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Michelle Vacationing Separately From President Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama plans to vacation in Aspen, Colorado this Presidents’ Day weekend, separately from her husband, who will land this evening in West Palm Beach for his own down time with the boys.

According to Aspen newspapers, both Michelle and Vice President Biden are expected on the slopes. The White House has not yet announced the trip, and it’s not clear when she will be leaving, though she will presumably go today.

Michelle’s separate excursion from the president means that, even as the government prepares to slash spending as the March 1 sequester approaches, taxpayers will be footing the bill for two separate Obama vacations, paying for items like travel and the expensive security and staff entourages that accompany them everywhere.

What’s more, the Obamas just completed an exorbitant vacation to Hawaii, from which they returned January 6. The president billed taxpayers for two roundtrip tickets on Air Force One – which costs approximately $180,000 an hour to use – after he returned to Washington mid-vacation to deal with the Fiscal Cliff.

Michelle spent the entire 17 days in Hawaii, meaning she’s back on vacation at taxpayer expense just weeks after a resting for more than two weeks in paradise.

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475 thoughts on “Michelle Vacationing Separately From President Obama”

      1. Agree, Car. The sad part is its our own fault or that of our representatives for allowing it. I guess this is what happens when we are faced with a greed unlike any other Presidency in history.

        1. Truth be told Obama’s not the president. He’s acting as president for unelected officials who staged a Coup and are using the office of presidency to target commie-unity organizers. Obama is cooperating with authorities who also had him sign NDAA into law which people believe it’s about detention of US citizens without due process and it’s really about “legalizing” a propaganda and disinformation campaign against the public. Washington also dominates the online commenting in an effort to disinform the public. Why is this going on? Because the truth about Obama is too damaging to the government. The Coup began with the planting of Sarah Palin in the 2008 election. Learn her real story and why she is now dodging public events. Search Sarah Palin’s dirty little secret for the BIGGEST cover up in history.

          1. I didn’t have to be told anything after I saw the signing of his first executive order; he had no idea what he was signing. He had to ask his handlers what it was about. and that was right in front of reporters and cameras. Obama is not, and has never been, running the show.

    1. I said last month MO’s ski trip was coming up, but the FL curveball by BO for golfing / golf coach was a surprise, esp before March 1st. But hey, it’s President’s Day weekend, time for a brief vacation. After all, he has not golfed since Dec/Jan. Fore’ward!

      1. Where will BO the first dog be vacationing? Will he be taking a separate flight and will advance teams make certain that his flight and lodgings are secure?

    2. No. No. No. Joking about such things is wrong. American deserves our current leaders. They are just as amoral, selfish, arrogant and foolish as the average voter.

  1. I can just imagine the secret service choices:

    – Stand in Warm Sunny Florida while the President is hitting a ball slowly down the green, well in site.
    – Stand on a cold snowy mountain, clothed in lots of layers trying to protect the First Lady (and their daughters) as they slush down the hill.
    – Stand on a cold snowy mountain watching Uncle Joe Biden roll down the hill.

    Does the President ever really spend his free time with his kids?

    1. Lowering the tone of this site a bit, aren’t you? Remarks such as yours, however heartfelt, only give more ammunition to the opposition. Besides, we are supposed to be better than they are.

      1. Scott: Your words are not any kind of “truth”. As IND stated, they give credence to those who call conservatives racist — because your words are just that. Disagreeing with the Obamas on policy or fact is one thing. Calling them racist names is quite another. If there were an active moderator on this site, your words should be deleted. They are an embarrassment to this site — and should be to you, as well.

      2. Since when has rational thinking and voicing of opinion worked against the communist liberal!? This is the problem,this is why they bully with their lies and deceit against the patriotic American! The communist liberal needs to be hauled across the carpet and exposed for every ludicrous ,stupid thing they say! They know that they can say the most heinous things and get away with it by using the racist or bigot tag against those that oppose their ludicrous mindset! So I think whatever you say against them is fair game!!

        1. Speaking of looking like someone, B.O. is a dead ringer for Frank Marshall Davis. And given his mother’s predilection for others outside her race, B.O. really does look too much like Marshall’s 3, 1/2 white kids. (By his wife)

    2. Ok…maybe a little on the racist side…but still funny as sheeot! Get some humor people. If Chris Rock said it…everyone would be on the floor in laughter. So laugh!

