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Live Stream || Carney Briefing – February 21, 2013

The briefing has concluded.

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  1. After listening to MrCarney drone on about everything, it seems that the weather is, once again, more interesting than anything he says.

    Here in the suburb of Phoenix, we witnessed virga snow yesterday. It’s snow that melts before it hits the ground and becomes a fine mist.
    It is an awesome sight; you see snow until it gets to about 4ft from the ground and poof!
    Some higher ground areas around Phoenix did get snow on the ground, Tucson, too. It’s a big deal here and we love it.

    Weather reports are showing those of you who live in the higher tier of states will be getting the real deal (snow that doesn’t melt before it hits the ground), again.
    This global warming is starting to get ridiculous.

    • Here in good ‘ole KC we woke at 6 am to nary a flake of snow. By 8 am we had at least 6 inches at our place. My poor little dogs were buried in their trip outside. By 10:30 we had about 9 inches. The good news (I like snow)? None of that nasty sleet, or ice they were calling for, at least here.

  2. It’s fair to talk about lies and liars on this particular post, right? Nanny Bloomberg has put out a poll that states Obama is at his most high approval rating since 2009.

    • Rush said something very enlightening today about those poll results. The pollster based the approval rating on questions about his message. They didn’t ask if citizens approve of his policies.

      No wonder many of the poll results seem skewed. Of course those who are indoctrinated by state-run education and media approve of his message. They would never believe that their warrior for the middle class would lie to them. Thanks to Preezy’s partners in crime, like Nanny Bloomberg, these people will never know the truth until they start looking for it on their own.

        • Srdem, Rush’s segment on how he is ashamed of his country for the first time is being picked up by other bloggers, Drduge for one. I liked his comments on the sequester too, Susan. As an independent I am uncertain what the Republican Party is doing here. The sequester would only touch 1.5% of our current spending. Surely the country would not fall apart if it went into effect, yet I read Boehner’s piece on RealClearPolitics adding to Obama’s prediction of the end of the world as we know it. I don’t think the Republicans should be categorizing the sequester in this dismal way but in a more positive one. If they, the GOP, cave on taxes or ‘revenues’ again, I think they’re through and we need a new party.

        • Right Scoop has a clip from Rush’s show, srdem. Rush mentioned that for the first time, his website was knocked offline by Drudge. Usually he’s the one who does the website crashing. ;-)

          I agree with you about a new party, Julie. Never thought I would go against Reagan’s wishes for a revitalized Republican party, but they are almost a lost cause, especially with the current so-called leadership in Congress. Where are they? They aren’t fighting back against Obama’s demagoguery. Nah, they’re carrying on surreptitious phone calls with him.