As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Carney Briefing – February 20, 2013

The briefing has concluded.

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  1. Just in case some of the WHD readers don’t want to listen to MrCarney lie about, twist, or spin the WhiteHouse’s position on anything, allow me to advise you that it’s snowing in Northern Arizona and raining all over the rest of the state.
    It’s great news for an area that only receives an annual rainfall of 8in total. The rain will replenish our water tables and the melting snow will provide water for our farming interests.
    We’re really happy when it snows and rains here.

    Now, unless one or more of us wins a lottery prize, or is decared the winner of a Pulitzer or Nobel prize or Oscar, that’s probably all the good news we’ll hear today.

    • I got an invite from the PR/AD firm Ogilvy to attend a breakfast in Washington about the impact of the sequester…and I said I must send regrets, I am in AZ, but who writes this scenery chewing threat material? In AZ and elsewhere, I told him, many BS detectors are going ooga ooga.

    • Awesome news, srdem! I’m here in the drought-ridden “show me” state anticipating a blizzard. The upside is tomorrow’s rush-hour should be light.

  2. it’s a bright sunny day here in WI, of course it’s only 18F with a windchill of 0F :-) New snow looks great and more coming tomorrow. We needed the snow as Lake Michigan is at a all time low. I would rather watch the snow melt than listen to Blarney.

    • @ Otis Driftwood –

      “Blarney”? Hey, St. Paddy’s Day IS coming up soon, and it WOULD be a WONDERFUL opportunity for the kids to have a nice Irish vacay to explore Hopey’s supposed Irish roots some more.

      “When a 19-year-old cobbler’s son called Falmouth Kearney fled famine-ravaged Ireland for the New World 161 years ago he could never have imagined that his great-great-great grandson would return as US President Barack Obama. ”

      If he DOES actually have this ancestor, you’d think he’d have some familial feelings for the pain that poor Government planning can cause. The famine was so deep and so broad in Ireland because no one could afford anything but ‘taters –


      “However, the underlying cause of the disaster was the weakened condition of Irish agriculture. The effects of the Navigation Acts, absentee English landlords and the extortions of their land agents (which included rack rents – excessive and frequently increased rents), absence of compensation for improvements, restricted rental holdings, the anti-Catholic measures of the penal code, and large families, with consequent subdivision of land through partible inheritance, had combined to create a system of impoverished, tiny Irish allotments, whose tenants had little opportunity to diversify and relied largely on potatoes for subsistence. Pigs, an important source of cheap meat and income for Irish farmers, were also fed potatoes as a basic fodder. When a potato blight destroyed the crop four years running from 1845, the result was famine. Cereal harvests remained excellent, but the prices were too high for the poor.”

      Guess Hopey doesn’t really have THAT much regard for family history, eh? Seeing as how he can’t even remember what supposed near ancestor of his fought in WWII…

      He doesn’t talk with a silver tounge like he kissed the Blarney stone, though. I wonder what you DO have to kiss to have SO MUCH CR@P come out of your mouth, anyway…

  3. “Carney Briefing” = daily ‘Obama Propaganda statements’ to the MSM.

    The “WH press corps” NEVER asks any ‘real questions’ at these “briefings”, so who cares?