As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || February 21, 2013

Republicans dig in against tax increase . . . New York Times
Obama spoke to Hillary the night of Benghazi . . . CNS News
White House offers anti-cyberspying plan . . . Wall Street Journal
Immigration deal may mean new IDs for all . . . Wall Street Journal
WH may join case against gay marriage ban . . . Washington Times
John Kerry, the un-Hillary . . . Politico
Romney to resurface at CPAC . . . National Review
Jimmy Carter wants to be friends with Barack . . . Politico

13 Responses to The Obama Morning News || February 21, 2013

  1. “Obama spoke to Hillary the night of Benghazi . . .”
    Is he lying now, or were his lackeys lying in their February 14th letter to Congress that said he made no phone calls during the siege of Benghazi?

    There is a simple solution to this whole where’s Waldo scenario. Release the WH logs for that day. Every movement of the president, from the time he gets up until the time he goes to bed is documented. This log will tell us everything we want to know about what Preezy did or didn’t do on that night. If they release his activity log for 9/11/12, they won’t have to try to remember the lies they’ve told before. That’s the whole point I guess – obfuscate and delay until we stop asking questions. Not gonna happen, Preezy. One day the truth will come out about your malfeasance that led to the brutal murder of four Americans in Benghazi.

  2. So Carney now says (CNS news) that the o and Hillary DID speak, after all, on the night of Benghazi.
    Where is Granny Jan when we need her, to do a video chapter and verse about this new pack o’ lies? Is anyone keeping track of how many different scenarios we’re heard/read? And is the (treasonous) filmaker still incarcerated?

  3. if i could sleep for the next 3 years till this nightmare is over I would do it. Watching them run this country into a hole with a smile and a lie is much to take. Today I went out to lunch and this women had a big Obama pin on her shirt and there is more of that kind of dumbness here than not. I can’t wait till this shit starts hitting them because it’s only matter of time. My taxes are up and my healthcare is almost twice the price. This sucks big donkey d#$@s!!!