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The Obama Morning News || February 15, 2013

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    1. Actually you would be amazed how much you do fire off in training. Also remember there are allot of LE agencies under HS – ICE, SS, Coast Guard. Add to it their training facilities. I have attended 3 Govt and 2 private facilities and you spend days firing off rounds down range. Add to it qualifications and requals, it all adds up. They do trade around ammo, heck even the CG gets some of it’s ammo from the DOD. I enjoyed every chance I could get to go to the range / simulators.

      1. I get it. but who are the intended targets that Homeland Security is practicing to shoot?
        The CoastGuard protects our shores from pirates to bad dudes who might shoot at them. but. Homeland?

  1. “Obama didn’t call Libyans during Benghazi attack”

    Not only did he not call the Libyans, he didn’t make one single call that night – not to his generals, not to his State Department officials, not even to his spiritual adviser. As those four brave Americans were fighting for their lives, waiting for help from their fellow Americans that never came, he did nothing to save them. He ate dinner. He went to bed. He got up the next morning to make an unemotional Rose Garden speech about the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty. Shortly afterward, he hopped on AF1 for a Las Vegas campaign jaunt, where he told his acolytes “we had a tough day”. The man has no soul.

    “Better to die the death of a hero than it is to live the life of a coward.” Tyrone Woods father

      1. Susan / Julie – Nice job. We just may move to 2 degrees of separation on any post on any subject… Look at it from this perspective, the … squirrel! Oh my. Sorry, distracted.

        Peace Out!

        ~ RT

    1. They were afraid that to send any military assistance or admit it was a terrorist attack would undermine MrO’s political position that al Quada was being defeated. The premise that neither MrObama or MrsClinton were involved in any way, or that neither of them watched as this unfolded is ridiculous or an indictment of their incompentcy.

      I remember a dispatch from the embassy(?) in Egypt apologizing for an unnamed video and the WhiteHouse(?) or State Department diavowing that the dispatch was approved.

      How many of us were glued to the MSM cable news for hours, watching (from a live feed) the events unfold in Bengazi. Where was that camera that captured the crowds at the compound in Bengazi and who authorized the transmission so as to make it available to the US media?
      They’re lying to us, just as they lied about the gun-running to Mexico and who the heck knows what else.

        1. Ft Hood incident is a mess. It is not a workplace incident. It happened on a military facility and should be completely 100% handled under the UCMJ.

          However, there should be a law offered up by congress and passed by the President to help in recovery / relief of those civilians / contractors who were in the line of fire when the incident occurred. and for military members, although the incident did not happen in a combat zone, they should also be given recovery / relief. We are letting “PC” cloud the issue, as the Major is getting more rights than the people he injured / killed.

          1. “…the Major is getting more rights than the people he injured / killed.” – Otis Driftwood

            HE gets lots of rights. How many rights do “drone strike” targets get? The merits of drone targets are debateable, but NO ONE MAN should be allowed to pick targets on purely arbitrary and capricious criterion.

            Hey, even Hopey’s socialist buddies agree!

            ‘The lengthy May 29 article in the Times establishes that personally plotting killings and selecting victims occupies a great deal of President Barack Obama’s time. The process has been organized as a weekly routine, with Obama heading so-called “Terror Tuesday” meetings of military and intelligence officials. Each week they assemble in the White House situation room to study mug shots and biographies of those on the “kill list”, some of them minors and, in one case, “a girl who looked even younger than her 17 years.”In the end, Obama selects most of the victims. He “signs off on every strike in Yemen and Somalia and also on the more complex and risky strikes in Pakistan—about a third of the total,” according to the Times.

            Thus, when one sees or hears news accounts of “suspected militants” being slain in a drone missile strike—or the less frequent follow-up stories revealing that the “militants” were in fact unarmed men, women and children—it can be assumed that Obama personally ordered the killings.’ – Bill Van Auken. “The World Socialist Web Site”


            Wow. Even his fellow travellers are uncomfortable with a guy who can order killings like a Mafia Don anywhere and anywhere, with NO ONE even allowed to know why!

            And that includes U.S. citizens, too.

            “The unclassified memo, first obtained by NBC News, argues that drone strikes are justified under American law if a targeted U.S. citizen had “recently” been involved in “activities” posing a possible threat and provided that there is no evidence suggesting the individual “renounced or abandoned” such activities.”


            What if the definition of “possible threat” is that Obama feels his grasp of power is democratically threatened? Still fits, doesn’t it?

            Maybe that’s why the Pope quit. And maybe Rush Limbaugh needs to start scanning the skies…

            Obama does not deserve and is not worthy of such power.

            No man is.

          2. I’m so happy to see so many of the WHD regulars go after Obama on the drones in general and abrogation of habeas corpus in particular. Krauthammer is one of my favorite conservative commentators, but I don’t agree with him on this. Nat Hentoff is spot on though.

      1. They are lying to us, srdem. Even worse, they know we know they are lying to us. Paraphrasing what Rush Limbaugh said of the state-run media at the time ‘what we are watching with journalism today is the equivalent of Woodward and Bernstein helping Nixon cover up Watergate.’ The only difference is that no Americans died in the Watergate burglary.