    3. And you wonder why people brand the Republican party racist. It is because of white trash like yourself who drags the discourse down to this ridiculous level. And gives the left ammunition. Please stop it.

      Use education and brains to argue, not petty ridiculous insults. You come off as ignorant and unsavory.

      1. I agree. African-Americans are good tap-dancers and have perfected the basketball dribble as well as destroyed the English language, but even given their contribution to society I think that people who “drag the discourse down to a ridiculous level” just realize that this is the only way to appeal to liberals as they can’t understand practical logic.

      2. Guess no one even considered that Scott Bono could possibly be a troll, just to make the conservatives on this site look bad. But then maybe I give trolls too much credit. Just a thought.

        1. You are a racist ass cracker that needs to be shoot, along with the rest of you rednecks. Bitch this not your country. Stop thinking it is, your ancestors are not from here, you pale face dog smelling thief. How’s does it feel

      3. Consider this. These blogs are open to anyone. Who better than a leftist to “contribute” to the discussion with racist comments, to “drag down the discourse”. It’s their stock-in-trade, and it will feed the race-baiters on MSNBC and CNN and the numerous leftist web sites. The good people of America are being set up by the slime balls of ameriKa.

    4. I find the above racist comments despicable. They degrade those that fight for a better country, and they degrade the host of this site, Keith Koffler.

      Comments against Obama’s race are less than worthless. It even pains me to address them but since they follow my own comments I feel I must.

      There is NO place for these racist remarks on this site. If you hate Obama simply for his race go find someplace else.

      This is a site for conservatives and fiscal republicans.
      Not for haters.

      1. I agree, Scottso. I hate the race baiting remarks… and have a problem believing that they are all written by fellow conservatives. The amount of pigmentation in a person’s skin is as irrelevant as eye or hair color; but, I find it so disheartening that all of the progress that we have made, in race relations, seems to have vanished. And “hating Obama” is equally flawed; I, personally, disagree with virtually everything the man has done because, the proof being in the pudding, our quality of life has diminshed, considerably, during the past four years but I think that we should try, at least, to disagree with an element of ‘class,’ that has always been the hallmark of the consevative movement.

        1. Caley, Caley, Caley. There ya go. Now it’s the “party.” So, let’s mention the most recent cop killer. His “manifesto” was peppered with praise for all kinds of leftist folks. And being black, he’s an odds-on Obama voter. So, leftist CALEY, address the poster, not the party. You are a cheap shot provocateur.

    5. And all the grousing malcontents continue to hurl their feces on the internet to impress each other. You might pace yourselves. You’ve got a long four years ahead of you.

    6. Scott Bono, you must be new around here. this kind of ad hominem verging-on-racist cr*p is not what whitehousedossier is about. please either keep it clean and friendly, or go elsewhere.

      Keith, can you take this comment down please? it’s offensive to me just knowing it’s here.

      1. I heartily agree. I do not in any way, shape or form, or COLOR for that matter, care how the the Obama’s are using the American taxpayer to fund their many private vacations. I think it is immoral and that they should be run out of town. But I DO NOT care for the blatant racist crap being tossed at Michelle Obama. Enough of this!!

    1. Shofar, like a blind squirrel finding a nut, you right wing nuts occasionally glimpse the truth, it’s all about the Drudge links, right Keith? And a mention by the Daily Mail US website too, perhaps. How awful the Obamas don’t make themselves with two young girls prisoners at 1600 Pennsylvania with an occasional weekend liberty Camp David, just like every 1st family that never existed. Bush’s 80 odd trips to Crawford didn’t cost the taxpayers a dime, not even when he flew back to DC, then straight back to keep brain dead Terry Schiavo alive.

      1. what a silly comment. as usual, the lefties pull out a straw man. nobody ever said the Obama should be “prisoners in the White House” and nobody ever said they don’t deserve a vacation. but I am starting to wonder why We The People have to pay for not one but TWO very expensive holidays. and this isn’t the first time either.

        if they had any class or REALLY cared about people like they pretend to, Barack and Michelle would have bitten the bullet and either gone somewhere together, or picked up the tab for the unelected First Lady’s second vacation of the year.

        as for George W. Bush, who actually liked his wife and traveled WITH her: it is true that he frequently went home to his Texas ranch. you really want to compare that to the luxurious Costa del Sol and Hawaii vacations the Obamas are separately enjoying at our expense?

