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Michelle to Embark on National Tour Celebrating “Let’s Move”

First Lady Michelle Obama will barnstorm the country to “celebrate” the third anniversary of her Let’s Move initiative, staging events and taping TV appearances around the country to promote her controversial initiative.

Michelle runsMichelle has almost completely ignored the Let’s Move since last summer, choosing to keep it off the radar during the campaign and in the weeks after Election Day. The initiative was creating bad vibes for President Obama at the very high schools where he was frequently campaigning, with kids recoiling in revulsion at the healthier new menus. Meanwhile, Republicans were targeting the initiative as egregious Nanny State overreach.

But for at least several days, Michelle will be back with the program.

On Friday she will be in New York City to tape appearances on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The Dr. Oz Show, and on Good Morning America with pro-Obama Anchor Robin Roberts.

On Wednesday, February 27, Michelle will join TV personality Rachael Ray in Clinton, Mississippi for a cooking competition that will be broadcast on The Rachael Ray Show March 11.

On Thursday, February 28 she will be in Chicago with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, NIKE, Inc. President & CEO Mark Parker, Dominique Dawes, Gabby Douglas, Allyson Felix, Bob Harper, Bo Jackson, Colin Kaepernick, Sarah Reinertsen, Paul Rodriguez, Serena Williams, and “a surprise musical guest.” She’ll make “a major announcement to bring physical activity back to schools” during the extravaganza.

Later the same day she will travel to Springfield, Missouri for an appearance at a Walmart Store.

On Monday, March 4 Mrs. Obama will join a Google+ Hangout from the White House. The event will be moderated by Kelly Ripa. And on Wednesday, March 6 she will answer questions via Twitter.

46 Responses to Michelle to Embark on National Tour Celebrating “Let’s Move”

  1. As my mother-in-law would have said, who’s gonna pay for it? You can bet that all these little fitness joints all over small town American (where I live) have received stimulus money.

    • “…who’s gonna pay for it” – Julie Brueckheimer

      Uh, you, me, and the 40% (and declining!) of the population that still somehow manages to find work in an ever-darkening Obama economy…

      In other words, us Dhimmis. As usual. Who else? You wouldn’t want to deny the children, you heartless rich person you, would you?

    • ‘“…a surprise musical guest.”’ – Susan

      How about Jay-Z? He has some WONDERFUL music for the kiddies…

      “We are, ya I said it, we are
      This is Roc Nation, pledge your allegiance
      Get your fatigues on, all black everything
      Black cards, black cars, all black everything

      And our girls are blackbirds ridin’ with they Dillingers
      I’d get more in depth if you boys really real enough
      This is la familia, I’ll explain later
      But for now, let me get back to this paper”

      (Pretty good description of the Obama White House, yes?)

      “Life’s a game, but it’s not fair
      I break the rules, so I don’t care
      So I keep doin’ my own thing
      Walkin’ tall against the rain”

      (Breaking the rulez, doing his own thing… No wonder Obama loves this guy! That, and their pillow talk…)

      “Victory’s within the mile
      Almost there, don’t give up now
      Only thing that’s on my mind
      Is who’s gonna run this town tonight”

      (See! Victory in a mile, running the town – made to ORDER for “Let’s Move”!)

      It even has a lovely description of the, uh, “Lady” who sponsors “Let’s Move”…

      “She got a a$$ that’ll swallow up a g-string
      And up top, uh, two bee stings”

      (Excerpted from “Run This Town” lyrics by Jay-z.)

      Only excerpts used to try to keep the cursing and racism down. The only downside for using this in “Let’s Move” commercials is that they’d really have to work at making it FCC compliant for broadcast – if laws still mean anything to Obama’s “Crew” anymore…

      • Laws mean nothing to them. There isn’t one of their phony awards shows that goes by where they aren’t dropping the f bomb or exposing themselves. The FCC is all about diversity now.

