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Obama Gets Pointers From Tiger Woods’ Former Coach

President Obama today got some coaching from Butch Harmon, the man who helped turn Tiger Woods into one of the greatest golfers of all time.

Harmon, who coached Woods from 1993 until parting ways with him in 2004, accompanied Obama and the rest of his group for several holes today, “providing tips along the way,” according to the press pool report.

Obama is spending President’s Day weekend at the ultra-exclusive Floridian golf resort in Palm City, Florida.

Playing with the president today were U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk and Obama’s Chicago buddy Eric Whitaker, both of whom regularly accompany Obama on the fairways. Also tagging along were Tony Chase, a Houston attorney and Obama fundraiser, Jim Crane, a Houston businessman who owns the Houston Astros and the Floridian, and Milton Carroll, another Houston businessman who is chairman of CenterPoint Energy.

According to Golf Digest, Harmon flew in just to play with Obama, and has also shared the fairways with Presidents Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford and George H.W. Bush.

Meanwhile, two F-16 jets escorted a small plane today away from the no-fly zone established around the Floridian, according to CBS. The jets forced the Cessna 152 to land around noontime.

Today marks the third time Obama has golfed in 2013 – he played twice in Hawaii last month – and the 114th time he has played since becoming president.

59 thoughts on “Obama Gets Pointers From Tiger Woods’ Former Coach”

  1. Someone must have told him that the President thing will come to a sudden halt in a few years, so fine-tuning his swing is imperative if he’s going to go on the tour.

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  3. Hmmm…curiouser and curiouser. What’s with the Texas connection? What are these people planning?

    Ron Kirk is a former Dallas mayor who grew up in Austin. He still has lots of Texas connections.

    Tony Chase is more than just a Houston attorney. He used to work for the Federal Reserve and quit to campaign for Obama in 2008. He’s also the Chairman & CEO of ChaseSoure and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (aka, new world order).

    Jim Crane, owner of the Houston Astros. Today was their first day of spring training in Kissimmee, Florida and the pompous guy shows up in a helicopter bragging about playing golf with Preezy Revenge. That helicopter ride dang sure better not be paid for by us taxpayers.

    Milton Carroll isn’t just the Chairman of the Board of CenterPoint Energy, he’s also on the board of directors of the former nemesis of the left, Haliburton. Of course, the Koch brothers are more hated than Haliburton, now that there is a Democrat in office.

  4. If only employing a coach to teach him how to lead would be so easy. He’s as much a pathetic leader as he is a golfer. He’s pretty mediocre at everything he does and has done.

    1. “If only employing a coach to teach him how to lead would be so easy. ” – Misscheryl

      Learning requires that a student first admit they have room for improvement. Between his own conceit and the fact that he is surrounded only by flatters in his inner circle and synchophants in the media, ne’er is heard a discouraging word in the vicinity of The One. As a result, he has no reason to believe he is not practically perfect in every way, and like a king or emperor, he considers himself the standard for leadership. Who that he actually listens to or allows in earshot would gainsay him?

      As a result, he has no reason to believe he is not already the perfect leader. Since no further education is required THERE, let’s see if we can’t get a few strokes off the game…

      1. Even Barry’s great speaking ability is worthless since everything he says is a lie. He’s an eloquent s**t talker as worthless as a bro in da hood. The affirmative action welfare food stamp condom “president”.

  5. Great point, Star. How ironic that he takes advice from a golf coach, but never takes advice from real business leaders who aren’t in the pocket of the leviathan.

    Dr. Carson was on Hannity last night for the full hour. What a huge dose of common sense.
    “This is a country that’s for, of, and by the people, not for, of, and by the government, and that is the big battle that we are in right now. We need to make a decision, with our eyes open, which country do we want to be.”

    1. It’s suprising that the knives haven’t come out yet to slice and dice a Black man for daring to have his own mind, and even to dare talk like a conservative.
      His background is probably being scoured for any misdeed, no matter how tiny or how old he was when it happened. Maybe he pushed another child down in the playground, or was mean to some store clerk.

      1. “His background is probably being scoured for any misdeed, no matter how tiny or how old he was when it happened” – srdem65

        If they can’t find something, they’ll just make something up. Who in the media would question it? They’d just print whatever, Page 1, lead on all the majors, and do a retraction much later if forced, somewhere in the back of the paper and during the “Farm Report” on TV at 0-dark-early (when His Oneness won’t be up anyway).

        If all else fails, they’ll just go after his religion. You know, listening to God, following Jesus, obeying a 2000 year old book – the whole Clown Christianity thing the left has practiced SO often in the last decade or so… They’ll paint him as too “Other directed” and not to be trusted BECAUSE of his Christianity, conveninently ignoring the fact that The Angry Caliph is also a self-identified Christian (although in truth, his acts and statements would suggest otherwise).

