes, this is someone the president can show off.

  15. People used to say Dan Quail was an idiot.
    JOE you are a MORON, a DOLT, an IDIOT.
    Go get a real job. (that’s a 3 letter word Joe) job………

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