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Michelle Vacationing Separately From President Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama plans to vacation in Aspen, Colorado this Presidents’ Day weekend, separately from her husband, who will land this evening in West Palm Beach for his own down time with the boys.

According to Aspen newspapers, both Michelle and Vice President Biden are expected on the slopes. The White House has not yet announced the trip, and it’s not clear when she will be leaving, though she will presumably go today.

Michelle’s separate excursion from the president means that, even as the government prepares to slash spending as the March 1 sequester approaches, taxpayers will be footing the bill for two separate Obama vacations, paying for items like travel and the expensive security and staff entourages that accompany them everywhere.

What’s more, the Obamas just completed an exorbitant vacation to Hawaii, from which they returned January 6. The president billed taxpayers for two roundtrip tickets on Air Force One – which costs approximately $180,000 an hour to use – after he returned to Washington mid-vacation to deal with the Fiscal Cliff.

Michelle spent the entire 17 days in Hawaii, meaning she’s back on vacation at taxpayer expense just weeks after a resting for more than two weeks in paradise.

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475 thoughts on “Michelle Vacationing Separately From President Obama”

  1. Last year, Michelle decamped at the large “Petite Trianon” winter palace of billionaires Paula and James Crown, owners of the Aspen Skiing Company as well as General Dynamics and JP Morgan Chase. The Crowns have made headlines here for firing a singer, banning a song, and censoring a local newspaper all from National Forest under their purview. DO AS I SAY! These limousine liberals keep us chucking 24/7 in Aspen.

  2. Mo money, mo money and MOOOO money….that’s all these people are worth, spending OUR money like they’re lotto winners and believe you me they THINK they won the lotto…..Just wait until this is over.. Look at Jesse Jackson JR…..he’s taking his wife down with him after blowing campaign money by the hundreds of thousands of money NOT THEIRS TO SPEND.

    And he lied about being ILL for 6 months on OUR DIME figuring out how long he and wifey were willing to plea down for prison time!!!!

    Sadly many African American politicians ON THE LEFT have this attitude: Whitedog has been stealing for 300 years so it be time for us to get what be ours any way we can, they do it”…..when “THEY DON’T”…sure there are crooks of all ‘flavors’ but at the rate the AA Politicos are going to prison there’s no equal opportunity THERE….and what do many of them STILL DO?

    Blame thee white man..

  3. I find the comments by some posters today regrading the Obama family very disturbing. I don’t agree with the actions and decisions of the current administration. However, we are here to have discourse on those decisions, not Mr. Obama’s ethnicity nor his wife’s or children’s and certainly not on their appearance, parentage, etc.

  4. These slugs should have to pay for their own vacation, what is wrong with Camp David, like rational people would attend, while things in our country are so rough for those of us who actuall “work” for a living. These two are living high on the hog while they can, doubt if either of them could hold down a REAL job in the real world. I hate them and all that they stand for and while I can still speak my mind, I intend to do so, every opportunity I am afforded. Hope it continues to rain in Palm Beach all weekend long and Moocheel breaks a leg on the slopes….who do they thin they are?????? God bless America

  5. If Obama and Biden were together in Aspen with Miss Alabama, it would be like move Dumb and Dumber “I touched her leg” “I need to use your bathroom” “I forgot to tell you, the toilet doesn’t work” etc.

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  9. When most americans can’t afford to eat,medical bills,taking care of just everyday needs let alone vactions but our tax dollars paying for two vactions. Really who cares except it is waste with this nation in the worst time ever in history and never have we been in such danger ever in history.Talk about the free phone… FREE oh right the hard working families paying with tax money not the government. Just as we are paying for two vactions.But they love to rub our noses ino it. Let them it just goes to show… just how much respect they have. Never in history have we been faced with power grabs and greed as we have in the past 4+ years.You have to love this nation to understand.Being a true american helps to understand.Never has our children been so hungry with government ordering what they can have in school or have they been faced taught that the boston tea party was terrorism under what is called cscope teaching communism in american schools now parents should be fighting mad as teachers now under gag. brainwashing our children. it is bad enough to ruin america but mess with our children. oh enjoy your vaction.