      2. A little R&R is one thing.

        Two separate vacations, at primo destinations, at the exact same time, less than two months after getting back from Hawaii–and with King Barry making two round trips on Air Force One out of THAT particular excursion, to boot–is when it starts to get blatant.

        And don’t EVEN try comparing President Bush going to his (ahem) HOME in Crawford, Texas, to the Obeymes living the high life in (ahem) VACATION properties in West Palm Beach and Vail. That’s a false equivalence if ever I’ve seen one.

        The Floridian, from the reviews that I’ve read, is a top-of-the-line resort. If this were a casino, it would be The Venetian; if it were a roller coaster destination, it would be Cedar Point; if it were a hotel in New York, it would be the Plaza. This is not some “mere” upscale golf spot: this one is EXCLUSIVE (as in, invitation only).

        Funny thing is, the golf season I found on The Floridian runs from the beginning of April to the end of November. Meaning either the season is year-round and the info I found was bad, OR they opened this place up out of season just for Obama. Hmm………

    2. At the end of the day, it is all about marketing. We move through life like a pinball, each trying to control what little we can by exerting personal choice and some modicum of discipline, while the larger forces in the environment chart courses for the unknown.

      This process creates uncertainty and doubt – the cornerstones of anxiety. The result, predictably, is a perpetual state of fear and angst among the breeding masses. Wired in DNA, the nature of man provides the catalyst and the means by which the human condition responds – the process repeating itself in perpetuity; the human soul providing an endless source of fuel.

      Speaking of fuel, let’s talk fracking…

      Peace out!

      ~ RT

  2. I wondered when they would let us know that Michelle and the girls are off having fun on my dime.

    They have no shame or compassion for the people whom the President is being paid to serve. Their “in your face” arrogance shows their lack of class. I do not understand how their supporters – many of whom cannot afford to pay for heat, housing, or the good diet being espoused – can continue to idolize this family which has neither compassion or common sense.

    1. Eloquently said, Cee! I just can’t help myself. Each & every time they live up to the saying, “N***** Rich,” I keep thinking of Marie Antoinette suggesting that the starving masses of France “eat cake……………if they don’t have bread.” B.O. & family NEVER had the resources to live like this before “landing” in the W.H.; heck, he admitted that he only learned to play golf since he’s been president. And learned well he has. BTW, B.O., you DO have a “sweet home, Chicago.” Remember?

      1. “B.O. & his family NEVER had the resources to live like this before “landing” in the W.H.”

        I understand the silliness to responding to someone as uninformed and hateful sounding as yourself, but, I’ll oblige. “B.O”‘s net worth in 2007 prior to taking presidential office was $1.7 million made almost entirely off sales of his two best selling books. Since taking the presidency, his net worth has increased to nearly $12 million dollars. Again, the increase is almost entirely from book sales + $400k salary for serving as Prez. So, they did have the resources. More resources, I’d assume based on your unintelligent post, than you will ever have in your life. Stings doesn’t it? A black man far richer than you will probably ever be. And we can’t look down our nose at him for selling drugs or just playing a game! Awwwwww.

    1. Please provide some proof for your ridiculous assertion. Barry and the Mooch pay for their travel on Air Force One? They’d never be able to afford even one vacation, if that were the case.

      1. So it’s you position that the first family can never take a vacation unless they fully pay for afo and security? Every time Bush went on vacation he should have had to pay the full price of travel and security?

        1. I guess you have no idea about the costs to support all these trips? They are taking trips to places that do not have full time established SS security set ups, hotels for staff to stay at, etc. It has been estimated that the total number of support staff and security can be approx 500-700 personnel, more so when they travel separately. So we now have 3 aircraft assigned to the Pres, VP and FLOTUS/Kids, add to it their advance teams and vehicles, lodging, food, fuel, addition outside agency security, and you can see the price tag is huge! It was shown that in one trip there was over 1000 support / staff members who made a trip overseas to Europe during this current President’s term. Go and look it up, it’s on the web as submitted by the WH.

          As far as reimbursement, the President and his family / the VP but not his wife, MUST use the WH Air Fleet by law. They must pay the going commercial airfare from point to point as reimbursement for use of the aircraft IF it is for vacation. If a planned stop by POTUS is going to be a “official” visit, then the reimbursement is voided. Security is always free (to them), no matter what the trip is for.