        I created a Benghazi timeline from Twitchy articles so I would never forget the details. You are right, the apology tweet from Cairo is where it all started…

        1. Speaking of phone calls, how many diplomatic phone calls were burning up all over the world when the Russians saw “incoming” that made a mess and injured their people.
          Every alphabet organization in DC was probably put on alert until it was determined that Mother Nature, and not any human, was hurling fire bombs at the Motherland.

        2. “…the equivalent of Woodward and Bernstein helping Nixon cover up Watergate.'” – Susan

          Well, Hillary DID work on the Nixon impeachment;

          “In July 1974, as the House Judiciary Committee was reviewing the tapes and earmarking Nixon’s supposed crimes, two young staffers were assigned by the committee’s chief counsel, Jerome Zeifman, to research the protocols for impeachment. John Labovitz and another young lawyer, just 26 years old with the ink barely dry on her Yale law degree, began the arduous task of poring over constitutional archives. Labovitz’s partner was Hillary Diane Rodham.”

          I guess she learned a few things along the way. Like how to beat the rap.

          Funny how the “Question Authority” T-shirts and bumperstickers disappeared when the type of folks who displayed them BECAME the authority, isn’t it?

          “Think for yourself and question authority” – Timothy Leary

          Sigh. Intellectual inconsistency, thy name is Democrat…

      2. Yes! Terrorism… Now we are talking!

        Speaking of acts of sheer terrorism, how about the lack of and total disregard for facts, logic, and other common cognitive processes that lead to rational thought… You know, exploring the details and contrasting those with the larger picture. And, from that perspective, utilizing the newly acquired critical distance to frame the topic du jour into a form that provides the rudimentary basis and structure from where reasoned debate can occur and, importantly, be sustained.

        Whoa RT. Meds, must find meds…

        Rachel! Tell Chris to get over here and bring Ed. Reverend Sharpton looks like he is going to have a coronary over this Sec Def thing… And, if that is not enough, looks like Fox has a breaking news story – tying Chuck Hagel to acts of terror. Seems that every day that he has been alive, one or more kittens have met untimely deaths in America! Must get this out to our Blogosphere Soldiers so the truth can find it’s way around the Leftist MSM!!!

        All better now…

        Peace Out!

        ~ RT

    1. “I’m curious at Obama’s choice for Hagel, a republican. Was it to dismantle our military then blame the republicans ?” – DeniseVB

      Everything is automatically Republican’s fault. That’s why he let them keep the House, because he got tired of all that “first two years you had total power” stuff.

      It cost him nothing to do so. The Republican party is shot though with RINOs who COULD have killed Federal power years ago, but were unwilling to do so when THEY were in charge. That way, when there arose a generation that did not remember Carter and got the vote, all that nice power was just lying around waiting for Democrats to abuse it.

      That, coupled with Boehner being his weepy handmaiden in the House (who does everything to shut down actual conservative voices), a servile and fawning media, total control of the Senate, and a five judge (and growing!) majority in the Supreme Court see to it that even if Republicans magically remembered their principals and tried to stop him, it would be totally ineffective.

      Obama knew what he was doing when he fixed the elections. He COULD have had a majority in the House – if he wanted one. It serves his purposes better the way it is – a nice fall guy, the ones that keep making the Country lose the “happy thoughts” that allow us to fly despite massive chains of indebtedness and maniacal money printing. GREAT straw man, ZERO ability to change his course! What busy tyrant could ask for more!

      Don’t underestimate the man. None of this is because he’s trying to fix things and doesn’t know how. The current state of the country is by design.

  2. NYT’s article mentions “Promise Zones” for a select few communities to combat poverty? So they’ll get a chunka case for this ?

    Reminds me of Michelle’s “Food Deserts” giving money to grocery chains to build new stores near the poor people. Turns out there was a reason they didn’t in the first place (too dangerous, not a good demo for profits) and ended up using the money to remodel existing stores.

    Can’t help but think this is how they reward their bundling buddies :D

  3. I love the fact that Cornel West has been coming out and calling things with Obama as he sees them.

    While I don’t agree with much of what West says, he’s a staunch leftist, and liberation apologist, I do admire his energy and the ferocity of his thinking. If only the conservatives could find someone that would match this lion of the left, the left would be hard pressed to fight him.

    I know Rush, Levin, and some others do their best, but they have been so polarized by this administration and other leftist organizations that they cannot reach the “every man.”

  4. “Obama offers no fixes for Social Security” . . . Washington Times

    Or for anything else. All he ever offers is brag and abuse, strife and division. He farts with his mouth.

  5. “Obama to detail program for distressed areas” . . . New York Times

    You mean The United States? Thanks to HIM, the WHOLE THING is a “distressed area”!

    1. I wonder how many ‘distressed areas’ will be in the DC to NY corridor plus a few big cities like Chicago and LA. I wonder how many will be rural, in the South or in the West.

      1. Well, all those ‘distressed areas’ are bastions of leftist ideology. Since they don’t have the ability to print their own money like Washington, they’ll sell their souls to this leviathan centralized government to survive a while longer. Like Margaret Thatcher said, ‘socialism works until you run out of other people’s money’, and that time is approaching us at break-neck speed.

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