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Michelle Vacationing Separately From President Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama plans to vacation in Aspen, Colorado this Presidents’ Day weekend, separately from her husband, who will land this evening in West Palm Beach for his own down time with the boys.

According to Aspen newspapers, both Michelle and Vice President Biden are expected on the slopes. The White House has not yet announced the trip, and it’s not clear when she will be leaving, though she will presumably go today.

Michelle’s separate excursion from the president means that, even as the government prepares to slash spending as the March 1 sequester approaches, taxpayers will be footing the bill for two separate Obama vacations, paying for items like travel and the expensive security and staff entourages that accompany them everywhere.

What’s more, the Obamas just completed an exorbitant vacation to Hawaii, from which they returned January 6. The president billed taxpayers for two roundtrip tickets on Air Force One – which costs approximately $180,000 an hour to use – after he returned to Washington mid-vacation to deal with the Fiscal Cliff.

Michelle spent the entire 17 days in Hawaii, meaning she’s back on vacation at taxpayer expense just weeks after a resting for more than two weeks in paradise.

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475 thoughts on “Michelle Vacationing Separately From President Obama”

  1. Unbelievable. Two advance teams for each. Two teams to go with each of them. Two jets. Two hotel bills. Food bills. Rooms for all their aides. Etc., etc. This should be around a cool $10 mil by the time these 2 chumps are done. They are truly a disgrace.

    1. Don’t forget BO the first dog. Where will he be spending the weekend? Will he be on a separate flight and will advance teams secure his surroundings? EVeryone knows that Moochelle has a separate bedroom at the WH that she had decorated just for her. THey spend as little time as possible together. It helps keep the furnishing costs down in the WH as there are fewer lamps and china to be replaced.

  2. This seperate vaca by both does not surprise me. I do not believe the two royals are getting along that well being together. As long as they have our credit card, there is no limit to their arrogance. For the low information crowd that voted for Santa Clause—-you will see that Santa has turned into the Grinch and he continues to steal our gifts of freedom.

    For God and Country

      1. Not just a little point you make there. Aside from the vacations, he takes the Big One out practically every day still to go campaigning.

          1. Now THAT’S something I can sink my teeth into.; she’s running things anyway esp. now with Hiliary heading …………………..where IS it she’s heading?

  3. At least neither of them is in Ohio. I’d rather not be in Ohio in February either- but if they luv, luv, luv Ohio so much… Funny how politicians only end up in Ohio when they’re campaigning. I am glad they don’t bother to vacation here. I have to “vacation” here because even if I can get time off, I can’t afford to leave.

  4. Why select exclusive white enclaves? Hawaii, Aspen? Because the posers are slavers and “black folk” only serve as a pet dependency voter base that they manipulate but otherwise despise.

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  6. I havent had a vacation in five years, California doesnt leave me any disposable incoming for it.It must be nice to be the King! Mr, dictator and chief.

  7. Since Reggie Love had to resign as his body man because of homosexual pictures on the internet, Obama has very little time with him. he gets away from Mooch so he and Reggie can have a little quality snuggling time on the couch watching basketball.

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  9. Not only do we have to pay for the mrs’ super big jet ride, we have to pay for her massive security details’ ride, their housing (not cheap in Vail), their food, their ski lift tickets (to follow her around while she pretends to ski). We pay for the kids and all her friends as well. Then triple that price for Barry’s ride to Florida, his massive security, their vehicles, housing, food, etc, etc,
    They’ll top their 2 Billion$$ vacation costs from the last 4 years — now that he doesn’t have an election to win, expect vile behavior from the 2 of these pigs. Why aren’t his groupies asking him to pay HIS fair share??? This country is in the toilet because of the morons that voted for him.

  10. It has become very clear that WE THE PEOPLE have lost control of our entire Government.
    They no longer fear the People, and that is defined as Tyranny!!!!

    Things in this Country are going to get much much worse until the People rise up and March on Washington and remove all of them from Office and make changes to laws and to the constitution holding them legally responsible for their actions and voting records with enforced Prison terms.
    Then hold new Elections and the new Officals see the laws have changed and if they do any of this activity they will be sent to Prison. ICELAND did it.