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  11. Congrats Keith,
    Youve done it now. Look at all the OFA trolls trying to hijack your comments. We are truly seeing obamas soldiers in action. J’ll bet ya money ATLEAST TWO of the commenters in this thread are on computers owned by either us govt, or obama’s OFA. ….

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  14. You are kidding right? The President of the USA takes a weekend off and you’re blathering on about it? Might I remind you that during George W. Bush’s 2 terms, he spent 487 days at Camp David on retreats and made 77 trips to Crawford Ranch, in Texas.

    Even more telling Bush’s total number of days on vacation or retreat during his presidency over 8 years was 977 days or 32% of his total time in office.

    Don’t even ask me to add the stats on Ronald Reagan.

    1. You do not take a huge jet (nor even a small one) to go from the WH to Camp David… cost zippo to go to Camp David vs just the drinks on Air Force One (especially if Joe biden is along)……Obama is a waste!

    2. Frankly, Bush either went to Camp David or to his Ranch in Texeas. Neither Bush nor Laura went to Europe on a taxpayers’ vacation, Martha’s Vineyard, several times, at OMG, Aspen, Colorado, etc. Plus family and friends. You are kidding right. Get a lesson on truthfulness. He is a communist/Muslim and if he were my race I would be first one shouting from a mountain because I would consider him a traitor to my race. By the way, Democrats have twisted and lied about everything. They were the ones who did not want blacks liberated, they did not wants blacks to vote either and most importantly, they were the KKK who would lynch blacks to keep them in line and yet your people embrace them with open hands. It is nice to forgive and forget, I guess.

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  16. It is nice when someone else pays. That might be the reason why he wants some working and some “reaping” the benefits of the workers, just like him!!!

  17. I’m a loud mouthed Texan artist; I went to a Tea Party meeting at the Aspen Institute last year run by some politician only in it for 1 thing: himself. Typical. Regarding the comments above about a knock on the door from the SS, I received one. However, when you battle billionaires, expect “Kill Obama” to be spraypainted on your house in a company town. Especially when the company paper runs a story that makes it seem like you did it. This tends to marginalize you. LOL.

    I believe in liberty as a guiding principle. When I told my fellow Texan Dick Armey that there were many of us tea partyers involved in occupy aspen, he ridiculed me. Not so fast—-We’re all little people fighting the elites. In Colorado, a third party could be formed to UNITE the tea party, the libertarians/occupiers and the Mexicans but that’s just my dreaming???

    Today, my friend Juan showed me his new Audi at church. Juan works 70+ hours a week. which to me is more American than Michelle Obama wearing $540 sneakers to a Food Bank. Here’s what’s happening this weekend in Aspen as the President golfs in Florida while his wife skis in Aspen… all at a time with millions of unemployed:

    Queen Michelle “Let them eat cake” Obama and VP Joe “Big Jim” Biden are skiing in Aspen this weekend while millions suffer under their Rule. Is it #tyranny yet? One letter to the Aspen Times suggested the situation here in the “Glitter Gulch” is Rome in the 4th quarter. Aspen is Versailles—-it’s Crony Capitalism on steroids. Aspen’s former mayor was at breakfast today at the Hickory House, she said she was not invited to the big fiesta last night for Michelle. We’re a town of 6700–news travels fast. Me neither.

    Last year, the FLOTUS and her family crashed at the winter palace of my billionaire neighbors—-> the powerful Crown family, the owners of the company that owns the company town, Aspen Skiing. [Where the fiesta was last night]. Not only do the Crowns think their doodoo is Chanel #5, they’re also petty tyrants. Google Ski instructor James Cohen Aspen or better, Lester Crown bribery Chicago Tribune.

