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Breaking News: Exclusive Footage of Michelle Skiing

The blog has obtained this exclusive footage of Michelle Obama skiing.

While Michelle’s outing was carefully planned to avoid just such an eventuality, it appears the intrepid team at IOTW has been able to pierce the first lady’s attempted news blackout.

We share with you the video, in its entirety, below.

28 Responses to Breaking News: Exclusive Footage of Michelle Skiing

  1. A spoxperson for the FirstLady has requested that the video of MrsObama skiing into a McDonald’s fast food joint be corrected to show her skiing into the Ritz-Carlton Club’s restaurant, Cloud Nine, located in the Aspen Highlands.

    In a related item, the management of the Ritz-Carlton announced that their Cloud Nine restaurant will be closed for repairs after an unfortunate accident, An unknown skier went right through the dining room and took out the back wall. Chef ludwig Zuzwkidkis suffered a broken arm in the incident when he tried to stop the errant skier.

  2. That poor, poor mountain!

    If Moochie was an ordinary citizien with, you know, laws to obey and responsibilites and such, she’d have to file an environmental impact statement any time she lands on her expansive (and expensive!) posterior.

    On the other hand, who knows what valuable resources might be obtained from the crater thus created? It would be the first time something good resulted from a visit from an Obama!

    I just hope they post avalanche warnings anytime she gets wobbly on the bunny trail…

  3. She went looking for the apple pies at Micky D’s since she’s missing those of the White House chef…it’s why she spends hours in the gym!!