          1. I’m well aware that there are costs associated when the president and first lady take vacation, my question to you is are you suggesting that the first family should be required to pay all the costs associated with their travel? That would be the full cost of air force one, security costs, etc.

          2. The House of Reps could BUDGET (a new word for your pigressive lexicon) $500K per year for presidential vacations, including all costs, then they go on their own dime after that, and giving a teleprompted speech while in some exclusive elite enclave, doesn’t erase vacation status of a trip.

            Note that GWB’s low key vacations were often to his ranch, where he mountain biked and actually worked some.

            Face it, the jacka$$ posers stainin’ the WH are the grossest of gold diggin’ exploiters.

          3. If the President and family would like to go someplace on vacation they can pay for it themselves, or they can fundraise for the cash.
            including the security fees.

            This is a voluntary job. Every person who runs for office knows there is a lot of stress.

            Maybe we won’t care so much if the President didn’t spend so much of our money while telling us to be fiscally responsible and send more money to Washington.

            Each $ spent is paid for by the Chinese or other people we borrow from.

          4. It is also worth noting the irony of Obama leaving for vacation a day after visiting a school in Georgia during their vacation recess, forcing school staff to cut their own vacations short in order to accommodate the President.

        2. Oh please, enough with this “never can take a vacation” stuff. They take more vacations than you pull that line. On the taxpayer’s dime too.

          1. And I agree. I do not begrudge them in taking the vacations. It’s how and when they do, and where they go. Add to it the price tag WE the taxpayers must endure.

    2. You have got to be kidding me,these trips cost hundreds of thousands of dollars,and they are endless.How many vacations do you take in a year?Obama works for us and I say he has taken enough time off.Mistake,I actually think that he should be on permanent vacation,he will cause less damage that way.

    3. You are an un-informed idiot. The taxpayers foot the bill for all of these trips. What rock have you been living under? Every time Bush went to his ranch in TX, you people bitched, moaned, and cried about the expense. Now Obama and Michelle decide to go separate ways and we have to pay for two trips. At least Bush had the common decency to NOT take an entourage to Hawaii 2 times each year.

    4. Jack, can you provide the actual facts for your claim? The taxpayer pays for the planes, the cars, the secret service and probably most of the lodging at a 5 star resort. Nothing but the best for her and crap for the rest of us

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  4. More made up news to take attention away from the truth leaking out now about the “elections.” Unelected officials staged a Coup with the 2008 election and are using the media, online commenting, and the office of presidency to fight a secret war at all expense to us and our Constitution. Don’t take my word for it, see the proof and judge for yourself. Search Sarah Palin’s dirty little secret for the biggest ongoing cover up.

  5. That’s right. Double the expense to the taxpayer. Their vacations should be completely at their own expense – security, transportation, hotels, meals – all of it. Then let’s see how the vacation.

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  7. I don’t see the problem.

    We have two much biger problems than this gpoing on in Washinton right noow and this is nothing in comparison. Lindsey Graham and John McCaine are acting like they are one string short of being strung up in straightjackets up there. Why don’t we get some real reporting on what is going on with these two idiots? Why are they tryoing tro show the country that they are still powerful enough to obstruct the President and our country? I have lost all respect for these two very stupid and very poor loosers. Why are the states where they come from not recaling them? They are clearly on a mission to obstruct the President and our country. Thery are ingorant, embarrassing and completely crazy! Lindsey and John are making asses of themselves to the entire world! They both need some serious shrink time. They are crazy idiots who don’t need to hold those jobs any longer. This is what hapens when people are out of control with power crazed hunger. Get rid of them. Make them the conversation. They are sicko’s who don’t belong in public ofice and John McCaine has certainly shown us why he is not the President today. He couldn’t hanlde that kind of power at all. He is way to destructive and Lindsey just needs to go home. The guy is clearly sick and eaten up with so much hatred it is kiling his career. This is important to the country, not soemthing so trivial as a mid winter vacation for the President and his wife. They work hard for us everyday and they don’t do it with the kind of power hunger hatred that I am seing from John and Lndsey.. Sometimes it is just better to leave and now is that time for these two. They are out of control and they just can’t handle it.Their states ned to cal them home. The jobs have gotten too over thier heads and too much for them both. They ned a god shrink and some serious time off.