    Michelle’s host last night is most famous for being on the President’s arts council, as well as for firing singer Dan Sheridan, banning his song “Big $” from ski areas in national forest under lease, and censoring our local paper, the Aspen Daily News [all covered online.]

    Last night, it was black SUV city at the Crowns at what locally is referred to as the “Petit Trianon, their palatial residence. There ain’t nothin’ “petite” about it.

    The gossip at the hardware store is where did all the fleet of black SUV’s arrive from? Straight from the horse’s mouth, the SS [Secret Service]: 25 SUV’s had to be driven up from Peterson Air Force Base near Denver [only 8 are stored in Denver]. The SS is real friendly with locals, and I ain’t talkin’ Cartagena friendly.

    Wait, it get’s better: the SS says only 3 “special” SUV’s can be loaded per cargo plane. SAT question: how many cargo planes for the VP and Royal Family?

    In addition, how come the Pitkin County airport opened the airport [closed normally until 7am] at 5am on Friday? Thanks. What was the REAL total cost to taxpayers? Sometimes I’m lucky enough to get upgraded on United Airlines, trust me, it’s REAL nice. The Queen of Denmark flys commercial but VP Joe and Michelle need to take separate government airplanes?

    The govt. says Ms. Obama’s trip cost $83K. Really? Don’t call us little people stupid. LOL. These Do AS I SAY liberals keep us chuckling 24/7 in A-town….. -lee mulcahy, phd, pen.

  18. Re ” down time with the boys”; Maybe bayrack took some of his old white male friends from “Mans Country” in Chicago down to Florida to have some “down time”.

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  25. It was announced today that all government employees will be furloughed and lose 20% of their income. Looks like Barak and Michelle are celebrating.

  26. Hey asshole, EVERY president takes “exorbitant” vacations (like shrub, who couldn’t be bothered to interrupt his umpteenth time “clearing brush” in precious Crawford, for Hurricane Katrina), so get over it.

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  28. You all do realize that there are no facts to support these claims, right? Our current president has spent significantly less money on vacations than “W”. Of course, folks would never just read and believe something just because it is on the internet. Intelligent people would check sources like before passing on one person’s unsupported ramblings.

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  39. Published, Aspen Daily News: see link below

    Dear Michelle Obama and VP Joe Biden:

    As millions of Americans suffer this fat cat thievery they call economic downturn, I’d like to thank you both for saving the taxpayer money by taking separate Air Force planes to your vacation here in Versailles.

    I’d also like to thank my crony capitalist, anti-union, war-profiteering billionaire neighbors the Crowns for entertaining you Saturday night.

    But 25 bullet-proof black SUVs for the two delegations flown in by cargo planes to Peterson Air Force base outside Denver? Does each cargo plane really only carry three SUVs?

    Meanwhile, President “never met a drone he didn’t like” Obama was escorted by duel F-16s to his golf vacation in Florida?

    The Queen of Denmark flies commercial but you three can’t? I was lucky to get upgraded on United, trust me, it’s real nice.

    And why all the noisy planes two hours before the normal 7 a.m. airport opening on Friday? It woke us up here in the AABC. More importantly, why does your husband maintain a kill list? Habeas corpus, has served us well since the late 1700s here in America.

    In addition, why does your husband defend indefinite detention of Americans? What do I know? This: If the Chinese ever send drones over Sopris here in “guns and religion” Colorado to shoot at wedding parties of our people, we’ll all be Pakistanis, or Tunisians or Egyptians — history tends to repeat itself. Tyranny versus freedom.

    An ancient Athenian predicted that the tyranny that the first democracy imposed abroad would come back to haunt them at home. It did.

    Joe and Michelle, Please stop our endless wars abroad. Please bring home our fellow Americans that we have placed in harm’s way. And please, substitute the Peace Corps instead of Orwellian drones.

    Lee Mulcahy

  40. The Obamas are taking advantage of all they can and we let them get away with it! Obama is the most disqualified president we have ever had and yet we let him stay in power and continue to ruin our great country. He is here illegally, a liar, and is gay!!!

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