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Michelle Vacationing Separately From President Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama plans to vacation in Aspen, Colorado this Presidents’ Day weekend, separately from her husband, who will land this evening in West Palm Beach for his own down time with the boys.

According to Aspen newspapers, both Michelle and Vice President Biden are expected on the slopes. The White House has not yet announced the trip, and it’s not clear when she will be leaving, though she will presumably go today.

Michelle’s separate excursion from the president means that, even as the government prepares to slash spending as the March 1 sequester approaches, taxpayers will be footing the bill for two separate Obama vacations, paying for items like travel and the expensive security and staff entourages that accompany them everywhere.

What’s more, the Obamas just completed an exorbitant vacation to Hawaii, from which they returned January 6. The president billed taxpayers for two roundtrip tickets on Air Force One – which costs approximately $180,000 an hour to use – after he returned to Washington mid-vacation to deal with the Fiscal Cliff.

Michelle spent the entire 17 days in Hawaii, meaning she’s back on vacation at taxpayer expense just weeks after a resting for more than two weeks in paradise.

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475 thoughts on “Michelle Vacationing Separately From President Obama”

  1. I hope she doesn’t forget her “ho hat” with the bangs…somewhere in DC there is a two-bit hooker missing her dew cause Michelle found it and took it. Must be an obama thing, KINKY!

  2. The queen has to go to the most expensive ski area in America – why not? The Obama’s have to maximize their presidential experience…while the rest of the country struggles to come back from “the worst recession since the depression.”

  3. They’re worn out from the immaculation part deux. And vacationing is hard work obviously. They gotta have some down time to persue their favorite pastimes like skiing moguls for moochelle antoinette and maybe hussein doing some skeet shooting while taking a drag on a Kool Menthol Lite since moochelle won’t be there to slap him down for daring to do such a thing. Down time with the boys? Sounds kinda icky to me. Ah yes. Just like the good ole days in chi-town bathhouses.

  4. Barack will certainly enjoy his “down” time with the boys. No doubt about that. What a great play on words by the article’s author.

    The Obama marriage is a sham….just like his entire life is.

  5. “…her husband, who will land this evening in West Palm Beach for his own down time with the boys.”

    Larry Sinclair and Reggie Lover?

  6. We’re Obama a Republican, the Rumors would be flying about a rift in their marriage and possible divorce because od the separate vacations. I can just hear Maddow, maher, Schultz, Matthews .

  7. Nobel Peace Prize Nominee: Obama Asks Military Leaders If They Will “Fire On US Citizens”

    Paul Joseph Watson
    January 22, 2013

    2009 Nobel Peace Prize nominee Jim Garrow shockingly claims he was told by a top military veteran that the Obama administration’s “litmus test” for new military leaders is whether or not they will obey an order to fire on U.S. citizens.

    Garrow was nominated three years ago for the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize and is the founder of The Pink Pagoda Girls, an organization dedicated to rescuing baby girls from “gendercide” in China. Garrow has been personally involved in “helping rescue more than 36,000 Chinese baby girls from death.” He is a public figure, not an anonymous voice on the Internet, which makes his claim all the more disturbing.

    “I have just been informed by a former senior military leader that Obama is using a new “litmus test” in determining who will stay and who must go in his military leaders. Get ready to explode folks. “The new litmus test of leadership in the military is if they will fire on US citizens or not”. Those who will not are being removed,” Garrow wrote on his Facebook page, later following up the post by adding the man who told him is, “one of America’s foremost military heroes,” whose goal in divulging the information was to “sound the alarm.”

  8. Nothing like rubbing it our faces .I’m tired of paying for all her vacations. Does her mother tag along with her? I guess I’ll have to suck it up and take my lucky to have 3 days .After all Obama was re elected

  9. Really showing concern for 23 million unemployed, and countless others having given up even looking for work. No better way to show empathy for the struggling masses than another, separate, taxpayer-funded Roman empress vacation. How about another Nobel Prize for these worthies?

  10. WEll its really telling. They don’t like each other at all and it was all a show. Now he has 4 more years and the charade is over. The woman filled for divorce once already how long before she does it again. What a mess

  11. Commies love to act like gods. The obamas fit right in. Hopefully, it is a sign they are having marital problems and this will cause a huge scandal. Pigs.

  12. Mr. Obama is heading of to party with some Cuban Cabana Boys while Michelle heads to the Colorado mountains where cougars are known to prowl.

    What an awesome time to be an American.

  13. Why hell yes…you get to spend twice the taxpayers money that way…and obozo can play with the little boys he found in fla. and the first ho can go back to the oldest profession..imo

  14. So the big butt ghetto grifter is out grabbing every last penny she can get from struggling taxpayers. Bet she is stuffing her ugly face with all the foods she would deny our children.

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    1. the idiots that voted for him blame everybody even Reagan for this misery, but NEVER Obummer because he’s never in the White House. Would love to know what is happening in that plane????? Is Reggie hiding in there??? is he doing drugs in there??? something for sure, he needs to fly every day in that big monster while he wants us in little cars.

    1. That a** is bigger than the entire state of Colorado;and yet she preaches about obesity in children. Broccoli and carrots children, while Barack and Moochelle hog down on friend chicken and cavier.

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  17. this bunch is gonna get all the goodies they can get until we the people have nothing left in our ragged, taxpaying pockets except lint…

  18. So Nobama gets a chance to have a homo encounter as he did in Illinois. This is wave of future, especially, when he announces he is bi!

  19. I am SO disappointed in the White Seperatist Movement in America. You think they would have fixed this a long time ago. What wimps those good ol’ boys have become.

  20. So Mooch gets another class-A vacation on the taxpayer dime, while looking out from her ivory tower telling the rest of us to “eat cake”.

  21. Vacation? What has she done other than vacation at taxpayer expense for the past four years? How many vacations did Laura Bush take in eight years? The audacity of these people. And yet, you won’t hear a word from the alleged media…you know, the same media that was all over President Bush for any and everything. America has to suffer for four more years of this crap.

  22. Can’t wait to see links from the days when you used to preserve freedom by holding the Bush White House to account, you hack. Got any?


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