    1. No one is talking about Graham or McCain,this is typical Saul Alinsky drivel,throw up a red herring and divert the issue.The problem with Obama is that he cannot admit a mistake and runs for cover whenever he has to answer questions,unless they are from ABC,NBC o rCBS.

      1. Uh huh, the old straw man, ‘men’ in this case, Alinsky ploy for Gena to vent her frustration for being duped by this illegitimate grifter failure of a “president”. Personally, if I was you Gena, I’d just put a gun to my head and be done with it instead of just sucking on more Kool-Aid popsicles.

      2. Republicans have utilized “Saul Alinsky tactics” for years as well. Rules for Radicals has never been reserved for the left. But keep up the paranoia and delusions, it’s amusing.

    2. Gena, slow down. John McCain and Lindsey Graham are trying to get honest answers about why 4 Americans died in Benghazi. Unfortunately the White House will not tell the truth about this matter. About the Obamas working hard, that is the biggest joke of the year. You need to stop drinking the kool aid and see a counsellor for you anger management

    3. Why don’t you take moochelle and barry back to their village in kenya, it is missing it’s idiots and we the taxpayers are tired of footing the bill!!!

    4. Wrong blog, Gena. Search around; I’m sure you will find one for your “pet peeves.”

      Proof read too & add a paragraph once-in-a-while; it makes what you post easier to read.

    5. if your comment had anything to do with this story, I would tell you how lame it was. since it doesn’t, I’ll just content myself with suggesting that you learn how to punctuate and spell before you try to post comments online.

  8. Call me crazy but I think this is just part of the agreement barry made with those who financially (and otherwise) pushed him to become president (soros?) He is the front man, the puppet and in exchange he can experience all, and I mean all of the perks of being president. It’s evident he doesn’t do any of the work – never takes those important phone calls. He always leaves important decisions to others. He’s never the one who puts in the hard work of creating legislation. He wasn’t involved in obamacare except pushing his weight around to get it passed. He just likes the adulation he gets when he’s on the road and his “down time.” He and his wife are both classless grifters but they hare having the time of their lives.

  9. I have always said that the Obamas have been treating the the presidency as if they, are at an open bar, and they are gorging themselves with the government paid for perks.Thats too bad, because it shows a complete lack of class.

  10. Let ’em eat cake. Seems to be working. As long as the MSM doesn’t care, the 51% who voted for him won’t care (and in truth, most of them could give a tinkers damn as long as the check arrives on the 1st).

  11. As long as the media continue to ignore both Obama’s penchant for using the
    American taxpayer as a check book and stick it to us whenever possible it will
    continue and will be worse the next 4years. Well you didn’t think a $900 meal
    would satisfy Frau Obama did you? Peron and Marcos pale in comparrison.

  12. We’ve seen photos of MrsO in her skiing outfit, but we’ve never seen a photo of her actually skiing. Skiing is a dangerous sport, especially for someone who hasn’t been a long-time skier. It’s hard to imagine that the SecretService would allow her to actually ski,( remembering what happened to Cong Sonny Bono on the ski slope).

    It’s hard to understand why someone who lives in DC and has been shut-in with the frigid and snowy winter would choose to go to a place that’s frigid and snowy for a vacation.

    1. Plus they shut down the slopes they’ll be playing on. Aspen is one of the richest (and most expensive) ski communities in the world, I doubt they’d miss the lost money. It’s also the most liberal, so wonder which celebrity they’ll be staying with. ;)

    2. Class is something that has to be learned. The reason moozshelle goes to Aspen, is because she has heard all of the beautiful people are there, and she wants to be one of them. The reality is if she was a normal mark of cain person she would be shunned. As it is her kids are still on the outside looking in. Her and her husband are an disgusting, abomination, mooching there way through their years in the white house.

        1. Eva Peron was the most admired woman in Argentina.

          And Hillary Clinton is MUCH more widely admired than Mouchelle. It’s not even close. If both of those women ran for President in 2016, Hillary would win going away. She’s won statewide office (Senator from New York), and been confirmed by the Senate as Secretary of State. All Mooch ever did was say “I do”–she has never held elective office. Ever.