    When will the People of this Country unite to save it????????

    1. Listen to the song by Nickelback called I wanna be a rock star then use the tune for this

      lol the presidents song

      I’m through with standing in line to GOLF COURSES I WANT TO PLAY IN
      It’s like my BEST BACK 9 and I’m ALWAYS gonna win
      This life has really turned out JUST the way I want it to be
      (Tell me what you want)

      I want ANOTHER Government house WHERE I CAN TAKE THE KIDS
      And a bathroom THAT THEIR FRIENDS can play baseball in
      a king size tub big enough for MICHELLE , BO AND me
      (So what you need?)

      I’ll need ANOTHER credit card I DONT PAY that’s got no limit
      And a BETTER PRESIDENTIAL jet with a BO’S bedroom in it
      HE’S GONNA join the Mile High Club WITH FLUFFY at thirty-seven thousand feet
      (Been there, done that)

      I want a new tour bus full of BOOZE AND CAVIAR
      My own star on Hollywood Boulevard
      IF YOU HAVE TO GET RID OF Cher and James Dean THATS fine WITH me
      (So how you gonna do it?)

      I’ L NEVER trade this life OF fortune and fame
      I’ L PAY PEOPLE 500 BUCKS TO cut my hair and BOW TO my name

      ‘Cause we all just wanna be US PRESIDENTS
      And live in hilltop houses FLOWN IN ONE OF FIFTEEN JETS
      The girls WILL come WITH ME and the WIFE AINT cheap
      SHE WONT BE skinny ’cause SHE LOVES TO eat
      And we’ll hang out in the coolest HAWIAN bars
      In the V.I.P. ROOM with the LOBYIST stars
      Every good gold digger’s gonna wind up there

      Hey hey, I wanna be THE US PRESIDENT
      Hey hey, I wanna be THE US PRESIDENT

      IM GONNA BE GREATER THAN Elvis without the HASSLE
      Hire 80 bodyguards that love to KISS MY ASSHOLE
      Sign a couple GOVERNMENT BILLS so I can eat my meals for free
      (I’ll have a quesadilla on the WHITEHOUSE)

      I’m gonna dress ALL MY FAMILY with the latest fashion
      GIVE THEM ALL a front door key to the WHITEHOUSE mansion
      Gonna GET AN FREE INTERN that loves to blow me.. like Billy
      (So how you gonna do it?)

      I’m gonna trade this SENATORS LIFE for MORE fortune and fame
      I’d even PAY 500 BUCKS TO cut my hair and BOW TO MY name

      ‘Cause we all just wanna be US PRESIDENTS

      Every good gold digger’s gonna wind up HERE
      WITH SOME Playboy BUNNIES with THEIR STRAIGHTENED hair, and we’ll
      Hide out in the private rooms
      With the latest dictionary and today’s who’s PAYING OFF who
      They’ll get ME anything WHEN I FLASH MY evil smile
      WE’VE GOT A VACATION PLANNER on MICHELLES speed dial, well

      Hey hey, I wanna be a US PRESIDENT

      I’m gonna BAN those NEWS CLIPS that offend the MY CENSORS
      Gonna pop US 100’S from a pez dispenser

  11. Perhaps there should be a law about the number of vacation days the President and his family can spend away from DC. These expenses on the taxpayer dime are ridiculous!

    1. Well, when you do not give a crap about the Presidency and all you want to do is live RENT free for 4 years and mooch off the American people, it makes a lot of sense.

    1. Those runs are much too difficult for her. As far as I could determine, the FF never took a ski vacation until after he became president, so she’s not hiking to the highlands bowl, or the wall, she’s not skiing aspen highlands, or aspen mountain, she’s most likely at the bottom of buttermilk, or sitting on her fat a s s in one of the mountainside restaurants. Oh how I wish I was there this year, I’d love to run into her on the mountain and tell her exactly what I think of her. Unfortunately, my family, grandparents, parents, and children, don’t go to aspen anymore. The crappy economy has put it out of reach for us.

