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Big Bird Bounces Around the East Room

The White House today released a video of Big Bird exercising in the East Room, part of a new campaign to begin re-promoting First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” kids’ fitness program.

“Look Mrs. Obama, I’m getting moving right now by jogging!” says Sesame Street’s oversized yellow canary.

The video of Big Bird in the East Room, the stately White House chamber better known as a setting for formal and even historic events – starting with Abraham Lincoln’s funeral – than as a room for puppets, is one of two Let’s Move public service announcements.

The other situates Big Bird, perhaps more appropriately, in the White House kitchen.

The use of Big Bird may also be a subtle slight to Obama’s defeated opponent, Gov. Mitt Romney, who said during the campaign that he would eliminate public funding for PBS, singling out Big Bird as a casualty.

The videos are part of a renewed interest in Lets’ Move being taken by the first lady, who abandoned the initiative as the presidential campaign began last summer in the face of complaints by hungry students about healthier lunch menus and charges by Republicans that the program amounted to Nanny-state excess.

Michelle tomorrow will begin a nationwide TV and personal appearance tour to promote Let’s Move on its third anniversary.

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  1. I was just wondering what would be more irritating and stupid than the Correspondents Dinner–and you gave me the answer! Canary? Isn’t he an ostrich or something. Never mind–I used to like him.

  2. It’s all your fault, Keith. If you would have just zipped your lip about her abandoning the much hated nanny state program, she might be spending her time shopping at the local Tarjay and wolfing down crustaceans with abandon. But no, there she is in her Wintour wighat, bouncing around with Big Bird, the fake creature her husband used to beat Romney about the head and neck with. Sheesh, that’s what you get for holding these grifters to account.

    • I’m sure you are correct, Susan. No other writer was wondering why MrsO had abandoned her signature NoFatKidsBehinds except MrK.
      It looks like we’re going to be bombarded with four years of silly videos featuring MrsObama’s ever changing hairdo, clown pins, and constant nagging that we’re too fat and lazy.

      Jeff has a great point, too. It seems that MrObama and his supporters just can’t “let it go already”.

      • The Os are deep into the distraction mode. He’s back to gay marriage. And then they can always do the bit about how he’s losing popularity but hers is higher than ever. You can tell March 1 is looming . . . oh wait, then there will be March Madness and his predictions taking center stage.

        • Ah yes, the hoopster-in-chief will be revealing his picks, I’m sure..
          ..probably will be attending some regional final with his ‘buds’, somewhere far off so they can take AF1 (plus required escort people/equipment) and spend lots more taxpayer money. On a side note, I understand that one of the NBA players that received pointers from him said that every time he makes a move with the ball that he always goes to his left. Anyone surprised?

      • Yes srdem, how many sources post the Obama daily schedule with such regularity? I follow Lynn Sweet too, but she mostly posts the “pool guidelines” and rough reports for the day for just public events.

      • but wait – according to a recent WH Press Release, her “three-year-old “Let’s Move” initiative is credited with halting and even reversing a thirty year trend of increasing childhood obesity!” (but then the press release does not include any data to bolster the claim). All this in 3 years. Mission Accomplished! (and I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn,, cheap)…

        She has worked so hard on this initiative that it’s time she head out on another 57 state tour to promote her project and then retire to a justly deserved 2 week European Vacation.

  3. …and they are still trying to zing the Romney campaign for his Big Bird comment. Let it go already, you won the election. How about we start a new campaign called “Let’s Move the Economy Forward”?

    • “Thanks to these efforts, families now have access to more information to make healthier decisions for their children. Young people now have more opportunities for physical activity in their communities. Food in schools has been dramatically improved. More Americans now have access to healthy, affordable food closer to home. And the national childhood obesity rate has leveled off, and even declined in some cities and states.”


        • That and the feds issuing regulations cracking down on farming and commercial fishing. Now why would they be trying to suppress the production of food unless they want to try to control us?

        • sr –

          If you look at what people on SNAP are actually buying, it is not the healthy stuff. The healthy stuff is too damned expensive. They are buying the high fats, sodas and other things that fill kids up, but don’t add any to the nutritional value.

          Same holds true for many of the food banks. Much of the foodstuffs are cast offs from local stores, dented cans, expired items, etc., and a lot of it is of minimal nutritional value. It is just “feed” to keep hunger at bay.

          If Mrs. O really wanted to do something about childhood obesity, bullying and all the other “hot topics” of the day, she would push for a revival of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness, and work towards redesigning the SNAP program so it bans soda, chips, high sugar food, etc. Bring back things like dodge ball, the only place I could ever get even with our school yard bully, push competitive sports in gym class (PE or whatever the heck it’s called), and work on the lazy parents we have that allow X-Box et al to be babysitters raising kids today.