          Frankly, if a lightweight like Mouchelle were indeed the most admired woman in the country, we’d be in serious, serious trouble.

  13. So! Mouchelle doesn’t really do anything, so why does she need to spend all of those TAXPAYER dollars on a vacation?
    Now Barry on the other hand is adding to his vacation days early in his second term. He commented that he wasn’t on vacation but working.. So if he has been working, why is the economy still in the tank and unemployment over 7.8%? Oh, I forgot, he said that most of the jobs that disappeared in his first term would never be replaced… not to mention all of the Americans who have JUST GIVEN UP looking for work….. Wasn’t it last week that the IRS said that Obama Care would be costing a family of for around $20K per year in 2014? Yep, It sure looks like it is time for Barry to take another vacation.

    1. It’s 7.9% now, I think, Robert. When we all get hit with horrendous medical bills as this obscene act finally is implemented ( 2014), I will personally get a THRILL out of listening to those who voted in abject ignorance for this imposter-of-a-president when they are suffering along with the rest of us. Wiki “Schadenfreude” The Germans had it down pat long ago.

      Obama: “Free Will Run Riot.” (As I knew it would as soon as he got re-elected.

  14. ‘Movin on up……to the top….we finally got a piece of the pie.’ And how…these two (Obama and Michelle) are eatin the whole pie at taxpayer expense. Lavish vacations with no end in sight.

    1. Here’s the theme song for that longrunning sitcom “It’s All Good For The O’s!” (You’ll be happy to know it was just picked up for another 4 seasons, but with a twist; YOU get to pay for it!)

      Steel Pulse Black Enough?


      “Shooway ooway shooway
      Shooway ooway shooway

      Am I black enuff for ya?
      Am I black enuff for ya?
      Am I black enuff for ya?
      Am I black enuff for ya?

      We’re gonna move on up
      One by one
      We aint gonna stop until the work is done
      Am I black enuff, black enuff for ya?
      Am I black black enuff for ya?

      We gonna move on up
      Two by two
      This whole world is gonna be brand new
      Am I black enuff for ya?
      Am I black enuff for ya?

      Get in line start marking the time
      You better make up your mind
      We’re gonna leave you behind (Repeat)


      We’re gonna move on up
      Three by three
      We’re gonna get rid of poverty
      I got to stay black black enuff for ya
      I got to stay black black enuff for ya

      We’re gonna move on up
      Four by four
      We aint never gonna suffer no more
      I got to stay black black enuff for ya
      I got to stay black black enuff for ya

      Get in line start marking your time
      You better make up your mind
      We’re gonna leave you behind (Repeat)

      Spearhead RAP

      We’re gonna move on up
      Five by five
      Say no to drugs keep hope alive
      I got to stay black black enuff for ya
      I got to stay black black enuff for ya

      We’re gonna move on up
      Six by six
      Rid this earth of polytricks
      Wanna stay black black enough for ya
      Got to stay black black black enough for ya

      Open up your mind
      Start marking your time
      Get in line, you better make up your mind

      Black enough for ya
      Black enough for ya

      Gotta stay black black enuff for ya
      Gotta stay black black enuff for ya

      Don’t call my bluff
      I’m tough enough
      A scary kind of stuff
      In search for freedom and opportunity
      International rescue
      Is my philosophy
      Am I Am I Am I Black enough for ya?”

      Hopey and Michelle Antonette have done very well by reminding everyone that someone of a lighter hue was once mean to someone with a similar coloration to themselves, and therefore EVERYONE with a lighter hue owes them something – whether or not they had anything to do with the historical mean white person.

      By the way, there is no forgiveness for your racial sins, and no penance will ever be good enough. You White folk are all just hopeless racists, now and forever – and you gots to pay!

      The O’s are just getting some back for their own…

  15. How much are these vacations going to cost the taxpayer,I’am sure all the democrat papers are going to tell us,because they are so honest,to be honest I wouldn’t be going on vacation with Moochelle either.

  16. They are giving half the country the double middle finger with this his and her vacation. Preezy Revenge and Moochelle Antoinette are the most disgusting, fraudulent grifters to ever occupy the White House.

    1. Funny how conservatives can forgive the entire WMD scandal surrounding the Bush Administration’s decision to launch the Iraq War where 5,000+ Americans have been killed, but they instead focus on an attack on our embassy that happened on the opposite side of the planet from anything our President did.