      1. Back when we lived in northern Illinois (Chicago ‘burbs it the 70s & early-80s) we used to ski, but could never afford to go to Colorado. We went skiing in Wisconsin and Minnesota. I doubt the First Fat Ass ever went skiing prior to her tenure in the Big White. She must have heard that Aspen is the place to be for the so-called “Beautiful People” and that’s why she’s so anxious to head there. Barf.

  12. Any other American family vacations together – but gee that’s hardly necessary when the taxpayer foots all the transportation costs. I’d like some accounting for the First Traveler’s presidents’ weekend ski trips when she had to buy the round trip plane ticket for herself and the kiddies.

  13. Is this what the saying means “elections have consequences” well we have the inconvenient consequence of paying for these vacations for the next 4 years.

  14. I’m suprised at how many of you have not figured this out yet. This is a marriage of convience,(see movie Dreams Of My Real Father).They are no more lovers and friends then he and I. How many couples do you know split their vacations and go different directions? How many times has your spouse given you a gift and it wasn’t good enough or expensive enough that you take it back and exchange it for something bigger or more expensive? That’s what the moocher did with the diamond ring her gave her,its was $5000,she took it back and replaced it with a $10.000 ring.Story is on the net look it up!. There’s something very creepy about these two.

    If my spouse give me a Birthday present that was $5000 I’d know that wanted me to have the one HE picked,and it would mean the world to me.Just add things up people,and watch the Corsi movie.Also,one of them is as gay as a three $ bill.Easy to split up for vacation,huh?

      1. Kennedy had no trouble getting away with it, even with a movie star & his depraved brother were “fornicating” with at the same time.

        (I use “fornicating” since I promised my daughter-in-law I’d not swear & use my “educated head” as she puts it. lol)

  15. As soon as I saw the bullcrap stop in Chicago on his schedule today, I knew he was picking up his golf buddies on his way to Florida, and Moochelle would be going with their wives on her usual ski vacation.

    These people make me sick. All we ever heard for eight years was the libs bitching about how the Bushes flew home to their ranch in Crawford. But, total silence about King Obummer and Queen Moochelle and their extravagant lifestyle on our dime, for them and their pals.

    1. When Bush keeps being thrown back at us for his Crawford trips, those people don’t realize the Bushes were wealthy BEFORE coming to the WH. He sold his share in the Texas Rangers to buy his Crawford ranch. W and Laura could easily afford luxury vacations and often. But they chose to spend the time at HOME or at Camp David (which does have ski trails), together, with friends and family.

      I think the media enjoys the luxury vacation destinations and why Obama gets a pass in the press. I remember them whining about the dusty Crawford motels they had to stay in :D

      1. Yes, I remember how much the media hated being stuck in Crawford. You’re right, they love how Barry takes them to Hawaii, Martha’s Vineyard, etc.

        As you said, the Bushes only went to Crawford for down time to spend with the family. The O’s go on separate vacations to luxury destinations because they feel it’s their right. He won an election and now they feel they’re part of the one percent, and they’re going to take it for all they can, at our expense. All the while, playing class warfare games and pretending to give a crap about the hard-working middle income taxpayers.

  16. This must be the green energy investments Man Who Calls Himself Obama mentioned in the SOTU. Flying separate fleets of jumbo jets at a cost of $170,000 per hour is a good green start.

  17. So we have Michelle Obama, AGAIN, ruining American’s long weekend ski vacations. She could go any other time, but chooses arguably the busiest weekend of the year at Colorado ski resorts to impose herself and shut down Aspen Mountain and the surrounding slopes. She is despicable, as is her jerk spouse. God, I despise those two.

      1. Ever notice how often the King uses, “Me, Myself & I” as he’s speaking? I’ve noticed a slight vector away from it lately, so apparently his handlers have advised him to look a bit more “humble.” (Try some “pie” B.O.?)

  18. Educational to visit this blog and read the content and the comments.
    Many of the comments reflect the thoughts of a time when people were ignorant and felt they were of a special class. I’m satisfied that my children and grandchildren will never read this blog or its comments.

    1. So, essentially WHAT is it you are TRYING to say? If things continue as they are, you won’t have to worry about your grandchildren reading this………….or much else!


