In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Kennedy Never Said He Was a Jelly Doughnut!

Thought you might like this website, Angry History. It’s new and promises to be a good one. The Kennedy quote is part of a list of ten statements that are commonly attributed to various presidents – but which they never said. I’m sure President Obama would like to get on the list for a few of his accidentally revealing remarks. Not to mention Vice President Biden

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WHD Exclusive || Photo of Biden Defending his Home

White House Dossier has obtained this exclusive photo of Vice President Biden last summer rushing to defend his home from intruders. What a hypocrite. On Tuesday, he suggested that people should ward off intruders with a shotgun, but what he’s using here looks much more like an automatic weapon.

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LaHood: Sequester Will Cause Massive Flight Delays

In its latest attempt to pressure Republicans by describing for the public the horrors of the sequester, the Obama administration today warned that fliers could experience delays of 90 minutes during peak travel periods as cuts to the Federal Aviation Administration go into effect. Speaking at the White House, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said the “vast majority” of FAA employees would be furloughed once per

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Biden Advises Americans to Commit a Felony

Vice President Biden’s suggestion this week that Americans could save themselves from a home invasion by firing warning shots into the air might land some people in jail. Some homeowners, that is, not their potential attackers. Depending on how imminent the danger is, firing a warning shot is a felony in at least some states. During a Facebook “chat” Tuesday, Biden said he tells his

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The Obama Morning News || February 22, 2013

White House to release Libya emails . . . Fox News Payroll tax whacks spending . . . Wall Street Journal Obama pushes for spending cuts, tax hikes . . . Washington Post WH tries to take sequester in stride . . . New York Times WH, GOP look to soften the blow . . . Washington Times Biden urges action on gun control . .

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