        They will also continue to lionize and support men who do and govern according to the Koran, that listen to The Prophet, and kill in his name, even when they kill American soldiers for real or imagined slights when they are supposed to be working together. Even when they kill American Ambassadors because of THEIR “Other directedness”, the media would not DARE question THEIR beliefs, and indeed promote Presidential schemes to provide tanks and planes to governments who govern based on Shari’a law. I wonder what would happen if, say, Chris Matthews were to tell a Sunni Imam to “Evolve” because of his views on gay marriage (Muslims are rather violently against this by the way, even to the extent of killing homosexuals – although you probably haven’t heard this from the Media…)

        ‘Fellow black minister,Reverend Delman Coates also appeared on the show. After Coates indicated he supported gay marriage, Jackson retorted, “Why not let the Muslims have polygamy and bigamy?”

        This prompted Matthews to insultingly suggest: “I hope you evolve…I’m just teasing.”‘

        Read more:

        So in the end, no misdeeds needed. For Team Obama and his media, praising G_d (not All_h) is misdeed enough.

    2. Remember when Bush gave up golf because he said he never wanted to have a mother see him golfing after the loss of a child. Well old Barry
      not only upped his golfing while his drones kill the evil but the innocent
      when our own Ambassador who had begged for help was missing and dead little Barry couldn’t be bothered to wake up so much for the 3am

      1. No, Barry couldn’t be bothered with the 3AM call. He had more important things to do, such as get his beauty sleep so he could fly to a campaign fundraiser in Vegas the next day.

          1. Yes I found her lack of even a bit of remorse during the
            Benghazi hearings so very distasteful and her remarks devoid of any feelings. That should be repeated should she run in 2016. At 3am nobody in the Obama cabal was even
            remotely interested except to not offend the Libyans.

          2. Remorse? From Hilz?!? When it’s all REPUBLICAN’S fault? Not in THIS lifetime!

            After all, when has a Clinton – nay, any Liberal – ever even ADMITTED error, let alone felt bad about it?

            “The second item in the liberal creed, after self-righteousness, is unaccountability. Liberals have invented whole college majors–psychology, sociology, women’s studies–to prove that nothing is anybody’s fault. No one is fond of taking responsibility for his actions, but consider how much you’d have to hate free will to come up with a political platform that advocates killing unborn babies but not convicted murderers. A callous pragmatist might favor abortion and capital punishment. A devout Christian would sanction neither. But it takes years of therapy to arrive at the liberal view.” – P.J. O’Rourke


          1. yea, 83K for a couple days in Aspen is a drop in the bucket. Would love to know what was reimbursed by the family.

            Of course they are staying at the Crown’s Ski Chalet again this year. Some cost savings for sure.

            Another part I love was the 2 – “her personal assistant and style advisor, the other was her scheduler” that were members of her party. She needs to fire her style advisor, and she has a scheduler?

            What a busy busy FLOTUS we have.

          2. Wintour wighat giggled again:-). Wonder if the Wintour
            trial balloon failed haven’t heard anymore Amb talk unless
            he’s going to Executive order in the dark of night again.

          3. I bet she never saw a pair of skis before she learned of the free
            trips she could scam the taxpayer for and I doubt she had a clue
            about Aspen or Vail. Must be a comfort to those folks watching
            their house being foreclosed on and all their belongings being
            put on the curb. I’m sure they’re glad Michelle can spend $100
            grand to faux ski.

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  8. I wonder if Tiger’s coach will also instruct him on marital infidelity? It WOULD be amusing to watch Mooch’s big biceps rippling in the dawn light while she chases Hopey down the drive with a Ping 3 wood. He’d be fine though, as long as his spindly little legs can carry him to the nearest bulletproof limo (something TIger devoutly wishes HE’D had)…

    Of course, The Angry Caliph tends towards, eh, male companionship, but cheating IS cheating, whether you pitch or catch, and Shelly don’t seem like the forgiving type – if word were to actually get out about a bathouse tryst during their separate vacations. Otherwise, it’s unlikey she’d even care, since the whole “Marriage” thing is an Emmy-worthy sham…

    1. Probably the reason why she hasn’t done that (Ping 3 Wood) is because she knows the SS would take her out in a heartbeat. But the video would be priceless.

      1. “… the SS would take her out in a heartbeat” – Otis Driftwood

        Would they? Would YOU want to be the Secret Service agent who vetilated Moochie’s biliary system (no heart in THIS one, just an oversized speen in the center of her chest and plenty of gastric juices for her to spew), ESPECIALLY if you’re a WHITE SS man?

        Hopey would be fully capable of crocodile tears over his show spouse, and would likely turn it to some political advantage – while destroying you as a hopeless racist in the process. After all, would The One EVER actually ADMIT to less than perfection in his personal life?