  19. It’s great to be a ni- -er bitch living in the white house with white servants waiting on you and take vacations where ever and when ever you want because America is paying for you to play queen ,,

    1. Are you serious? If so, you are profoundly blinded and misinformed. This has nothing to do with race – it has everything to do with hypocrisy and the entitlement mentality of Barack and Michelle Obama.

    2. You know full well that this has nothing to do with race, but nice try. The Dems bitched for eight years about Bush going HOME on long weekends and vacations to Crawford, Texas. Had GWB and Laura gone off to Hawaii every Christmas, Martha’s Vineyard every summer, several other trips during the years, and MANY separate vacations for Laura Bush, including a “girls” vacation in Spain, and a girls’ ski weekend each and every February, the outrage would have made the Dems’ heads explode.

      If your premise were correct, then Obummer and his family would be spending all of their down time back at their alleged home in Chicago.

      1. Actually, Laura Bush did take a separate vacation from GW every year. She went with her sorority sisters for a two week hiking vacation in the National Parks. They have been doing this since college and apparently do a different park every year. She kept it up while in the White House. Very low key.

    3. BTW Justin, how are you adapting to that smaller paycheck since 1/1? Has your medical insurance from you company gone up-YET? Don’t have any? Don’t worry-you will when the buying co-ops. get set up by each State & you MUST buy into it. Schadenfreude, Justin, schadenfreude. (Look it up)

  20. You republicans are such idiots and I LOVE coming onto site and reading the comment sects.

    bwahahahah, your party lost and you’re still a bunch of bitter losers.


      1. Oh I have a clue Fred B and I get it from reading the comment sections associated with articles frequented by conservatives. I find them linked at Drudge. They are simultaneously hilarious and depressing. For NYC residents it’s like looking into the wayback machine.

        1. Justin Case you are a textbook example of a Millenial nitwit. You have been blinded by misinformation and likely are not a high achiever – else you could not possibly support Obama and what he is doing to all of America.

        2. ooh, the “wayback machine”! wow, am I ever dissed. I may cry.

          I think I speak for most of us here in flyover country when I say that there’s only one thing we care LESS about than what New Yorkers think, and that is what EUROPEANS think.

          but thanks for sharing. I guess we’ll just have to keep being stupid out here, I suppose, until you New Yorkers can come and rescue us.

          oh–and btw, you DON’T have a clue. in fact, as Rummy might have put it, you don’t even know that you don’t know that you don’t have a clue.

    1. That’s priceless coming from a New Yorker. How do you like living under the thumb of Nanny Bloomberg? No trans fats for you! No salt for you! No 32 oz soda for you! No protection from the ‘victims of society’ for you! Now it’s no Styrofoam for you! Enjoy your dhimmitude.

      1. Oh and the disgusting racist comments towards the Obamas are not this blogs regulars, have you noticed? I have a feeling they’re operatives to make Keith’s followers look bad.

        1. I sure hope you’re right, Denise. some of them were pretty disgusting. not at ALL what the regulars are like.

          as Keith continues to get more popular, I guess we’ll have to get used to trolls of all shapes and sizes coming here. maybe it’s time to add a “flag comment” button?

  21. It’s called DOUBLING DOWN…and I predict more in the future…President going one way Michelle the other and Grandma and the kids somewhere else.

  22. Malia and Michelle are living the dream of most of the U S Citizenry. They get to enjoy the best of the United States and don’t have to listen to Barack Obama.

  23. It must be great to be a ni- – er king and make white Americans kiss their ass and wait on them hand and foot spending millions catering to their every whim , sure wish we could have a re-do on the last election.

  24. How many? How many vacations must this family take on the public dole? Public servants are supposed to be “good stewards” of the public money they receive and oversee…….I don’t get it.

  25. It’s ridiculous that the Obama’s are already taking another vacation. Who do they think they are – lottery winners on a mission to spend every last penny of winnings? They should be better stewards of our money (and their position) instead of spending like there is no tomorrow. And Biden is going on vacation at the same time too? Unreal.

  26. Unfortunately this is business as usual. Apparently the fact that federal employees are facing further pay cuts, the DoD is facing massive pay cuts under sequestration and all the other financial issues facing this country can’t stand in the way thier down time. As has been said all along this administration has no clue about the average American is dealing with. They are all about themselves.

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