  2. Translation: Michelle can’t stand to be stuck in the WH with barry anymore so she’s using “let’s move” as an excuse to get the heck outta dodge and have the good time she feels she deserves.

  3. She’ll make “a major announcement to bring physical activity back to schools” during the extravaganza.


    Didn’t they make the Hitler Youth work out?

    No thank you, Michelle. I’ve got this taken care of for my kids.

  4. As a follow up – if you think they spent a lot of money during his first 4 years – you ain’t seen nothing yet. He and his “down low” wife no longer have the constraints of an upcoming reelection – heck ya, they’re going to squeeze the American tax payer for everything they’ve got so they can really experience every perk the WH and presidency will “afford.”

  5. Nothing wrong with promoting exercise and good nutrition, but why do we need a First Lady make it a full time job ? That’s why we have sports stars and the Food Network :D

    What next, an around the world tour of remote, but glamorous locations, military bases for her Support the Troops thingy ? (That’s what we have USO’s for)

    I just wish she’d help bring awareness to more difficult issues like crumbling families in the inner cities, oh wait, those are not “her” people ;)

    • Or – how about they make it so you can only buy REAL food with footstamps? NOT prepared food. NOT frozen crap or chips, pop, or cookies. Cereal. Milk. CHeese. Eggs. Meat.

      A friend works at Walmart and people use food stamps all the time to buy decorated cakes.


  6. oh my, she will be all worn out from appearances and traveling that she will need another vacation.

    Ok, my question is this – MO Let’s Move initiative, was created by a Presidential Memorandum as part of a Govt Task Force (so as to give it “official” status and something for her to do). I see HHS, DOI, and a a few other govt agencies are involved. So who is funding all these trips?? Of course she has to fly WH Airlines, but does this come out of WH transportation budget or pooled reimbursement?

  7. I knew it!
    She’s planned some new way to torture schoolchildren with some weird physical activity that won’t make any difference for the FatKidsBehinds.
    She’ll be flying here, he’ll be flying there, to and fro, hither and yon in a modern WhiteHouse version of ‘sound and fury’ signifying nothing.

  8. Well, it’s safe to say she won’t be appearing on the Paula Deen show anytime soon…

    “She’s no different than the rest of us,” Paula said about Michelle in a new interview.

    Paula added: “She probably ate more than any other guest I ever had on the show! She kept eating even dur­ing commercials. Know what (the Obamas’) favorite foods are? Hot wings. Y’know – those kinds of foods that aren’t necessarily top-of-the-list healthy foods.”

    • I wonder how many teachers, first responders, etc. jobs could be saved with what it will cost to fly Michelle around the country this year. Doesn’t the President care about the children? Doesn’t he care about sick people, or old people?

  9. Thanks for the warning on which TV shows to avoid! She does know that there are myriad budget issues and we don’t the money for her silly travels, right?

  10. “…boom boom boom boOM BOOM BOOM! BOOM! BOOM BOOM BOom boom boom…”

    Sorry, couldn’t hear you, Michelle and her butt cheeks just ran by…

  11. Queen Mooch and King Barrack will be out and about, flying in their personal government winged chariots for the remainder of their reign. Mrs. R will attend to the business of the children and ValJar will attend to affairs of state. Rumor has it that Tiger Woods has signed up on the Reggie Love team.

    Reports are that the Queen was well feted in Aspen.

  12. This is just smoke and mirrors to justify another lavish vacation no doubt in a posh resort around Easter. Poor Moochelle jetting around in a goverment plane just working herself into a complete state of exhaustion by appearing at phony photo op events to promote her communist food control agenda and then by God it’s off to a well deserved vacation at taxpayers’ expense.

    One thing though I will never, ever buy another Nike product. We are at war with the democrat communists and any company that sides with them must be boycotted and be reminded that their actions have consequences at the cash register.

  13. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as
    though you relied on the video to make your point. You clearly know what youre talking about,
    why waste your intelligence on just posting videos to your blog when you could
    be giving us something enlightening to read?