          • Shofar – that would be too much work to accomplish in 4 yrs and require 12M in research. Plus add a school yard referee who is PC so as the snowflakes do not get injured in anyway.

            BTW – your 100% correct, my comment above is unfortunately what would take place and then would never be implemented. Heaven forbid someone scrape a knee or tear a pair of pants. Or is there even recess / PE in grade school anymore?

    • be careful.. that just maybe their next initiative – along with signing up for the “undocumented immigrant” program. (sorry, not a huge fan of calling it that definition).

    • No, I think they ran out of applications since they are handing them out to every individual who crosses the boarder. Or giving them to the Mexican authorities to hand out before individuals pack their bags for the good ‘ole USA.

    • They don’t need to promote anything. All they have to do is program the cards to not buy junk food. No sodas, no chips, no candy. Just real food. Then the users of SNAP will have to buy real food with them, or go hungry. Of course, they can always sell them, a Federal offense, and buy junk food with the proceeds.

  4. Dignity is not in their vocabulary…making videos and TV appearances is their style. I fail to see the importance of a fitness program at this time when there are more important issues facing this country. It is not her job to amuse the people, but then again, neither is it his job to mingle with wealthy executives and celebrities on yachts and golf courses. Time spent on such frivolity is not only a waste of time and money, it is a disgrace. Unfortunately, the same people who voted them back in are the same misguided people who will watch the video again and again.

    • Well said, Sharon. This is a lightweight First Couple who are incapable of serious business other than feathering their own nests (Big Bird humor. Sorry!) for when they leave office.

    • It’s a distraction from the other serious issues, but it seems to work for them. I think that geneticist I read about the other day is spot on about the decline of human intelligence. It seems to be accelerated at that.

  5. I know it is probably fun to throw zingers out to somewhat of a captive audience as the MSM reports whatever you want them to, but how petty must Moochelle be? Does she have no self-respect? I can’t imagine doing a segment with Big Bird like this. It makes her look stooopid.

    And if the reports of her being a diva are true, I can’t imagine her doing this willingly.

  6. Mooch in the kithen…pretty funny….she couldn’t make a decent slice of toast or a tray of ice cubes.

    What a hawg. No wonder Barry hits the vacation trail solo.

  7. “The use of Big Bird may also be a subtle slight…” – Keith Koffler

    While symbolism is everything in the East, and Obama was raised there; and even though The Classless Warrior never lets an opportunity go by to denegrate his “enemies”, in THIS case, I think that’s over thinking it. Team Obama is not really about subtle. They just come right out and call you a racist, a murderer, says you hate children, whatever. They’re not deep thinkers that way, and unless it was arraged by his handlers, I don’t think its deliberate.

    It wouldn’t win him points with his base either, as they have long since forgot about that in favor of the latest batch of hatred for Republicans. They’re not deep thinkers as a rule either, just very reactive to any imagined “diss” and anything they are demagoged into believing threatens their hand-to-mouth, Government supported existence. They would’nt get it.

    On the subject of Government supported existence, there’s Big Bird. PBS is on life support obviously, but if you ARE a fan of symbolism, think about “Sesame Street” and Obama. Characters live on the street in an urban milieu, in garbage cans, and don’t apparently work, just hang around all day. Big Bird himself is seemingly a child, and yet prefers his life on the street if the alternative is living with someone “different” from his “street” freinds (viz. 1985’s “Follow That Bird” ). Then there’s the rumors about Burt and Ernie…

    Anyway, everyone involved is an apparent Government dependent, and appears on a show that is itself Government dependant. Yes, it’s happy, we don’t let unhappy thoughts come to Sesame Street! Would that we could say the same for the South Side of Chicago…

    Sesame Street would seem to be end game of Team Obama’s vision for America, and it will work too – as long as we don’t need people who actually make or do anything all day long. Now, if the Republicans would JUST get out of the way, I’m SURE the gangbangers and drug dealers would fall into line, and it would just be visits with The Cookie Monster all day long! (Provided his cookies weren’t manufactured by Hostess)

    Maybe THAT’s the symbolism.

  8. Oddly enough, Big Bird’s butt is smaller than Michelles…

    Maybe she could be a SS character?

    “Big Butt, the nasty thing in the nice house:

  9. wait–Michelle Antoinette is starting her Let’s Move tour tomorrow? gosh–that means her ski trip wasn’t very long…and I worry so that she’s not getting enough vacation time in. she’s been back from Hawaii for weeks already.

  10. You have to wonder if there’s trouble in Big Bird’s house between Mo and Bo (not the dog)…taking separate vacations. By the way, what’s happened to the dog anyway…last I read he was trying to collect $10 for the election campaign.