      1. You’re right, your president did absolutely nothing at all to save those 4 Americans who were butchered on American soil in Benghazi, Libya on 9/11/12, the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in American history. You are so deaf, dumb, and blind from Bush Derangement Syndrome that you can’t see what this evil man is doing to America. Whether a fool or a true believer, you cheer your messiah on as he dismantles America.

      2. Evan – Back off bro! Let me help you out.

        It is called the three degrees of separation. No matter the topic du jour on this Blog, within a few posts, Hitler / Some Dictator will be linked to Obama and or Benghazi will enter the conversation. Just how it is.

        And Josh, to answer your question about what BO was doing on 9/11/2012, he was planning his Valentines Dinner with the Misses… at taxpayer expense. ;)

        Peace Out!

        ~ RT

      3. oh please, “Evan”!

        if an ambassador had been murdered during George W. Bush’s watch, you and your lib pals would be squealing for immediate hearings followed by impeachment proceedings. imagine what you would say if it had been BUSH who was briefed at 5pm and then left and never ONCE bothered to call in to see what was going on.

        you, and the MSM, and the Democrats would be screaming bloody murder. the NYT would have the story front page above the fold, and the brainiacs at MSNBC would be burbling over it every nite.

        but under Obama? oddly enough, the MSM, and people like you, don’t seem to care. it’s sorta like how there’s no anti-war movement anymore, now that Obama’s the one “killing defenseless civilians.”

  17. The Jeffersons on steroids continue to make fools of the American taxpayer. Meanwhile, those who pay little or no taxes, vote this arrogant POS back into Office to continue the destruction of the country thinking somehow they are immune from his devastation. Like they say ‘You can’t fix stupid!”

  18. Usually you take a vacation from doing hard work. Based on the schedule posted everyday by Keith, the President needs a vacation from doing pretty much nothing. Meeting with sports teams doesn’t exactly strain anybody.

  19. Pingback: "I will not rest"

  20. “Vacation?”

    This Marxist A$$hat has been on “vacation” for the past FIVE FRIGGIN YEARS!

    Obozo needs to keep his butt in D.C. until he signs a budget!

    Something he has failed to do for FIVE FRIGGIN YEARS!

    The jacka$$ has definitely proven to be the ideal mascot for the Dimwit party.

    1. Which brings me to the question:

      How can you not get a budget approved for soon-to-be 5 yrs.? And he had 2 of them with a majority in Congress of his own party?

  21. And I’m here working my tush off, not having taken a vacation in 10 years trying to make sure I don’t lose my house, pay my bills on time, pay for my own food and put my kids through school. Sounds fair.

    1. You alone are responsible for whether you take a vacation, or can afford to. Has nothing to do with the President. What ever happened to Republican personal accountability? Hypocrite.

      1. Not a hypocrite, Evan. I’m pointing out the irony that the Obamas say they’re for lowering the deficit but spend tax payer money at an alarmingly high rate, with no apparent care or concern for being frugal with the nation’s money for their personal pleasure. $900 valentine’s dinner,multiple vacations in a very short period of time and separate vacations w/ double the security detail costs is blatant over spending, while I’m being as frugal as possible making PB&J for lunch and and paying more in taxes this year. I can pretty much picture Michelle Obama saying, “Let them eat cake.” Not a hypocrite. I’m angry at how our government is being run like it’s a big A-list party while hard working Americans are busting our butts to keep our heads above water.

  22. jck747 February 15, 2013 at 9:21 am
    So it’s you position that the first family can never take a vacation unless they fully pay for afo and security? Every time Bush went on vacation he should have had to pay the full price of travel and security?


  23. Yet another vacation? I’d like to take just one vacation – which would be my first in several years – but I can’t afford it. My taxes are too high. I’m tired of supporting the ‘Imperial Family” and their cronies in their excesses. I’m tired of supporting those who will not work and vote to take my money.

    Wonder how long it will be before Moochelle will announce that we should eat cake?

    1. And you’ll wake up again tomorrow, spewing hatred on the internet, desperately trying to compensate for your small penis. The world just isn’t fair, is it!?

  24. Having lavish and OTT vacations was apparently just not spending enough money for our royal family. So they have to take multiple simultaneous lavish OTT vacations. We just need more Chinese money and secet service agents…

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