        Even if this WERE an obstacle, ‘Shell’s probably savvy enough to toss them a couple of prostitutes to keep them busy before beating her fool..

        And, based on how The Angry Caliph treats thereoretically co-equal branches of Government, what makes you think he’s any nicer to the “Help”? Maybe, juuust maybe, a secret serviceman would, eh, “Accidentally” trip His Arrogantness into the Mooch Monster’s path…

        And yes, it would be a “priceless” video. That’s why Obama’s media would be sure never to show it.

        1. oh, I did not mean to say “ventilate” her.. there is other ways to take down or take out a aggressive person – ASP Baton to the leg.. squirt with some nice chemicals, maybe even a taze or 3 ;-). If a SS uniformed or PSD agent took lethal force, shame on them. It’s only MO.

          1. All of your alternatives are the “Go To” choices, agreed, but you’d have the same issues with being pilloried by the Press and the Prezzy with them, but with a live and angry Moochie to contend with as well… and it would take a Secret Service agent of rare size and balance to be able to stand close enough to useANY of those alternatives when an enraged Michelle is shaking the very earth with the oscillations of that celebrated badonkadonk as she moves at high speeds…

            As for tasering, you’d just bounce the probes off those iron muscles, wouldn’t you? Then you’d have to taser her again…

            “You might hear bits of conversation
            As you pass through public places
            Some loud talker on a cell phone
            At the next table, there’s a tiff

            Most washed by and not remembered
            But one night just last December
            I passed two women who were talking
            By the front door of my hotel

            The moment that I heard their words
            I stopped and thanked them by the curb
            I said it was the finest one-line eavesdrop
            That I had ever known

            Scribbling on my hotel bed
            I recorded what they said
            With a hotel pen I wrote then
            They had to taser her again

            Again they had to taser her
            First time wasn’t fazing her
            Whatever she did, she did it twice
            Who was that gal, why weren’t she nice?

            She still advanced, a-comin’ strong
            So they cranked the volts
            She soiled her thong
            Didn’t get the hint
            Because then they had to taser her again

            There are questions that are classic
            Like a diamond with its facets
            You can look from every angle
            And never guess the truth

            Were there warrants unresolved?
            How much alcohol was involved?
            How long had she been on the phone to tech support?

            Oh, again they had to taser her
            First time wasn’t fazing her
            Whatever she did, she did it twice
            Who was that gal, why weren’t she nice?
            She still advanced, a-comin’ strong
            So they cranked the volts
            She soiled her thong

            Didn’t get the hint
            Because then they had to
            Taser her again

            Didn’t get the hint
            Because then they had to
            Taser her again ”

            Heywood Banks:Taser Her Again

            Might not work, but it’d be fun tryin’…

  9. The joke is on Barry, The high temp today is 59 degrees (~20 degrees cooler than the norm), wind chill 44 degrees/gusts 19 mph and the pollen count is 9.3 of 12. Florida’s version of giving “The Avid Golfer” the cold shoulder!

  10. While Obama manages to sandwich in a multi-million $$$ golfer’s delight vacay with the swells in Palm Beach on Presidents’ Day week-end, the ghosts of Washington and Lincoln must be looking down in horror at the current occupant of their beloved WH. Rome burns, while Obama golfs.

    Friday, HHS announced that the Obamacare pre-existing insurance fund is broke. Enrollment will end abruptly – no later than March 1, leaving hundreds of uninsurables just that – uninsured. At the same time, Max Baucus (Senate Finance Committee) is demanding proof from HHS that the exchanges will be up and ready to go by the target date, Oct. 1. No one is buying it.

    Meanwhile, the happy golfer has threatened Congress with his own immigration bill unless they come up with one of their own by June! USA leaked details of Obama’s immigration bill – it’s a whopper! Permanent residency for all illegals in 8 years; spouses and children still living outside of the U.S. will be welcomed; no background checks on those who have served one year or less in prison or have three or fewer arrests!

    I say – enjoy your ‘Presidents’ Day’, Barry. It may be your last one in office. You are an epic FAIL!

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  12. I’m betting the connection with Tiger is even bigger than that. I’ll bet Tiger will be in there too. (If you’re old enough you will recognize the pun.) At the time of Tiger’s very public car crash, Golf Magazine had published an issue with Barky and Tiger on cover. That issue made its way to the magazine racks and I purchased a few copies although am not certain I still have them. Ties between the two are long and deep, I would imagine.

  13. For a while Google had a link to the conversation with Obama that irked me of itself. What right has Google to put a one-sided political ploy on my computer? Aside from that, I was tempted to respond and ask Obama if he realized what a big forking carbon footprint he has. Something like that wouldn’t get through though.

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